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Pop Star - Stage 1

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Pop Star - Stage 1
K64 Pop Star Stage 1 screenshot 01.png
A new adventure begins for Kirby, now with half of the third dimension.
Host level Pop Star
Stage Nr. 1
Mid-Boss(es) Big N-Z
Waddle Doo
Friend assists No
Theme music

Clip of the theme music for Pop Star - Stage 1.

Stage progression
First stage Stage 2
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Pop Star - Stage 1 is the first stage of Pop Star in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, serving as an introduction to the game. This level is characterized by an easy-going grassland scene featuring sparse wooden structures and a shallow stream. It features a cutscene where Waddle Dee is attacked by Dark Matter and turned into Waddle Doo, who serves as a Mid-Boss for this stage. After being saved by Kirby, Waddle Dee joins his party.


The stage begins out on the fine grass of Pop Star's fields. To the right, Kirby will encounter his first set of enemies. Swallowing the N-Z will do nothing, but swallowing the Bobo will give him the Burning ability. A number of additional ability-providing enemies lie in wait just beyond, so Kirby can try combining things at his leisure. Further down the path, a Crystal Shard lies out in the open, free to grab. From there, past a small stream, Kirby can grab a Maxim Tomato before heading into a wooden shack.

Inside the shack, Kirby will have to deal with a Mid-Boss version of N-Z, who summons smaller copies of itself. After it is defeated, Kirby can progress.

Back out in the fields, the path continues to the right. Along the way, a Poppy Bros. Jr. can be found tossing bombs. If Kirby wants that ability himself, it's on the plate. From there, past a larger stream bed with a black rock in the middle, the path leads off the right end of the screen.

Crystal Shard guide[edit]

Crystal Shard locations in Pop Star - Stage 1  
Image How to reach
K64 Pop Star Stage 1 Crystal Shard 1.png
Shard 1
The first Crystal Shard in the game is lying out in the open, in the very first area. Kirby will have no trouble getting it.
K64 Pop Star Stage 1 Crystal Shard 2.png
Shard 2
Past the Poppy Bros. Jr., there is a shallow stream with a large black rock in the middle. Kirby can blast this away with some variant of the Bomb ability to get the second shard underneath.
K64 Pop Star Stage 1 Crystal Shard 3.png
Shard 3
Kirby will earn the third shard after defeating Waddle Doo. This is required to beat the level.

Mid-Boss: Waddle Doo[edit]

Waddle Dee is stalked by a piece of Dark Matter.

In the last area, a cutscene will play if this is the first time the player is playing this stage. In it, Waddle Dee finds a Crystal Shard, then gets ambushed by Dark Matter. When Kirby and Ribbon arrive on the scene, Waddle Dee is turned into a Waddle Doo and attacks Kirby. Unlike in most other games in the series, Waddle Doo does not use beam attacks. Instead, he tries to charge and body slam Kirby, but will leave Dropped Stars on impact, and be dazed for a good while after each attack. Once Waddle Doo is defeated, Kirby can collect the last crystal shard of the stage, and return Waddle Dee to normal. From then on, Waddle Dee joins the party and the stage ends.

Enemies, mid-bosses and abilities[edit]

Image Name Copy Ability
K64 Bobo Sprite.png Bobo K64 Burning Sprite.png
K64 Bouncy Sprite.png Bouncy None
K64 Bronto Burt Sprite.png Bronto Burt None
K64 Flutter Sprite.png Flutter None
K64 Glunk Sprite.png Glunk None
K64 N-Z Sprite.png N-Z None
K64 Poppy Bros Jr Sprite.png Poppy Bros. Jr. K64 Bomb Sprite.png
K64 Punc Sprite.png Punc K64 Needle Sprite.png
K64 Sir Kibble Sprite.png Sirkibble K64 Cutter Sprite.png
Big N-Z
Waddle Doo


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The music track featured in this stage (as well as Ripple Star - Stage 1) has become one of the Kirby series' more iconic tracks, appearing several times in subsequent games either in its original form or as a rearrangement. It also appears as a selectable music track in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


  • According to the official Japanese website for Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, the wooden shack with the mini-boss belongs to King Dedede, which he uses to store tools for playing in the river. [1]