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Splash Rush

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Drawcia Soul using Splash Rush in Kirby: Canvas Curse

Splash Rush[Japanese title] is a reoccurring attack that is used by a handful of final bosses in the Kirby series, starting with Drawcia Soul in Kirby: Canvas Curse. While not as frequently occurring as other attacks such as Shooter Cutter or Black Hole, it is nonetheless one that is distinct and shared between multiple Soul-form bosses. When used, the boss shatters into pieces and then flies upward. From there, the pieces fall toward Kirby like a firestorm and splat onto the ground before recoalescing into the boss.

Game appearances[edit]

The following table outlines in chronological order which games this attack appears in, which entity can use the attack, and any other pertinent notes.

Splash Rush Appearances  
Game User Notes
Kirby: Canvas Curse Drawcia Soul This is the first appearance of the move, setting the standard for how it operates. In this incarnation, the pieces can be blocked using a Rainbow Line, but the line is shattered in the process, meaning multiple lines may be needed.
Kirby Super Star Ultra Marx Soul Here, the attack is referred to as Splash Marx. The projectiles that come out can be swallowed for the Paint ability.
Kirby: Triple Deluxe Soul of Sectonia Similar to Drawcia Soul's version, though the falling projectiles can be inhaled.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Chaos Elfilis Called Splash Roche, a pun on the Roche limit. Used in the final phase. Here, the pieces aim more sharply toward Kirby, forcing him to keep ahead to avoid getting hit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スプラッシュラッシュ[1][2]
Supurasshu Rasshu
Splash Rush


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