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Adventurer beyond the stars!
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KDB Ice Blue color render.png I'm a Blue, or Cyan, or "whatever light shade of blue you want to call me" Kirby.
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KSA Taranza icon.png My first Kirby game was Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
KRtDLD Mecha Ability Star artwork.png I am also a cyborg.
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A blue puffball living in a big blue world. His name is... Cyon of Gaia.

EleCyon, or Cyon (in New World script:  KatFL language E.svgKatFL language L.svgKatFL language E.svgKatFL language C.svgKatFL language Y.svgKatFL language O.svgKatFL language N.svg  or  KatFL language C.svgKatFL language Y.svgKatFL language O.svgKatFL language N.svg ) is a cyan-colored cloned specimen resembling Kirby. This cloned specimen is tagged as ID-X72 according to the specimen database from Newer Lab Discovera, using similar naming conventions to ID-F86. He is described with he/him pronouns, and his appearance is analogous to that of the Ocean Spray Paint. He dons a special pair of goggles with a cybernetic eye that enhances vision and allows for displaying information on the fly. He is permanently equipped with the Jet ability, which is helpful for his flight abilities since he cannot float unlike what Kirby does.

Originating from Newer Lab Discovera, a distant space station equivalent to its older, derelict facilities on New World, ID-X72 was the most complete puffball clone at the time of his creation and development. When a strange alien (ID-4DV) resembling a past invader attacked the space station, containment for various specimen was breached, allowing ID-X72 to escape. But learning of his original purpose from his researchers on a last-minute encounter, ID-X72 resolved to instead battle and defeat Fecto Advenus and save the lab, but was eventually whisked away through a last-minute dimensional rift created by his adversary, leading to him making an unexpected landing in Dimension Gaia, specifically Planet Earth.

From there, having little-to-no recollection of his past life, EleCyon begins to recover, and happily starts a new life there, eventually discovering WiKirby and started contributing (starting with some edits to the Mike article) on November 4, 2020. He became Patroller on January 29, 2021, and would continue to contribute to the wiki that is the primary source for all truthful, verifiable facts pertaining to the Kirby series.


There's a lot more than what is listed, just feel free to ask me for more information!

Cyon's Interests  
Topic Description
Kirby Cyon's first Kirby game was Kirby: Triple Deluxe on the Nintendo 3DS, bought in 2016. Eventually, he will go on to playing almost every single Kirby mainline game up to Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, but currently with the exception of Kirby's Dream Land and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Favorite characters: Magolor, Meta Knight, Elfilin
Favorite final bosses: Void Termina, Star Dream, Flowered Sectonia, Magolor Soul, Fecto Elfilis/Chaos Elfilis, Morpho Knight, Galacta Knight
I have a theory about Neichel: Neichel may be an unrevealed Hololive member initially disguised as a Kirby character and may be a tie-in by HAL Laboratory and Hololive. (Actually don't trust this, this is just a bad theory I made up)
Super Mario Cyon's first Mario game was Super Mario World, though initially emulated. He actually did play with it on the GBA version, which is Super Mario Advance 2, and the original SNES version was handled in 2020 via Nintendo Switch Online. Wario Land 4 was also among his first games in the greater Mario universe.
Favorite characters: Captain Toad, Toad, Luigi, Yoshi
Super Cat Tales series Cyon supports Super Cat Tales, an indie mobile platformer series by Neutronized. This includes the more recent Super Cat Tales: PAWS, and the indie game series served as the basis for Cyon's Super Cat Wars mod.
Indie games Cyon loves Shovel Knight, Just Shapes & Beats, Undertale/Deltarune, Super Cat Tales, Geometry Dash, Hypnospace Outlaw, shapez, and Kero Blaster. Generally any indie game he likes will go on here.
Music Making music was always one of his endeavors, and will always be.
The genre of music Cyon prefers ranges from chiptune to electronic music and happy hardcore.
VTuber covers and original songs are included - his personal favorite is "Caesura of Despair" by IRyS from Hololive.
S3RL is also Cyon's go-to happy hardcore artist - some favorites include Starlight Starbright, Less Than 3, Pika Girl, Let Go (2022), and Move With U (2016).
Pixel and vector artworks Cyon is specialized in pixel art and the usage of Inkscape to create vector-styled artwork, especially focusing on subjects from Just Shapes & Beats and the Kirby series.
Cyon has worked on projects using such mediums, such as his Super Mario Bros. X projects and Super Cat Wars using sprites, and The S3RL Trilogy: Just Shapes & Beats Fan Comic making use of vector artwork (formerly via MediBang Paint).
Level editors Cyon likes editing levels, particularly making use of mediums like Super Mario Maker 2, Super Mario Bros. X, and others.
VTubers Cyon likes watching VTubers, especially those from Hololive and VShojo.
Favorites from Hololive: IRyS, Hoshimachi Suisei, Hakos Baelz, Mori Calliope, Gawr Gura, Amelia Watson, Ouro Kronii, Ceres Fauna, Kaela Kovalskia, Usada Pekora, Shirakami Fubuki, Tsunomaki Watame, Houshou Marine
Favorites from VShojo: Ironmouse, Haruka Karibu, Henya the Genius, GEEGA, K9Kuro, Ksonsouchou, Zentreya, Nyanners (now indie)
Galacta Knight...? Do... I still remember? What strange past awaits?

