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Aqua Star - Stage 3

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Aqua Star - Stage 3
K64 Aqua Star Stage 3 screenshot 02.png
Kirby stumbles onto a sandcastle along his path on the beach.
Host level Aqua Star
Stage Nr. 3
Mid-Boss(es) Big Kapar
Friend assists King Dedede
Theme music

Clip of the theme music in Aqua Star - Stage 3.

Stage progression
Stage 2 Stage 4
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Aqua Star - Stage 3 is the third stage of Aqua Star in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. This stage is set at a sandy beach, with lots of interaction with the water.


This stage places Kirby right on the beach, jumping over sandbars, and avoiding Shotzos, Mites, and Sandmen to get a chance to swim in the ocean's waters. The Bomb, Stone, and Cutter abilities are available in the first section, and Kirby will even enlist the aid of King Dedede to progress to a platform further than he can jump. Through unstable bridges, large rock towers, and other simple enemies, Kirby makes it down beneath the water into yet another cavernous area. A large Kapar within the cave holds a Crystal Shard, and provides passage to the rest of the stage when defeated. Further in the cave is a vertically-inclined, Splinter-infested labyrinth, which Kirby must navigate to reach the Picnic, back on the beach.

Crystal Shard guide[edit]

Crystal Shard locations in Aqua Star - Stage 3  
K64 Aqua Star Stage 3 Crystal Shard 1.png
Shard 1
The first Crystal Shard can be found within the large rocky grotto, behind a clump of green/black stone. Kirby will need the Bomb-Cutter ability to bust it open.
K64 Aqua Star Stage 3 Crystal Shard 2.png
Shard 2
The second shard can be collected after defeating the Mid-Boss Kapar.
K64 Aqua Star Stage 3 Crystal Shard 3.png
Shard 3
The third shard can be found in the grotto directly following the Kapar fight. Kirby will need the Stone-Cutter ability, specifically the Rick form to reach it.

Enemies, mid-bosses and abilities[edit]

Image Name Copy Ability Image Name Copy Ability Image Name Copy Ability
K64 Blowfish Sprite.png Blowfish K64 Bomb Sprite.png K64 Flopper Sprite.png Flopper None K64 Mite Sprite.png Mite None
K64 Bronto Burt Sprite.png Bronto Burt None K64 Galbo Sprite.png Galbo K64 Burning Sprite.png K64 Sandman Sprite.png Sandman None
K64 Bumber Sprite.png Bumber None K64 Glunk Sprite.png Glunk None K64 Shotzo Sprite.png Shotzo N/A
K64 Cairn Sprite.png Cairn K64 Stone Sprite.png K64 Gordo Sprite.png Gordo N/A K64 Snipper Sprite.png Snipper N/A
K64 Chacha Sprite.png Chacha None K64 Kany Sprite.png Kany None K64 Splinter Sprite.png Splinter N/A
K64 Fishbone Sprite.png Fishbone K64 Cutter Sprite.png K64 Kapar Sprite.png Kapar K64 Cutter Sprite.png
Big Kapar


  • According to the official Japanese website for Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, the sand castles and elephant slide that are found on this stage were built by King Dedede and Waddle Dee.[1]