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EleCyon/Sandbox/Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland!

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EleCyon/Sandbox/Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland!
Kirby Come On Over to Merry Magoland cover.jpg
Cover art for Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland!
Volume # 28
Published August 5, 2023
Original story? Yes
Inspiration(s) Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (mostly taking from Merry Magoland)
Chapters 11
Pages 208[1]
Main character(s) Kirby
Meta Knight
King Dedede
ISBN 978-4046319302[1]
Volume order
Kirby: Sever Evil with a Slash in a Flash! Last volume →
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Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland![derived from Japanese] is the twenty-eighth volume of the Kirby novel series, published exclusively in Japan on August 5th, 2023.

This volume takes inspiration from Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, specifically Merry Magoland for the most part. It also features elements from the game itself.


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Plot synopsis[edit]

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Chapter 1: A Most Mysterious Letter[edit]

The story begins in a dimly-lit warehouse, where a hooded wizard can be seen preparing wrapped packages, including those intended for Kirby's friends. He then holds a fancy-looking sponge cake with a large pink marshmallow in the center, which is made to resemble Kirby's likeness. He refers to it as the "Magolor-brand Kirby Cake", betting that Kirby would be very joyful to see such cake then inhaling it in one go, while laughter of his own echoed throughout the warehouse. After preparing everything, Magolor now has to send the invitations, and so he left the place.

On one peaceful afternoon in Dream Land, Kirby is notified by Chilly about a new letter that was intended to be sent to the pink puffball. Chilly speculates that it may be a magic letter written from "someone within the distant reaches of space", and that whoever sent that may be a big fan of Kirby's. Believing that he got fans of his own, Kirby excitedly opened the letter, but its contents left him with an unusually serious look on his face. Chilly asked Kirby who sent the letter, but before Kirby could shout out the answer, a bright flash of light engulfed him. Opening his eyes, Chilly noticed that Kirby had disappeared. Meanwhile at Castle Dedede, King Dedede was very bored, and he asks the Waddle Dees if they have some entertaining activities to do. Bandana Waddle Dee and his comrades couldn't think of anything that could appease him, but just then one of the Waddle Dees came rushing in with a letter for the king. Dedede quickly opened the letter and began to read it, not before a bright light suddenly fills the entire room, causing both the king and Bandana Waddle Dee to disappear, much to the Waddle Dees' surprise. At that same time in the Battleship Halberd, Meta Knight and Captain Vul were having a good afternoon tea. The two were exchanging a conversation about a shortcake that they were just eating. Suddenly, Axe Knight came barging in, with a letter that was intended for Meta Knight. He then opens the envelope, only to be greeted by a bright flash of light while disappearing without a trace.

When Kirby opened his eyes, he found himself right at a large circular arch in front of him. He then quickly turns around to see King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee, who are confused regarding this place. Meta Knight also shows up, having noted this surprise arrival. As everyone asked each other about this mysterious location and how they ended up here, Kirby begins to open and read his own letter again, noticing that this is an invitation to a newly-built theme park, written by Magolor himself. As initial doubts about the sender's name begin to stir among the friends, a playful melody began to play from beyond the archway as a floating figure flew through. The figure reveals himself as Magolor, welcoming Kirby and friends as his very first guests of his new theme park. But he is then startled in confusion when the four friends began to ready their fighting stances towards him, remembering his past misdeeds. Magolor tells them to stop as this was all a big misunderstanding, as he just wanted to invite the friends to his theme park, naming it as Magoland. Magolor reveals that his intent was to make up to his friends for the past misdeeds he did. With King Dedede still not convinced due to how sudden their transportation to this place was, Magolor apologizes for such, as he ran behind on schedule when he originally intended to bring everyone there by shuttle bus.

As the four friends stared silently at Magolor, the opening ceremony begins, with the sky now showering with colorful flowers, balloons, and confetti. Kirby then starts looking around, excitedly observing the colorful celebration just ahead before running into Magoland proper despite Meta Knight's warnings that it could be a trap. King Dedede also quickly followed, and both him and Kirby were enjoying all the excitement. Meta Knight then advises Bandana Waddle Dee to leave the two be, as they focus on figuring out what could be Magolor's scheme this time. Just then, Magolor invites them both to have a tour around Magoland, with the two agreeing in unison as they follow him on.

Chapter 2: Everyone’s Merry at Merry Magoland![edit]

As Kirby and King Dedede headed on to the center plaza, they took notice of the various food and souvenir stalls dotting around. Magolor explains that the center plaza is the heart of Magoland, but the two did not hear his explanation as they went to check out the shops. With Magolor notifying the two that the food stalls are all-you-can-eat, this prompted Kirby and King Dedede to begin gobbling up the food across the stalls. Magolor then reveals that he has also built a hotel, as he points towards a grand white building. The hotel is described by him as having neatly prepared rooms, big baths, and fully stocked all-you-can-eat snack bars, the latter of which convinces Kirby and King Dedede to stay there.

