Night Mare Enterprises Teleporter

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Still from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! of the Night Mare Enterprises Teleporter being activated.
We finally drove ol' Kirby out of Dream Land!
— King Dedede and Escargoon rejoice since they transported Kirby to Night Mare Enterprises in Abusement Park

The Night Mare Enterprises Teleporter (also known as the Monster Delivery System) is a special machine which King Dedede uses in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is a teleportation device located in the throne room of Castle Dedede which King Dedede uses as a portal to get Monsters from Night Mare Enterprises. This teleportation device is concealable under the floors and walls of the room, and also comes with a television screen, speaker, and other gadgets to communicate with the N.M.E. Sales Guy.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya![edit]

Although it was implied to have been used to call in both Fololo & Falala and Octacon in the past, the Teleporter itself is not shown until episode 2; A Blockbuster Battle. After hearing from Tokkori that the village of Cappy Town is building a home for Kirby, King Dedede decides to put a stop to this by activating the teleporter and calling Night Mare Enterprises to send a monster through it. This first good look at the teleporter shows that it comes in several distinct pieces which work in unison, as follows:

  • A ceiling coil with blinking lights on it which comes in through a light in the ceiling.
  • A set of two television screens which appear through panels in the walls, where the N.M.E. Sales Guy can be seen.
  • A base with a number of lights on it which rises up through a hatch in the floor, just under the ceiling coil.
  • A set of four spotlights which rise from the floor and whose purpose is uncertain.
  • A video camera, microphone, and speakers which are used for communication.
  • An inverted coil which hangs over King Dedede's head, which has an unspecified purpose but which may be used for mind reading.

The teleporter is primed by pressing a button on King Dedede's throne. From there, a monster is sent to King Dedede by N.M.E. once an agreement has been made.

While the teleporter is typically used only to send monsters to Castle Dedede, it can also be used to send things back to N.M.E. headquarters. This typically takes the form of payment for the service, but other things that have been sent through include monsters, garbage, and even Kirby at one point.

Other appearances[edit]

The teleporter can be seen in the background during this fight.

The teleporter made a cameo appearance in Kirby: Squeak Squad in the background of King Dedede's battle. It does not do anything to impact the battle itself.