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Shiver Star - Stage 5

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Shiver Star - Stage 5
K64 Shiver Star Stage 5 screenshot 01.png
HR-H appears on the scene to dispose of the pink threat.
Host level Shiver Star
Stage Nr. 5
Theme music

Clip of the theme music in Shiver Star - Stage 5.

Stage progression
Stage 4 Ripple Star - Stage 1
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Shiver Star - Stage 5 is the final stage of Shiver Star in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. This stage pits Kirby against HR-H, who is battled in two different phases; the first taking place on a flat arena, and the second as a running battle against the reformed HR-E. Clearing this stage allows Kirby to access the next level, Ripple Star.


Kirby finds himself on a thin platform out in a dark cityscape. Here, the giant robot HR-H appears and attacks. It will either attempt to strike at Kirby with both arms at once, creating inhalable rocks on impact, or it will shoot out missiles, then attempt to swipe with one of its arms. The missiles can also be inhaled, but they don't provide any abilities when swallowed.

After this form is defeated, HR-H falls back, then lands on the platform as HR-E. Here, it chases Kirby down, and attempts to snip at him with its pincer arms. It will also shoot missiles in this form, and attempt to land on Kirby. When it is defeated in this form, HR-E powers down and stops moving, releasing the crystal shard for Kirby to collect. From there, he can make his way to the next world, Ripple Star.

Battle details[edit]

VS. HR-H[edit]

The first phase of the fight takes place on a flat platform with no hazards present. HR-H attacks from the background, and can throw out one of four possible attacks at random:

  • HR-H shoots out four missiles which land at equidistant points on the stage. These missiles fall in a random order, and will either explode immediately, or will stick into the ground for a moment. They never land in different spots.
  • HR-H shoots out a laser from its visor that sweeps the stage.
  • HR-H swings one of its arms across the stage. Kirby can duck under this attack.
  • HR-H swings both arms inward in an attempt to grab Kirby, then raises and drops them to pound the middle of the stage, causing rocks to appear on each side of the impact.

The missiles and rocks can be inhaled and used as ammunition against HR-H, but only the ends of the arm can be hit to deal it damage. The ejecta provides no Copy Ability if swallowed.

VS. HR-E[edit]

In the second phase, HR-H transforms into HR-E and lands on the main platform to the right. From there, it starts rolling toward Kirby, who must move to keep ahead of it. During this phase, pieces of the platform will fall as HR-E moves past them, and it is possible (however unlikely) for Kirby to fall with them into the bottomless pit. HR-E has four attacks which it uses at random during this phase:

  • HR-E attempts to snip at Kirby with its claws, using one, then the other. Kirby can duck under this attack.
  • HR-E raises slightly to release a low-traveling rocket that moves toward Kirby. This rocket comes in two pieces, and when Kirby tries to inhale it, he will swallow the warhead. The remaining rocket piece will continue to move forward after a short pause.
  • HR-E shoots out a barrage of four missiles which land on the pathway in evenly-spaced intervals. They behave the same as before.
  • HR-E rises high into the air, temporarily re-assuming its HR-H form as it does so. Using its boosters, it will slowly try to land on Kirby as it comes back down. Once it lands, it will revert to its HR-E form and return to the right end of the walkway.

During this fight, HR-E's body is situated a fair distance above the ground, meaning Kirby can walk underneath it. This also means that Kirby will need to jump a fair distance when he spits out objects to retaliate against this boss.


  • After it is defeated, HR-E's body will bounce Kirby away on contact. While this is likely intended to prevent players from wandering off of the now unguarded bottomless pit, Kirby can still fly over it and into the void with the proper altitude and dedication.
    • While the bounce throws Kirby extremely far, Kirby's trajectory never causes him to collect the Crystal Shard or its subsequent replacement.