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Hi, I'm Gigi! I love Kirby.

I'm a patroller here on WiKirby! If you have any questions related to editing here, I'll be more than happy to answer them! I'm also open to suggestions of new "Good" pages and files. Just leave me a message in my talk page.

What I've been doing here[edit]

I've been checking the already existing music pages and editing them to add any missing info I can remember. I've also been uploading audio files to those pages that need them. My goal is to eventually mark more music pages as "Good".

After the above is done I plan on creating more music pages, starting with more known music of the franchise.

And, of course, while what I just mentioned is my focus, that's not all I do. As a patroller, I keep watch on any edits made to make sure all are high quality, and I may act on them as needed. Moreover, I still edit other pages that aren't music related, it's just not that often. I have a keen eye for small mistakes and I love fixing them.