WiKirby Projects:[edit]

CYON News Flash!!
Currently working on: Kirby of the Stars: Guest Character Contest. Please check the Sandbox!

Some WiKirby projects that are in the works or completed:

  • Game Over screens. Document every single death Kirby has been in through a video game.
  • Project Kid Kirby: A small research project I did to give a bigger insight on what Kid Kirby could've been. Completed, with the Kid Kirby article now essentially complete!
  • Project Find all those Dream Friend images with no sources: Dead links, dead links, oh my.
  • Project Canvas Curse: Help WiKirby document Canvas Curse. I'm collecting screenshots from various main stages right now!
  • Project Canvas Curse II: Paint Panic: Find all the images for the drawings featured in Paint Panic.
  • Project Anime Contests: Collaboration between EleCyon and WillIdleAway, focusing on documenting the two contests (Kirby of the Stars: New Ability Contest and Kirby of the Stars: Guest Character Contest) held during the original Japanese airing of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

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I'm not sure how though. The lore is huge...

Long ago, the inhabitants of the New World moved out with the power of interdimensional warp technology as created from specimen ID-F86. Lab Discovera eventually branched out as an interdimensional research facility known as Newer Lab Discovera, and it set out to travel through dimensions. The researchers of Newer Lab Discovera decided to start their latest project - recreating an alien species with the intent to protect their own brethren as they go beyond the galaxy. From there, they sent out small robot drones into different dimensions using existing warp drive technology. They were inhaled by a certain pink specimen for a new ability, but they eventually survived while copying the specimen's DNA.

When the drones uploaded the data to the database of Newer Lab Discovera, work began immediately on recreating the specimen as a clone. Several prototype clones were underdeveloped - some were unable to fly, swim, nor even copy abilities, and they even were born with different colors. The most successfully developed clone was colored cyan and blue, and it was given the specimen ID "X72", as well as the nickname of the "second ultimate life-form". It seemed to have almost all of the same capabilities as the specimen it was cloned from, also tagged as ID-K92.

But one day, a containment breach incident happened within Newer Lab Discovera, causing many currently-researched specimen, including the Kirby clones, to run amok. Stasis containers were destroyed and several facilities took massive damage. This was a result of an attack on the facility by a winged-ear blue-and-red relative of the complete version of ID-F86. It is coined as Fecto Advenus in reference to the relation to its predecessor. While most clones were rounded up, some were lost in explosions, and ID-X72 was close to escaping. During his adventure through Newer Lab Discovera, he swallows a discarded jet engine to get the Jet ability, in initial defense against the researchers who developed him.

He was so close to escaping, when suddenly the Senior Researcher of Newer Lab Discovera approached him. While ID-X72 did not know his name, he was easily convinced by said researcher to defend Newer Lab Discovera from Fecto Advenus' onslaught as many researchers were perishing on board. ID-X72 fought against Fecto Advenus, and just as it started to melt on final defeat, it launched one last attack - a dimensional rift that sucks ID-X72 and a couple of assets in, including a robot drone.

ID-X72 eventually finds himself knocked into a Japanese coastline, having no recollection of his past life, while still having the Jet copy ability on him. Despite being so-called "perfect", ID-X72 lacks his ability to fly and even discard his copy ability, the latter being more realized as he ventures out into the Real World.

ID-X72 needed a new name to adjust to the inhabitants of Earth. By looking at the old scrap which flew out of the dimensional rift, he finds electricity pulsing from a beaten-up Armoroid drone, and looked at his own body, colored cyan.

"Elec...Droid..." "Cyan... me..." "Ele...Cyon? EleCyon! It... me!"

From that day on, he is named EleCyon, and eventually grows up to become Earth's very own protector hailing from Dimension Gaia. Each dimension has their own heroes, in the end. As Landia is to Halcandra and Kirby is to Dream Land, Cyon is to Gaia, our own world. As he explores the world, he eventually finds himself learning new things, making new friends, watching VTubers (including those from VShojo and Hololive), and becoming an editor at WiKirby, now promoted to as Patroller. He has even meet canon familiars like an interdimensional traveler and the occasional Sphere Doomer.


