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Adventurer beyond the stars!

You have arrived at Cyon's WiKirby Domain! Get to know the part-time azure puffball who's just as good as Kirby is!

Appearance and Information[edit]

KF2 Meta Knight.png You can call me... an editor on WiKirby since November 2020.
KF2 Meta Knight.png This user page is a stub. I can help Wikirby by expanding it.

Long ago, the researchers of a newer intergalactic branch of Lab Discovera have managed to obtain research info on the hero of Popstar tagged as ID-K92. With the intent of creating powerful Star Warriors that can reach the same capabilities as Kirby, the researchers used all the gathered information (including his DNA) to create several Kirby clones, including one particular azure puffball tagged as ID-X72.

But one day, a containment breach incident happened within Newer Lab Discovera, causing many currently-researched specimen, including the Kirby clones, to run amok. ID-X72 has escaped containment, and he was among the last on the run. In an attempt to escape, ID-X72 could not fly, but he has inhaled a spare jet engine within the storage area to get the Jet copy ability. As he was a near-complete clone, he could not discard it, but using his Jet powers, he managed to boost himself out of the researchers' reach until he reached a nearby computer terminal.

This computer terminal, connected to the web services of the realm of Gaia (or Earth), was used as ID-X72's method of escape from the researchers. Through the terminal, he eventually disappeared into the depths of the Cyber World, aka. the Internet.

Nowadays, ID-X72 has found a new home, and has decided to name himself as EleCyon, or Cyon, the latter reflecting more on his blue coloration. And he is now making friends with his new buddies at r/kirby and WiKirby, contributing for the better of both communities and fighting off any bad guys along the way, as the original Kirby was meant to do.

Cyon is described with he/him pronouns, and his appearance is analogous to that of the Ocean Spray Paint. He dons a special pair of goggles with a cybernetic eye that enhances vision and allows for displaying information on the fly. He is permanently equipped with the Jet ability, which is helpful for his flight abilities since he cannot float unlike what Kirby does.

Cyon is particularly interested in several things:

  • Kirby games
  • Mario games
  • Super Cat Tales series
  • Indie games
  • Music
  • Pixel and vector artworks
  • Level editors
  • VTubers (Cyon is aware of Hololive & VShojo, two major VTuber groups)
  • S3RL music
  • Meta Knight & Galacta Knight

And a lot more. Just feel free to ask me! Anyways, welcome to my userpage, and I hope you're having a nice day.

Kirby Games[edit]

This section is still under construction. Listed in chronological order of buying them:

Game Date bought 100% completion? Description
KTD Boxart NA.jpg
Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014)
2016 Yes (One 100% savefile) My first Kirby game! After all of these years running into YTPMVs of Kirby music, regular modern music, and Kirby sprites, I finally decided to buy this game in 2016 to see what in the world is the whole Kirby buzz about. It's crazy to think my first Kirby game also introduced me to Masked Dedede before the YTPMVs got me, as well as helping me identify tons of Kirby's Return to Dream Land music I've heard in YTPMVs, and later on, I realized that my first Kirby apparently had some sort of a friendship backstory...
TKCD logo.png
Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (2017)
2017 No (Never completed) Surprisingly enough, this is actually my second game, though if I want to count mainlines only, that would be Planet Robobot. I immediately took on this after I knew this was Free-to-Start. I never completed it, though, but this is the game where I was fully aware that there's a Kirby game named Planet Robobot.
KPR Box.png
Kirby: Planet Robobot (2016)
2017 Yes (One 100% savefile) It's funny that I wasn't even aware of the game's existence at the time I bought Triple Deluxe, but my third game I got is Kirby: Planet Robobot! It was the game where I finally heard the theme song for Candy Mountain (I've seen loads of YTPMVs using that song) for the first time in a Kirby game (thanks to Kirby 3D Rumble). Planet Robobot is the game that fully cemented my entry into the series, and introduced me to Meta Knight for the very first time. It's actually got one of my favorite music tracks and theming for a Kirby game, and the Robobot Armor and the various gimmicks in the game were some of my favorite parts! And yes, I still play it to this day. It's still GOAT for many reasons!
KFD Cover art.jpg
Kirby Fighters Deluxe (2014)
2018 Yes (Partially, but I'd consider it 100% complete as I completed Single-Player Very Hard mode) Kirby Fighters Deluxe is based on the eponymous sub-game from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. I bought it on the eShop when I finally got my first eShop card, and it's loads of fun playing it, especially in the Field Trip, when combined with my copies of other Kirby games I bought from the eShop on my 3DS.
KBBl logo.png
Kirby's Blowout Blast (2017)
2018 Yes (Partially, never got Platinum on everything, and never unlocked Secret Path) Alongside with Fighters Deluxe, I also got Kirby's Blowout Blast. It's a fun little game that somehow takes advantage of my muscle memory to beat 3D stages in double-time. I have no plans to get 100% completion on it due to the absurdity of its requirements. :P
KBR box art.jpg
Kirby Battle Royale (2017-2018)
2018 No (Not all optional side missions completed.) Kirby Battle Royale was one of the first Kirby games I was hyped for when I cemented myself into the Kirby community, alongside Kirby Star Allies. I was pretty sold on that game when I saw all the Battle Modes (they look like really fun for a 3DS game, eh?). And there's costumes, King Dedede, and Meta Knight (OBVIOUSLY) as well! Difficulty ramped up too hard near the endgame of Dedede's Cake Royale, but is still enjoyable per se.
KSA Boxart NA.jpg
Kirby Star Allies (2018)
2018 Yes Hold the cameras, this is important! Since the time it was called Kirby for Nintendo Switch, I was hyped for the game, I wondered what would be in it. Is it an opportunity to play with friends, or the time to mess around with Dream Friends? Kirby Star Allies has quite the punch. It brought me even closer to Kirby games I've never seen or played yet, and it was a good time to reminisce some of the first Kirby games I've ever had. Although it's a short game, I still like it as per with other Kirby games.
KatFL box art.jpg
Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
2022 Yes An experience that is best played blind, for a first 3D Kirby game. This game also acts as an entry point for me to discover new VTubers and streamers playing the game. After all, I just wanted to experience their reactions to the game, the bosses, and even endgame and postgame! Make sure to check this out, HAL's been leading up to this with Blowout Blast, Battle Royale, and even the Void Termina boss battle!

