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Rock Star - Stage 5

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Rock Star - Stage 5
K64 Rock Star Stage 5 screenshot 04.png
Kirby battles Pix atop the pyramid.
Host level Rock Star
Stage Nr. 5
Theme music

Clip of the theme music in Rock Star - Stage 5.

Stage progression
Stage 4 Aqua Star - Stage 1
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Rock Star - Stage 5 is the final stage of Rock Star in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. This stage pits Kirby against Pix in a circular ring arena that moves upward like an elevator before settling high in the sky. Clearing this stage allows Kirby to access the next level, Aqua Star.


Main article: Pix

The fight begins on a large circular platform that is rising from the top of the pyramid. As the platform rises, Pix appears, one piece at a time. It will harass Kirby with its blades, but cannot be attacked in turn during this part. Pix attacks in three rounds, introducing a new piece of itself each time before making its final attack with all three diamonds.

Once the platform reaches the top, Pix will change its fighting strategy, and strange globs will appear out of the floor that match the color of Pix itself. If Kirby has no Copy Ability, he can attack Pix by shooting these globs at him. If he manages to match a particular color glob with the same color Pix diamond, he will do extra damage. Once all of the diamonds are broken, Pix is defeated, and Kirby can collect the last crystal shard in the level, then move on to Aqua Star.

Extra details[edit]

  • The first phase of the battle takes place in three distinct steps. The length of each step differs, as well as the number of times Pix changes direction. For each step, Pix changes directions once, three times, and twice respectively.
  • During the second phase, energy globs emerge from the elevator floor at various points. Looking closely, each such point is a wider part of the platform which is tinted slightly in the color that matches the color glob that appears. Matching-color platform sections are also spaced opposite to each other.
  • If Kirby wishes to aim more precisely at Pix during the second phase, he should keep in mind that they tend to hover just above the resting point of the molecular globs when doing their bomb attack.