The following section details lore pertaining to the Cyon of Gaia series.
As such, it currently has no place in official Kirby canon, although multiple timelines may make it count.
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Cyon has a notable list of alter-egos that gain him enhanced abilities and powers. Notably, all of these alter-egos are designed after a certain ancient galactic warrior. The following are listed in order, each containing lore that also ties in with VShojo lore:

Seraph of Aeons: ELYSIUM[edit]

This form is a souped-up version of the Aeon Hero, who has somehow crossed many dimensions enough to land in an alternate heaven after Kirby has tided him over in the True Arena timeline of Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Satanael (Ironmouse) was once an archangel, and she has captured Aeon Hero to make him into a rogue warrior of light, known as ELYSIUM, the Seraph of Aeons, right after he made entrance into Heaven. ELYSIUM's power was said to be as twice as tough as Aeon Hero (Dark) from Super Kirby Clash.

As the events of Heavenfall played out, Satanael attempted to overthrow the archangel Gabriel and even attack other angels, tossing them into the void and shattering them of their angel status. ELYSIUM attempted to rip open dimensional rifts to cause Heaven to fall even further, but in the end, both were taken care of by being captured and trapped in their own prisons for thousands of years to come. In the case of Satanael, she was imprisoned into an unbreakable cube, and ELYSIUM was resealed into a crystal, and was kicked out of Heaven through a star-shaped dimensional rift as part of the Mother Computer's Sword_Master.EXE program. Eventually, Galacta Knight was stripped of his ELYSIUM status after he lost Satanael, and is forced to contend with Meta Knight in an unexpected battle.

Thousands of years later, Satanael finally fell after being freed by a demon named "Bubi". Ending up in the dimension of Gaia (Earth), after becoming a VTuber, she decided that one of her fans will be the next candidate for Aeon Demon ELYSIUM. To keep it faithful to the past beholder's form, she unexpectedly chose Cyon, and he ends up being washed up in a bright light, causing him to gain status as ELYSIUM II - the Second Seraph.

About ELYSIUM[edit]

ELYSIUM, known as the Seraph of Aeons, is a souped-up version of Aeon Hero that appears in an anomalous what-if scenario in Cyon of Gaia. He appears as a four-winged guardian angel knight with an eye motif present on his armor and weapons. Notably, his second pair of wings each feature a set of three eyes, which liken to the appearance of a biblically-accurate angel, and are capable of shooting out spheres of anomalous energy.

ELYSIUM shares some commonalities with Satanael, the archangel form of Ironmouse that debuted since January 2022. Said model is considered the main inspiration and basis for this design. This includes the presence of a similar halo (with a pink sphere to complement the purple coloration on Satanael's halo), a recurring pink-and-purple palette motif, and similar motives to destroy Heaven. The commonalities are mainly because ELYSIUM has become Ironmouse's peon, and is said to have aided in Satanael's attempt at Heavenfall.

In VKirby: The Interdimensional Magician and the Crowned Archangel (prev. Magolor vs. Satanael), ELYSIUM can be fought as part of the alternate continuation of Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler that results after Another Dimension has warped time and space to bring a crossover into what remains of Heaven. However, as the events of Heavenfall already played out, ELYSIUM is fought as an anomalous projection from what was described as a "forbidden artifact" by Beelzebub (or "Bubi"). Fighting ELYSIUM is required to proceed to the next battle against Satanael, as she is encased in a cube for thousands of years.

Galacta/ELYSIUM's Connections with EleCyon[edit]

There are several pieces of evidence that imply that ELYSIUM (or Galacta Knight as a whole), may share a connection to EleCyon himself. They are as follows:

  • Similar naming conventions and pronunciations - ELYSIUM is almost very close to being pronounced the same was as one would pronounce EleCyon's name.
  • Association with Satanael - ELYSIUM is Satanael's peon, but for EleCyon, he first saw Satanael as she wandered across Gaia's Earth before eventually becoming a VShojo VTuber.
  • Flashbacks - Cyon has faint recall of certain flashbacks related to this event, with these effects being tremendously increased when Ironmouse released her "Heavenfall" lore video on YouTube.
    • Cyon has also mentioned he feels "somewhat uneasy" when hearing any passing mention of Morpho Knight, one of the most cited evidences of him being a potential reincarnation of Galacta Knight after his absorption by Morpho Knight in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!.
  • Skills - Cyon also gains knowledge on how to wield a lance and shield almost immediately after Satanael creates ELYSIUM II out of him. Usually, his learning speed is slow in most aspects in comparison to Kirby, but this is different here.
    • X72-OVERCLOCKED may appear to contradict this fact, but this is more because the Master Doomer has infused itself into this form, forcing Cyon to go out of control. He eventually learns about the cyborg's powers as time goes by, usually taught with the help of Magolor.
  • Leitmotifs - Warrior from an Impure Future/Attack of the Impious Warriors and the opening riff of ET LUX IN TENEBRIS LUCET are common leitmotifs associated with EleCyon, and this is notably incorporated into ELYSIUM's theme song - TRISAGION ~ Seraph omnis iudicii.

