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Neo Star - Stage 5

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Neo Star - Stage 5
K64 Neo Star Stage 5 screenshot 01.png
Kirby does battle with Magman to claim the last shard of the planet.
Host level Neo Star
Stage Nr. 5
Theme music

Clip of the theme music in Neo Star - Stage 5.

Stage progression
Stage 4 Shiver Star - Stage 1
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Neo Star - Stage 5 is the final stage of Neo Star in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. This stage pits Kirby against Magman, who is battled in two different phases; the first taking place over a pool of magma with stepping stones for Kirby to use, and the second taking place in a relatively safer flat arena. Clearing this stage allows Kirby to access the next level, Shiver Star.


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This fight happens in two phases. The first phase has Magman in the background presiding over a huge lake of magma. To attack him, Kirby will have to hit his tendrils when they appear, and if without an ability, can do by swallowing a Magoo and spitting it at them.

Once Magman has had enough of this, he will appear in the same plane as Kirby, and chase him down until they reach a more solid battlefield. At this point, Kirby can spit the Burnis that appear from infernos that Magman creates back at the creature himself. If Kirby is successful, Magman will slump and melt away, leaving the last crystal shard of Neo Star to be collected, and allowing Kirby to proceed to the next world, Shiver Star.

Battle details[edit]

Phase 1[edit]

During the first phase, Kirby will need to balance on four isolated rock platforms in a magma pool. The ceiling is also red hot, and Kirby should avoid touching it. Magman attacks with one of three possible moves chosen at random (though a move will never be repeated twice in a row), and are somewhat randomized in and of themselves. These attacks are as follows:

  • Magman sends lava tendrils to three of the four platforms, which covers them simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • Magman creates long lava tendrils which rise to the left or right of two platforms, then curl in on them. These tendrils will not be more than two platforms apart, and do not curl outward.
  • Magman sends out four lava tendrils in sequence, which push each platform up into the ceiling one-by-one. Each platform is pushed up once.

In-between each of these attacks, three Magoos will jump out of the magma one-after-the-other in random places in-between the platforms. Kirby can inhale a Magoo and spit it at a lava tendril during one of the attacks to damage Magman.

Intermediate phase[edit]

In-between phases, Magman will appear in Kirby's plane and eclipse the platform on the left, then start moving to the right, engulfing platforms as he does so. The screen moves to the right until Kirby and Magman reach a new flat arena with no hazards. Magman cannot be attacked during this sequence.

Phase 2[edit]

During the second phase, Magman has three additional attacks, which he uses at random, as follows:

  • Magman retreats into the ground, then moves as a red hot puddle to the other side of the arena. Once finished, he spurts out several fiery embers and three Burnis before re-emerging.
  • Magman breathes in deeply, then breathes out a huge cone of fire which covers the entire other side of the screen. Kirby will need to be close to Magman to avoid the attack.
  • Magman slams the ceiling, causing rocks to fall into the arena, hurting Kirby on contact.

The Burnis and falling rocks can be inhaled, but the fiery embers cannot be. Additionally, Magman cannot be harmed by blows to his base, so Kirby will need to leap before spitting anything back at him.