Magolor is thrilled by the notion, and reveals that his dream of building the best theme park in the galaxy finally came true, much to the doubts of Meta Knight. King Dedede then butts into the conversation, having taken notice of a souvenir shop stocked with masks. The masks featured the likenesses of Kirby and his friends, even of ones who were not present like Gooey and Chef Kawasaki. Magolor encourages to play pretend with the masks, while giving a Bonkers mask to Bandana Waddle Dee. Meanwhile, Kirby and Dedede were also having fun using the Dress-Up Masks, with Kirby pretending to be Chef Kawasaki, and even both pretending to be each other. As Meta Knight raises his suspicions, his vision is temporarily shrouded in darkness, but only because Kirby put a Waddle Doo mask on the swordsman to try convincing him to play along. Afterwards, Magolor continues the tour, heading over to Castle Magolor which holds several attractions. After a long staircase ascent, Magolor offers everyone to choose which attraction to play, although King Dedede is not familiar with most of them yet. Magolor then explains the Stamp Rally, while giving cards to each of the friends. The manager reveals that there is also a special menu with exclusive food among the rewards, convincing Kirby and King Dedede to try and win. Kirby then checks out an attraction sign adorned with a shuriken, which reveals to be Ninja Dojo, and everyone goes inside.

Entering the attraction, the group finds themselves in a veritable bamboo forest. Magolor gives colorful shurikens to each of the friends, and explains how the sub-game works. The game of Ninja Dojo then begins as a large wooden target appears, prompting Kirby and friends to toss their shurikens at it. No one has hit the bulls-eye, with Bandana Waddle Dee failing to hit the target at all. The next target moves in a swinging motion, much to the group's surprise, as they again fail to hit the bulls-eye. And the final target then appears, with Magolor present as he bounces around its bulls-eye. Meta Knight tries to get him to move, but to no avail, as Magolor continuously teases him. This sends Meta Knight into a rage, tossing his shuriken aside and flying into the air with his sword to perform a spin attack towards the target. King Dedede and Kirby immediately followed suit despite Magolor pleading them to stop Meta Knight from going berserk. King Dedede performs Giant Dedede Swing, and Kirby inhales and spits out the shurikens that Meta Knight and Dedede tossed aside. Magolor quickly ducked to dodge as the swordsman and king's attacks landed, reducing the target to shreds. While the three were arguing to see who has won, Magolor shows up to say they have failed the target regardless as they broke the rules. Despite everything, Magolor reveals the results, with Meta Knight having won the game, as he stamps everyone's Stamp Rally cards.

As Magolor began to float off, Bandana Waddle Dee asks him if he could also assist with running the attractions, instead of participating in them. King Dedede suggests to call in the Waddle Dees so that Bandana Waddle Dee is not the only one. Magolor then spreads his hands as he summons a large hole in the sky, raining down a lot of Waddle Dees into a pile. Amidst the Dees' confusion, King Dedede snapped at them to stop. But when the Waddle Dees saw Magolor, they began to run away in fear, knowing his bogus reputation to them. Bandana Waddle Dee calls the Waddle Dees, much to their relief, as he explains that they need to also help Magolor run the theme park. Magolor then offers various staff jobs and explanations for the Waddle Dees, from running attractions to working as tour guides. As Kirby and King Dedede think about the next attraction to play in, Meta Knight sighed as he observed everything, which seems to go well despite his suspicions.

Chapter 3: Their True Feelings[edit]

Kirby and friends played other attractions, such as Egg Catcher and Crackity Hack, among others, and the entirety of Magoland thrived even more with the help of the Waddle Dees. While eating in the park's restaurant, King Dedede commented on how such a place was very keen on bearing Magolor's likenesses, especially in its food. Meta Knight still kept his doubts high, especially as he observed that everything seemed to be going normally, which he thought struck as odd. Just then, Magolor shows up asking how the food tasted, yielding positive remarks about it from Kirby himself. Knowing that his sudden disappearance may cause a stir of concern among his crew, Meta Knight also requests for communications with his crew at the Halberd, which Magolor promptly agrees, having mentioned a communications room in particular. Meanwhile, King Dedede and Kirby were already full from the restaurant's food, but the thought of the hotel's all-you-can-eat snack bar also struck at the same time, so the two exited the restaurant on a dash to the hotel.