About "TRISAGION ~ Seraph omnis iudicii"[edit]

"TRISAGION ~ Seraph omnis iudiicii" (Latin for "The Seraph of all judgment") is the theme song of the Seraph of Aeons - ELYSIUM. It is essentially considered the light counterpart to Singularity Overdrive, the theme song associated with VOID HYPERION. This song plays at 175 BPM with a 4/4 time signature, and makes heavy use of various leitmotifs related to Magolor, Galacta Knight, and the Master Crown, as well as sampled songs.

The following leitmotifs are used in TRISAGION:

Leitmotifs in "TRISAGION ~ Seraph omnis iudicii"  
Title Composer Notes
From the Kirby series:
Settling a Score - Atone for One's Misdeeds!
(Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe)
Yuki Shimooka Leitmotif used in conjunction with Judgment of the Malus Pumila, representing Magolor's chance at redemption and ELYSIUM's act of judgment.
Notably, the original song would be later on used for the final phase of ELYSIUM, which also makes use of Magolor's Ultra Sword.
Judgment of the Malus Pumila
(Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe)
Yuki Shimooka Leitmotif used in conjunction with "Settling a Score - Atone for One's Misdeeds!". Same reasoning as above.
Interdimensional Traveler
(Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition)
Hirokazu Ando Used greatly and in conjunction with other leitmotifs as Magolor is greatly involved in this battle.
The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy
(Kirby Super Star Ultra)
Jun Ishikawa Used as Galacta Knight and ELYSIUM are the same entity.
(Kirby's Return to Dream Land)
Hirokazu Ando Used as reference to ELYSIUM's battle being a result of a fake projection by the Master Crown, as implied through pause screen text.
Mistilteinn, Tree Crown without a Ruler
(Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe)
Hirokazu Ando See above notes. Leitmotif used also as foreshadowing. Modified to remove leitmotifs from Team Kirby Clash Deluxe.
Road to Victory
(Kirby's Return to Dream Land)
Hirokazu Ando Used also to refer to ELYSIUM's path to power and victory over Magolor.
Welcome Your New Overlord
(Kirby's Return to Dream Land)
Jun Ishikawa TRISAGION's equivalent to the VS. Dark Matter leitmotif featured in Singularity Overdrive. Like Interdimensional Traveler, this leitmotif is used to represent Magolor's involvement in the battle, in addition to it representing Master Crown and Galacta Knight's intense power (the music video shows the 86-Energy Shower at this part to reflect this).
Dangerous Dinner or Limitless Power
(Kirby's Return to Dream Land)
Hirokazu Ando Used prominently near the end of the song, which may be related to ELYSIUM's battle being a fake projection by the Master Crown.
From S3RL's music and happy hardcore tracks:
Elysium (S3RL Remix) Scott Brown & Special D A full-circle reference because of the boss's name. The song's vocals and the distorted "ELYSIUM" voice are sampled for this track.
Elysium (Scott Brown Mix) Scott Brown & Special D See above. The song's chorus has been sampled for this track.
When I Die S3RL ft. Razor Sharp & Krystal Part of the melody and some vocals from the When I Die remix pack are sampled for this track. The use of S3RL leitmotifs may also further suggest Galacta Knight's possible connection to EleCyon.
Less Than 3 S3RL ft. Sara Part of the melody cameos at part of the beginning of the song, and is played by the french horn instrument from Kirby: Squeak Squad.
Move With U (2016) S3RL ft. JessKah Part of the electronic synth melody is intertwined with When I Die and Road to Victory.
From Cyon of Gaia:
Singularity Overdrive EleCyon TRISAGION is considered the light counterpart of this song, and as such its guitar melodies are reused from there.
Wonderland Hyperflush: New Game+ EleCyon As this song is partially spun off Singularity Overdrive, the song's leitmotifs are used here as well.
From Super Cat Tales:
Announce Trailer
(Super Cat Tales 2)
Raku (DREAMSBELL) TRISAGION is considered the light counterpart of this song, and as such its guitar melodies are reused from there.
Corrupted Domain
(Super Cat Tales 2)
Raku (DREAMSBELL) Very subtle appearance, but is played by the whistling synths from Kirby's Dream Land 3.