What games do I plan on getting next?[edit]

Kirby games[edit]

Other games[edit]

  • Shovel Knight Dig
  • Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

WiKirby Projects:[edit]

  • Game Over screens. Document every single death Kirby has been in through a video game.
  • Project Kid Kirby: A small research project I did to give a bigger insight on what Kid Kirby could've been. Completed, with the Kid Kirby article now essentially complete!
  • Project Find all those Dream Friend images with no sources: Dead links, dead links, oh my.
  • Project Canvas Curse: Help WiKirby document Canvas Curse. I'm collecting screenshots from various main stages right now!

Project Canvas Curse[edit]

Main Levels - RAINBOW


  • Dash! Jump! - Yes (Also made into a Good Page)
  • Cart Run - No (Only got shots from the King Dedede boss battle)
  • Block Attack - No (Only got shots from the Kracko Jr. boss battle)
  • Paint Panic - No (Only got shots from the Paint Roller boss battle)

Not sure if I'm up to doing screenshots for the character balls, Rainbow Run, and Line Trials...

Random Stuff[edit]

Caution: Do not take these stuff too seriously, they're just for fun

Kirby Star Allies: The SUPER ULTRA Update[edit]

Kirby Star Allies: The SUPER ULTRA DAPPER ULTRA Update[edit]

Some... links[edit]

For easy access, I have some of my links to see other, well, things.


Don't take this section seriously lol, most of these are just joke trivia This trivia section may be more or less too long, but eh, I love trivia about myself.

  • EleCyon has his own personalized Warp Star, which is colored blue and six-pointed. It comes equipped with jet boosters as well, which are hidden unless a button is pushed.
  • EleCyon seems to show no signs of aversion towards any demonic entities, including Ironmouse (Satanael) the Demon Queen. Given that Kirby (who he is based on) has fought demonic entities in the past, this is a bit contradictory to his heroic nature.
  • EleCyon likes pancakes, a lot.
  • EleCyon has debunked the existence of Dracula Waddle by inserting garlic into a WiKirby staff member's Wii and playing a level featuring Swinging Waddle Dees in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
  • EleCyon is always a jolly fellow! (NOTE: I'm not mad at this.)
  • EleCyon can also be nicknamed "Cyon". (This is a real fact, you can call me Cyon too!)
  • EleCyon is the Devil's Advocate. This title, however, is used to refer to his position as one of Ironmouse (Satanael)'s biggest fans, though I did assign it myself, so believe it or not, do you think it's official?
  • EleCyon is unaware of Kirby: Planet Robobot's existence when he first bought Kirby: Triple Deluxe in 2016. And as a result, he thought that the game was about Kirby traveling to a futuristic planet. (Not true by the way! I got it wrong!)
  • EleCyon seems to show an allergic reaction to Those Things. Like seriously I'm allergic to those Bourbons, don't make me try to consume one. They're absolutely DEDEDESGUSTING!
  • EleCyon forgot that this trivia section is too long. Eh, carry on...
  • EleCyon is also technically present at the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival through its respective livestream (OH NO, IT'S UNARCHIVED!).
    • Also, it turns out that in our world, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is absolutely and totally canon because Neichel is present at the concert as a guest appearance and Specimen ID-F86 might arrive in the distant future. (Trust me: I got an insider source about Lab Discovera's building project.)
  • Here's an actual piece of trivia: ID-X72 is also in reference to my birthday, which is July 2. Happy birthday to me! (Not yet... Maybe leave a greeting on my talkpage or in the Shiver Star Discord on said date if desired?)
  • I don't like saying Poyo in public, it makes me feel like a weakling. Please don't make me try.