As mentioned before, Magolor Hotel has all its rooms ready for Kirby and his friends. Kirby was enjoying his time in his hotel room, rolling around the bed's mattress and eating all the snacks set on the table in front. Meanwhile, Magolor was in the manager's room in the basement of the hotel, pondering how he could convince Kirby and friends, especially Meta Knight, to clear their doubts on him. Suddenly, he spots a box in the corner of the room, and he has an idea. Opening the box, he finds several masks resembling the ones used as souvenirs. Known as Dress-Up Masks, they also have the ability to morph the wearer's body and voice into the likeness depicted on the mask, as a result of Magolor infusing the masks with his magic. Taking out two masks, he now begins his plan to figure what the friends really think of him, starting with Kirby and Meta Knight.

Later, Kirby is greeted with knocking from his room's door. Opening it, he finds what appears to be Bandana Waddle Dee, although with sharper-looking eyes and a seemingly nervous expression about something. Regardless, Kirby didn't notice anything off, as he invites his friend to his room. After showing him around, Kirby then leads Bandana Waddle Dee to the window, showing the somewhat lively night-time view of Magoland. The two converse about Magolor's original dream to build a theme park, which he eventually sidetracked with the obsession of ruling over the entire galaxy. Through the conversation, it is revealed that Magolor went through a long, suffering journey after these events, which made him realize once again his dream. As they end the conversation with enjoying Magoland and preparing for any potential betrayal, Bandana Waddle Dee seemed strangely excited and is raring to go out of the room, but Kirby waves goodbye regardless.

In the communications room, as Meta Knight got in touch once more with his crew back on the Halberd, he notices a knock on his door. Meta Knight finds King Dedede at the door, but with the same sharp eyes that Bandana Waddle Dee had earlier. Meta Knight invited him in despite this, and the two discuss about Magolor's dream, betrayal, and his possible true feelings by the night-time vista. During this conversation, Meta Knight notes that Magolor's strength of spirit is no lie, although he still does not trust him. After this conversation, King Dedede quickly left the room to Meta Knight's surprise, running back to the manager's room and taking off his mask which reveals him to be Magolor once again. He laughs heartily knowing that Kirby can be his friend once again, but it ceases after he realizes he should have not talked to Meta Knight, as Magolor noted his own feelings of loneliness, self-pity and fear. Wiping a tear from his eye, he acknowledges Meta Knight as being a "rotten guy".

Chapter 4: A Pleasant Arrival[edit]

The next morning, Kirby and friends made their visit to the restaurant for breakfast, ordering various Magolor-themed food from sandwiches to pudding. As they got their orders from the Waddle Dees and began to eat, King Dedede wanted Bandana Waddle Dee to memorize all the recipes from the restaurants, should they get back home and serve quality food at Castle Dedede. Bandana Waddle Dee turns this offer down, as they are all secret recipes by Magolor, with no specifics given. Meta Knight wanted to ask King Dedede about the conversation from last night, but it seems to him that the king doesn't remember. Magolor then shows up, but with a more quiet, gloomy look, much to the surprise of Kirby. The restaurant door suddenly swings open, with a Waddle Dee rushing in, noting something big happening outdoors.

As the group went outside, a large ship was spotted flying about in the skies of Magoland. Kirby and King Dedede were surprised to see the Lor Starcutter after such a long time, while Meta Knight was wondering if the ship was present just to punish Magolor for his misdeeds. Bandana Waddle Dee corrected the swordsman's thoughts, acknowledging that the Lor just was happy to play at Magoland. The Lor eventually lands on a tall platform by the edges of the park. Magolor gazed his eyes on the Lor Starcutter's presence, although he didn't call the ship there - the Lor knew about Magoland as it saw through Magolor the whole time, as mentioned by Kirby. Magolor rushes to the ship, waving his hands and telling it that he finally built a theme park and is ready to have it packed with guests. The Lor Starcutter motioned its oars, as if it said that it already knew. But just then, without notice from anyone, a dimensional rift began to open in the sky, and out came several interdimensional creatures before the rift closed.

Chapter 5: Explosive Showdown at Bomb Rally![edit]

Chapter 6: A Flurry of Fakes?![edit]

Chapter 7: Catch the Trickster![edit]

Chapter 8: Taking Aim in Booming Blasters![edit]

Chapter 9: Confrontation at Smash Ride![edit]

Chapter 10: The Manager's Fond Farewell[edit]

Chapter 11: A Very Special Present[edit]


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ にじ島々しまじますくえ!
hoshi no kābyi niji no shimajima o sukue!
Kirby: Save the Rainbow Islands!