Singularity of Infernum: VOID HYPERION[edit]

Some time later, the Underworld Goddess is starting to rise. She would call herself Sayton/Satanael, and is apparently the same entity as last time. And beyond the cosmos, there were rumors that Zero is using the last remains of himself to become The Last of Zero, and help corrupt Infernum further. In an attempt to destroy Dark Matter once again while a young Star Warrior is unaware and takes his nap, ELYSIUM rises up to the challenge and attempts to battle The Last of Zero. However, ELYSIUM is overwhelmed by Zero's power and is subsequently defeated and corrupted.

ELYSIUM becomes VOID HYPERION, the Singularity of Infernum. His capabilities have grown to the point that his power has gone out of control and can unleash black holes and other space-time anomalies with the power of his new lance - the Oblivion of Hyperion. He now lords over Infernum as a brave, but a dark-hearted knight, and eventually becomes the peon of the Underworld Goddess.

About Singularity Overdrive[edit]

Singularity Overdrive is the theme song of VOID HYPERION, which features leitmotifs relating to Dark Matter from the Kirby and Super Cat Tales series, as well as a few original leitmotifs and a cameo rearrange. The following leitmotifs are used:

The Beacon of Hope, Project Spes Aeterna: LUX SPEI AETERNON[edit]

When IRyS 2.0 descended onto Earth once more, hope and light washed all over the world. Void Hyperion was eventually purified into LUX SPEI AETERNON, a purified version of the corrupted entity, and is no longer under control by the Underworld Goddess and Dark Matter. He cannot be fought as a boss, but is another heroic persona Cyon has to take on to defend his planet and bring hope and peace in the nephilim's absence.

The Ace of Spades - CHAOS ALTERSPADION[edit]

In a world similar to Wonderland, there exists an alternate-universe version of Cyon who leads the Spade cards as their Ace. The indigo-colored Chaos Alterspadion shares some commonalities with EleCyon himself, besides bearing the motif of the spades, as well as being a part-time Hypnospace Patrol Enforcer. As a very aggressive member of the spades, he would stop at nothing to challenge you whenever you cross his path, especially to help guard the King and Queen of Spades. Cyon only crosses paths with Alterspadion after entering Wonderland through the typical means.

Alterspadion was created on December 27, 2022 after I was inspired by Ironmouse's Wonderland Reject model, which turns her into a character resembling Alice from the "Alice in Wonderland" stories. Other inspirations for Alterspadion include Marx, Moon Warriors, King from Deltarune, Morpho Knight, and the video game Hypnospace Outlaw.

Alterspadion has a largely unique design, in which:

  • He now possesses a large cape that covers him, bearing the spade symbol.
  • He now has wings similar to Marx's, with the spades acting as a stand-in for the hexagonal panels.
  • He wields a giant halberd known as the Cresberd. It bears a crescent moon motif to it, and its strength is described as "smashing the ground to the moon and back".
  • A unique spade-shaped star and halo is present on his head.
  • Alterspadion features a helmet and digital visor, notably bearing a white spade that features a minimalist representation of HypnOS's logo. This is actually a heavily modified Hypnospace headband that was embedded into the helmet.
    • Alterspadion uses the helmet to conjure HypnOS windows that are actually his own playing cards, using them as a shield.

About Wonderland Hyperflush[edit]

Alterspadion's theme song is known as "Wonderland Hyperflush: New Game+". Notably, it is a strongly paralleled version of Singularity Overdrive, which shares the same composition structure but replacing all leitmotifs with unique ones.

The following leitmotifs are used: (original counterparts are marked in a second parenthesis)

Some leitmotifs remain unchanged, but have been swapped around or heavily modified:

  • ET LUX IN TENEBRIS LUCET (Super Cat Wars by EleCyon)
  • Attack of the Impious Warriors (prev. "Warrior from an Impure Future") (Super Cat Wars by EleCyon)

The Interdimensional Cyborg: X72-OVERCLOCKED[edit]

The Master Doomer sent out one last attack to overclock EleCyon's gadgetry and his companion ELEC-DROID, causing them to lose control, fuse together, and transform into the powerful Interdimensional Cyborg. While trying to make sense of his newfound potent, Cyon is unable to control this new form easily, forcing him on an intergalactic rampage! As the interdimensional traveler yourself, shut it down before it gets out of hand!
— VS X72-OVERCLOCKED (Phase 1) Special Page from Cyon of Gaia

During this chapter of Cyon of Gaia lore, a huge flock of Rampaging Doomers has come to invade Dimension Gaia via dimensional rifts created from the collapse of Another Dimension's greater ends. These anomalous Doomers had their own motive - to find and consume power sources on Planet Earth to sustain themselves. This time, they have a new leader, the Master Doomer, a giant plasma-green colored Rampaging Doomer somewhat analogous to that of its grander cousin. To confront the new threat, Cyon and ELEC-DROID join forces to save their home planet, but end up getting blasted out by Master Doomer's electric beam attacks which overclock their gadgetry and fuse together into a monstrous cyborg.

