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100-Yard Hop

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100-Yard Hop
K64 100-Yard Hop select.png
100-Yard Hop on the Mini-Games menu in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Type(s) Track Racing - Simultaneous
Levels 4
Players 4
Appears in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Theme music

Clip of the gameplay music for 100-Yard Hop.

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It's a race to the finish! To win, give it your best hop!
— Mini-Game Menu caption

100-Yard Hop is one of the Mini-Games available in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. One to four players choose from characters Kirby, Waddle Dee, Adeleine, or King Dedede and attempt to hop down a straight track littered with various obstacles to reach the finish line before their opponents do the same. Four players will always play, but those not controlled by humans will instead be controlled by the CPU.

How to Play[edit]

The game's controls are exceedingly simple, but can be tricky at higher difficulties. The track consists of many individual spaces. Pressing the A Button will cause the character to hop two spaces, whille pressing the B Button will hop only one space. One might be tempted to always hop two spaces, but to properly maneuver around the various obstacles, one hop may be the better choice. If the character slips up on an obstacle, they will either be tripped for a while, or get sent back to the spot they jumped from, depending on the obstacle.


There are four different levels in this game, representing each difficulty. Each difficulty must be completed sequentially to unlock the next. Each is listed below, with notes of what can be expected in each one:

  • Easy: The background is a pleasant green flower field and the tracks are brown dirt. Obstacles include small ponds of water that must be avoided and an occasional frog that hops down the track. Slipping on the frog will stun the racer, but will not send them back.
  • Normal: The background is still a green field, but with green grass tracks. In addition to the above, there are banana peels on the ground which will slip up, but not send back racers that step on them.
  • Hard: Same green background, but the track is made of red dirt. In addition to the above, there are dirt pitfalls that function similarly to the water pools.
  • Intense!: The backdrop changes to a leafy border and the race now takes place in a large body of water adorned with stepping stones. Obstacles include missing stones, which simulate the water ponds from before, lily pads, which don't actually support the racer, flopping fish which act similarly to the banana peels, and turtle shells that occasionally rise and sink in the water and the same frogs from before.

In addition to these changes, each increase in difficulty also makes the CPU opponents faster and more agile. At Intense, they move at maximum speed and make very few mistakes.


There are different obstacles throughout the track which can act as hindrances to the players as they race each other. They are grouped into two sub-categories.

Pitfall Obstacles[edit]

These will send the player back to their previous position. Depending on the difficulty, they may come in different variations:

  • Water Pond: Found on Easy, Normal and Hard, sends the racer back to their previous position.
  • Dirt Pitfall: Found on Hard, looks like a rough patch of dirt, but opens into a pit when stepped on, functions like Water Pond.
  • Missing Stone: Found on Intense, functions identically to a Water Pond.
  • Lily Pad: Found on Intense, looks like a platform, but will not support the racer's weight, functions like Dirt Pitfall.
  • Turtle Shell: Found on Intense, when it is up, can be used like a platform, but will periodically sink. If the player misses a jump from the Turtle Shell, and it sinks after jumping, the racer will be sent back to where the shell was, fall again, and get sent back to the nearest stone.

Tripping Obstacles[edit]

These will temporarily stun the player for a short amount of time. Depending on the difficulty, variations of these obstacles may appear:

  • Frog: Found on all difficulties, periodically jumps down the track. Slips up the racer and disappears if steps on.
  • Banana Peel: Found on Normal and Hard, stays in place and slips up the racer when landed on, then disappears.
  • Flopper: Found on Intense, functions identically to the Banana Peel.


  • When falling into water, the sound effect that plays depends on the character being used:
    • When Kirby or Waddle Dee drops, it sounds like a light drip.
    • When Adeleine drops, it sounds like a light splash.
    • When King Dedede drops, it makes a heavy splashing sound.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese けんけんレース
Ken Ken Rēsu
Hop Hop Race