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Neo Star - Stage 4

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Neo Star - Stage 4
K64 Neo Star Stage 4 screenshot 01.png
Kirby ventures straight into an active volcano. Nothing new, really.
Host level Neo Star
Stage Nr. 4
Mid-Boss(es) No
Friend assists King Dedede
Theme music

Clip of the theme music for Neo Star - Stage 4.

Stage progression
Stage 3 Stage 5 (boss fight) →
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Neo Star - Stage 4 is the fourth stage of Neo Star in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. The stage takes place inside an active volcano, and moves past several pits and waves of advancing magma.


The stage begins in a volcanic region, outside the volcano itself. Kirby will have to dodge the falling Ignus while he makes his way across the path, over the lava, and into the volcano proper.

Inside the volcano, Kirby will keep moving forward past pools of magma and shifting ground. A bunch of Burning-yielding creatures will try to get in the way.

In the next cavernous area, King Dedede rushes in, and takes over for Kirby. Along the way, he will need to bust up a bunch of stone pillars that are blocking the path.

Kirby proceeds on his own from this point. This area is another large volcanic cave, and Kirby will have to walk a narrow path here, past a lot of enemies.

In a small room, a Chacha and two Bobos can be seen in the background, with a small lumpy mound in the middle of the path.

On the next path, Kirby will be chased down by a wave of magma. He has to make his way past more enemies and pools of standing magma to get away from it.

The last chamber leads upward. While Kirby climbs, he will have to mind the rising magma below. The stage exit can be found at the top.

Crystal Shard guide[edit]

Crystal Shard locations in Neo Star - Stage 4  
K64 Neo Star Stage 4 Crystal Shard 1.png
Shard 1
The first Crystal Shard can be found during King Dedede's section. It is hidden inside one of the breakable pillars.
K64 Neo Star Stage 4 Crystal Shard 2.png
Shard 2
The second shard can be found underneath a pile of volcanic rubble in a small room with the Chacha. It can be broken using the Ice ability.
K64 Neo Star Stage 4 Crystal Shard 3.png
Shard 3
The third shard can be found in the last area, with the rising magma. It is on the left side of the chamber, guarded by a Sandman.

Enemies, mid-bosses and abilities[edit]

Image Name Copy Ability Image Name Copy Ability Image Name Copy Ability
K64 Bo Sprite.png Bo None K64 Chacha Sprite.png Chacha None K64 Kacti Sprite.png Kacti K64 Needle Sprite.png
K64 Bobo Sprite.png Bobo K64 Burning Sprite.png K64 Cairn Sprite.png Cairn K64 Stone Sprite.png K64 Magoo Sprite.png Magoo K64 Burning Sprite.png
K64 Bonehead Sprite.png Bonehead None K64 Fishbone Sprite.png Fishbone K64 Cutter Sprite.png K64 Pompey Sprite.png Pompey K64 Stone Sprite.png
K64 Bouncy Sprite.png Bouncy None K64 Galbo Sprite.png Galbo K64 Burning Sprite.png K64 Poppy Bros Jr Sprite.png Poppy Bros. Jr. K64 Bomb Sprite.png
K64 Bronto Burt Sprite.png Bronto Burt None K64 Gordo Sprite.png Gordo None K64 Sandman Sprite.png Sandman None
K64 Burnis Sprite.png Burnis K64 Burning Sprite.png K64 Ignus Sprite.png Ignus None K64 Sparky Sprite.png Sparky K64 Spark Sprite.png