Meanwhile, similar dimensional rifts have popped up in Kirby's home universe, especially around Planet Popstar, which were intercepted by Magolor on the Lor Starcutter. Unfortunately for him, as he was caught in the crossfire, Magolor was sent to Dimension Gaia unexpectedly by a Rampaging Doomer who grabbed him straight from his ship, and lands on a ground of purple hexagons. Magolor is forced to encounter face-to-face against the Interdimensional Cyborg - X72-OVERCLOCKED, who he initially mistakes for his brainwashed friend Kirby. The cyborg clashed against Magolor, with the former bringing out laser beams, error messages, and other moves comparable to Mecha ability, and Magolor retaliating with his own magic he regained from a past adventure. Initially, Magolor doesn't do much against X72-OVERCLOCKED and starts on the losing side, but slowly gains the upper hand and eventually gets the strength to beat back the cyborg, from using the latter's error message shield as a weapon to grabbing his robot arm to smash him around.

Finally, Magolor seemed to emerge victorious after using a super version of the Magolor Cannon to finally down the cyborg once and for all. But, X72-OVERCLOCKED had one last trick up his sleeve, and it is his self-destruct sequence that only activates when Magolor tried to come closer to him. The distant traveler himself had escaped the explosion, and realizes he did the battle all for nothing, when suddenly he heard a mysterious voice thanking Magolor for saving him. This voice turned out to be Cyon himself, who turns out to be unfused from the explosion with ELEC-DROID, and both of them introduce themselves to Magolor. The latter eventually introduces himself... and realizes he's still a hero after all, having already atoned for his past misdeeds. Together, Cyon, ELEC-DROID and Magolor formed an alliance on Dimension Gaia, a ragtag group of friends known as the Blue Gear Heroes, and they go on their own adventures together.

About X72-OVERCLOCKED[edit]

X72-OVERCLOCKED, or The Interdimensional Cyborg, is Cyon's cyborg form partially inspired by the Mecha copy ability from Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, as well as Ironmouse's Racing Princess model. This is the form Cyon and ELEC-DROID fuse into, and is essentially the first stronger form that isn't a knight variant in any capacity. Initially, this form was obtained after being shocked by the Master Doomer's attacks, and since then, Cyon and ELEC-DROID can charge up to join forces and combine into this form for later use.

X72-OVERCLOCKED uses the moveset of Mecha Kirby as a basis, but with some design changes:

  • Six blasters are now present, and all can shoot persistent laser beams. The left side is usually colored blue, and the right side is orange. If desired, Cyon can use them to shoot fireballs (Fireball Mortars).
  • Three jetpacks are used to hover around.
  • Cyon's cape is transformed into a set of mechanical wings which move like shutters in a similar fashion to a ladybug's wings.
  • A giant gear is worn by Cyon on the back, which was originally a trait possessed by ELEC-DROID. It is used to overclock Cyon's attack speed and strength, and can be used like Queen Sectonia's rings in some cases.
  • Cyon's visor is not a translucent one, rather an opaque, digital LED-like display like Cyon's jet hat. It also has the capability to copy certain elements for a special Power Effect that can influence his attacks, such as Fire, Spark, Water, Ice, and Wind.
  • Cyon's robot arms are extendable, allowing him to grab objects from afar. This works like the Whip and Sand grabs, and during the boss fight this attack is similar to a grabbing attack used by Mr. Dooter.
  • One of Cyon's robot arms is not a hand, rather an error message shield known as the Pop-up Blocker. Position is interchangeable between both robot arms. This deflects almost every attack, but if it is hit very hard, it can be removed and used as a weapon by the other party.
  • Some of Cyon's attacks are derived from Magolor Soul's True Arena appearance in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, Metal General, and Chaos Elfilis.

