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Aqua Star - Stage 1

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Aqua Star - Stage 1
K64 Aqua Star Stage 1 screenshot 04.png
Kirby crosses a bridge over shallow pools in the pleasant tropical climate of Aqua Star.
Host level Aqua Star
Stage Nr. 1
Mid-Boss(es) Big Tick
Friend assists Adeleine
Theme music

Clip of the theme music in Aqua Star - Stage 1.

Stage progression
Rock Star - Stage 5 Stage 2
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Aqua Star - Stage 1 is the first stage of Aqua Star in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It takes place in a palmy cliffside area with lots of running water.


The first stage is overall summer-themed, covered with palm trees and sunny skies. The first portion of the level has Kirby venturing through a waterfront landscape, inhabited by Floppers, Pompeys, Bobos, and Kapar, among others. This beach scene transitions into a cavernous setting; Zebon, which are used to ascend a tall, vertical chasm within the cave, are abundant. Avoiding the Glom on the cave's upper level, Kirby makes his way deeper into the cavern, encountering foes such as Galbo and Yariko in the next expanse. At the level's halfway point, a large Tick waits to be defeated, and in the event Kirby does so, he is rewarded a Crystal Shard (or a Blue Star if he's bested the mini-boss previously). Adeleine paints Kirby a Maxim Tomato as he exits the cave and passes through one final highland section before the level ends.

Crystal Shard guide[edit]

Crystal Shard locations in Aqua Star - Stage 1  
Image How to reach
K64 Aqua Star Stage 1 Crystal Shard 1.png
Shard 1
The first Crystal Shard can be found in a tall cave area with the Zebon. It is underneath a trio of Scarfies that Kirby will blast through on the way up.
K64 Aqua Star Stage 1 Crystal Shard 2.png
Shard 2
The second shard is obtainable after defeating the Mid-Boss Tick.
K64 Aqua Star Stage 1 Crystal Shard 3.png
Shard 3
The third shard can be found at the area with the bridges in front of a huge waterfall. The Ice-Bomb ability is needed to break a small platform at the bottom, where a Zebon is waiting to shoot Kirby up to the shard.

Enemies, mid-bosses and abilities[edit]

Image Name Copy Ability Image Name Copy Ability Image Name Copy Ability
K64 Bobo Sprite.png Bobo K64 Burning Sprite.png K64 Glom Sprite.png Glom N/A K64 Scarfy Sprite.png Scarfy N/A
K64 Bronto Burt Sprite.png Bronto Burt None K64 Glunk Sprite.png Glunk None K64 Sparky Sprite.png Sparky K64 Spark Sprite.png
K64 Bumber Sprite.png Bumber None K64 Kany Sprite.png Kany None K64 Squibby Sprite.png Squibby None
K64 Chacha Sprite.png Chacha None K64 Kapar Sprite.png Kapar K64 Cutter Sprite.png K64 Tick Sprite.png Tick K64 Needle Sprite.png
K64 Emp Sprite.png Emp K64 Ice Sprite.png K64 Nruff Sprite.png Nruff None K64 Yariko Sprite.png Yariko None
K64 Fishbone Sprite.png Fishbone K64 Cutter Sprite.png K64 Pompey Sprite.png Pompey K64 Stone Sprite.png K64 Zebon Sprite.png Zebon N/A
K64 Flopper Sprite.png Flopper None K64 Poppy Bros Jr Sprite.png Poppy Bros. Jr. K64 Bomb Sprite.png K64 Zoos Sprite.png Zoos K64 Spark Sprite.png
K64 Galbo Sprite.png Galbo K64 Burning Sprite.png
Big Tick