Theme music[edit]

X72-OVERCLOCKED has two phases with one full healthbar each, and each phase has a song:

In X72-OVERCLOCKED: Attack of the Interdimensional Cyborg, it is essentially a mashup-remix of several songs, especially towards Kirby and S3RL music, just like before. The song also focuses on Magolor's leitmotifs to signify that Magolor is battling against the interdimensional cyborg. The following is a list of leitmotifs and samples featured as part of the song:

Parallel Paladin (Cyon of Gaia: Another Domination)[edit]

This form of Cyon appears as an AU counterpart, and debuts in Cyon of Gaia: Another Domination, a season finale pertaining to the series. Parallel Paladin is actually Cyon who comes from an alternate timeline where Fecto Advenus actually transported Cyon into Another Dimension using a dimensional rift instead of warping him into Dimension Gaia. Deep in Another Dimension, he was raised by Sphere Doomers, specifically the Rampaging Doomers. As he spent his time in Another Dimension, Cyon began to accumulate lots of anomalous power from the residents and time-space fabric of this dimension, eventually giving him an all-new look as the Parallel Paladin. He is also accompanied by a baby Rampaging Doomer named the "Squire Doomer" as he grows.

After attempting to conquer several timelines, Parallel Paladin emerges into Dimension Gaia during the events of "Ironmouse Unleashed". Amidst a battlefield of charred cities, Parallel Paladin teams up with Unleashed Ironmouse while also bringing in allies from other timelines, including Bad Ending!Magolor (an angelic counterpart of Magolor who died in his escape from Another Dimension) and Squire Doomer. As his other allies were facing the other enemies, EleCyon and Parallel Paladin fought one-on-one.

His battle music are the following:

Kirby Games[edit]

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Officially Owned List[edit]

Please note the list only features games I officially own on consoles.

Kirby games I haven't owned or played:[edit]

Emulated on another device[edit]

Not owned at all (I do plan on playing soon, provided if it's accessible via NSO or a remake)[edit]

Games Table[edit]


Game Date bought 100% completion? Description
KTD Boxart NA.jpg
Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014)
2016 Yes (One 100% savefile) My first Kirby game! After all of these years running into YTPMVs of Kirby music, regular modern music, and Kirby sprites, I finally decided to buy this game in 2016 to see what in the world is the whole Kirby buzz about. It's crazy to think my first Kirby game also introduced me to Masked Dedede before the YTPMVs got me, as well as helping me identify tons of Kirby's Return to Dream Land music I've heard in YTPMVs, and later on, I realized that my first Kirby apparently had some sort of a friendship backstory...
TKCD logo.png
Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (2017)
2017 No (Never completed) Surprisingly enough, this is actually my second game, though if I want to count mainlines only, that would be Planet Robobot. I immediately took on this after I knew this was Free-to-Start. I never completed it, though, but this is the game where I was fully aware that there's a Kirby game named Planet Robobot.
KPR Box.png
Kirby: Planet Robobot (2016)
2017 Yes (One 100% savefile) It's funny that I wasn't even aware of the game's existence at the time I bought Triple Deluxe, but my third game I got is Kirby: Planet Robobot! It was the game where I finally heard the theme song for Candy Mountain (I've seen loads of YTPMVs using that song) for the first time in a Kirby game (thanks to Kirby 3D Rumble). Planet Robobot is the game that fully cemented my entry into the series, and introduced me to Meta Knight for the very first time. It's actually got one of my favorite music tracks and theming for a Kirby game, and the Robobot Armor and the various gimmicks in the game were some of my favorite parts! And yes, I still play it to this day. It's still GOAT for many reasons!
KFD Cover art.jpg
Kirby Fighters Deluxe (2014)
2018 Yes (Partially, but I'd consider it 100% complete as I completed Single-Player Very Hard mode) Kirby Fighters Deluxe is based on the eponymous sub-game from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. I bought it on the eShop when I finally got my first eShop card, and it's loads of fun playing it, especially in the Field Trip, when combined with my copies of other Kirby games I bought from the eShop on my 3DS.
KBBl logo.png
Kirby's Blowout Blast (2017)
2018 Yes (Partially, never got Platinum on everything, and never unlocked Secret Path) Alongside with Fighters Deluxe, I also got Kirby's Blowout Blast. It's a fun little game that somehow takes advantage of my muscle memory to beat 3D stages in double-time. I have no plans to get 100% completion on it due to the absurdity of its requirements. :P
KBR box art.jpg
Kirby Battle Royale (2017-2018)
2018 No (Not all optional side missions completed.) Kirby Battle Royale was one of the first Kirby games I was hyped for when I cemented myself into the Kirby community, alongside Kirby Star Allies. I was pretty sold on that game when I saw all the Battle Modes (they look like really fun for a 3DS game, eh?). And there's costumes, King Dedede, and Meta Knight (OBVIOUSLY) as well! Difficulty ramped up too hard near the endgame of Dedede's Cake Royale, but is still enjoyable per se.
KSA Boxart NA.jpg
Kirby Star Allies (2018)
2018 Yes Hold the cameras, this is important! Since the time it was called Kirby for Nintendo Switch, I was hyped for the game, I wondered what would be in it. Is it an opportunity to play with friends, or the time to mess around with Dream Friends? Kirby Star Allies has quite the punch. It brought me even closer to Kirby games I've never seen or played yet, and it was a good time to reminisce some of the first Kirby games I've ever had. Although it's a short game, I still like it as per with other Kirby games.
KatFL box art.jpg
Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
2022 Yes An experience that is best played blind, for a first 3D Kirby game. This game also acts as an entry point for me to discover new VTubers and streamers playing the game. After all, I just wanted to experience their reactions to the game, the bosses, and even endgame and postgame! Make sure to check this out, HAL's been leading up to this with Blowout Blast, Battle Royale, and even the Void Termina boss battle!

What games do I plan on getting next?[edit]

Kirby games[edit]

Other games[edit]

  • Spark the Electric Jester 1 and 3

Random Stuff[edit]

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Kirby Star Allies: The SUPER ULTRA Update[edit]

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This is a Trivia section made just for fun.
Please don't take it too seriously.
  • EleCyon has his own personalized Warp Star, named as the "Cyon Comet". It is colored blue, takes shape of a six-pointed star, and comes equipped with hidden jet boosters that activate at a button's press.
  • EleCyon seems to show no signs of aversion towards any demonic entities, including Ironmouse (Satanael) the Demon Queen. Given that Kirby (who he is based on) has fought demonic entities in the past, this is a bit contradictory to his heroic nature.
  • EleCyon has shared the same birthday as Yuuta Ogasawara. Shocker, I know. But he makes banger music too so that's a plus.
  • EleCyon likes pancakes, a lot.
  • EleCyon has debunked the existence of Dracula Waddle by inserting garlic into a WiKirby staff member's Wii and playing a level featuring Swinging Waddle Dees in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
    • For some anomalous reason, EleCyon has defeated Dracula Waddle in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe by using... the Mecha copy ability's Full-Charge Blaster. This is the actual first time that EleCyon managed to encounter something like this on any consoles he owned. But does Dracula Waddle even exist in the remake?
  • EleCyon is always a jolly fellow! (NOTE: I'm not mad at this.)
  • EleCyon can also be nicknamed "Cyon". (This is a real fact, you can call me Cyon too!)
  • EleCyon is the Devil's Advocate. This title, however, is used to refer to his position as one of Ironmouse (Satanael)'s biggest fans, though I did assign it myself, so believe it or not, do you think it's official?
  • EleCyon is unaware of Kirby: Planet Robobot's existence when he first bought Kirby: Triple Deluxe in 2016. And as a result, he thought that the game was about Kirby traveling to a futuristic planet. (Not true by the way! I got it wrong!)
  • EleCyon seems to show an allergic reaction to Those Things. Like seriously I'm allergic to those Bourbons, don't make me try to consume one. They're absolutely DEDEDESGUSTING!
  • EleCyon forgot that this trivia section is too long. Eh, carry on...
  • EleCyon is also technically present at the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival through its respective livestream (OH NO, IT'S UNARCHIVED!).
    • Also, it turns out that in our world, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is absolutely and totally canon because Neichel is present at the concert as a guest appearance and Specimen ID-F86 might arrive in the distant future. (Trust me: I got an insider source about Lab Discovera's building project.)
  • Here's an actual piece of trivia: ID-X72 is also in reference to my birthday, which is July 2. Happy birthday to me! (Not yet... Maybe leave a greeting on my talkpage or in the Shiver Star Discord on said date if desired?)
  • I don't like saying Poyo in public, it makes me feel like a weakling. Please don't make me try.
  • WiKirby has a current count of 3 close encounters with Cyon's alter-egos - Aeon Demon ELYSIUM, Void Hyperion, and Lux Spei Aeternon. Be careful around them, their power levels are comparable to that of Galacta Knight. But one of them seems to be very friendly and willing to unleash the light.
  • EleCyon is not canon to the anime. If he did, however, he would most likely wound up as a rogue Star Warrior just like Yamikage, but with heightened capabilities than Galacta Knight, given that Kirby's copy abilities have been boosted by a long mile in the anime's battle scenes.
  • This trivia section is already longer than any other April Fools article in existence.
  • Darkness will fade away, light will guide your way, HOPE has descended and you are not alone!