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Aqua Star - Stage 4

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Aqua Star - Stage 4
K64 Aqua Star Stage 4 screenshot 03.png
Kirby hijacks a Flopper to help him traverse the deep waters.
Host level Aqua Star
Stage Nr. 4
Mid-Boss(es) Big Blowfish
Friend assists No
Theme music

Clip of the theme music in Aqua Star - Stage 4.

Stage progression
Stage 3 Stage 5 (boss fight) →
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Aqua Star - Stage 4 is the fourth stage of Aqua Star in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It takes place entirely underwater, moving along the sea floor and through undersea tunnels and currents.


The last non-boss stage of Aqua Star is entirely underwater, and the first section is a lengthy trench. In navigating the deep chasm, Kirby will encounter many Pedo and Squibby foes, not to mention Glunk enemies lined up at the trench's base. The adjacent area opens into an expansive sea, with coral and deep sea floor crevasses; falling boulders and Flopper enemies are abundant. The great sea becomes another deep chasm in which Kirby must ride the current upwards, towards the surface, and away from the many Glunk and Gordo that are positioned on rocks about the trench. Slipping out of the trench and into a thin undersea canal, Kirby simply floats along, passing the many foes that litter the passage to reach a large Blowfish mini-boss. After its defeat, one more waterlogged expanse, filled with falling rocks and Gordo enemies, and the Picnic lies in wait.

Crystal Shard guide[edit]

Crystal Shard locations in Aqua Star - Stage 4  
K64 Aqua Star Stage 4 Crystal Shard 1.png
Shard 1
The first Crystal Shard can be found at the top of an underwater chamber filled with currents, Turbites and Blowfish. Kirby will have to fight the current somewhat to reach it.
K64 Aqua Star Stage 4 Crystal Shard 2.png
Shard 2
The second shard can be found in the following tunnel. Kirby can grab onto a pole along the way to more easily reach it.
K64 Aqua Star Stage 4 Crystal Shard 3.png
Shard 3
The third shard can be found in the channel with boulders being carried along it. It is located along the floor, in one of the depressions used to avoid the boulders and take respite from the current.

Enemies, mid-bosses and abilities[edit]

Image Name Copy Ability Image Name Copy Ability
K64 Blowfish Sprite.png Blowfish K64 Bomb Sprite.png K64 Kany Sprite.png Kany None
K64 Flopper Sprite.png Flopper None K64 Pedo Sprite.png Pedo K64 Bomb Sprite.png
K64 Glunk Sprite.png Glunk None K64 Squibby Sprite.png Squibby None
K64 Gordo Sprite.png Gordo N/A K64 Turbite Sprite.png Turbite K64 Spark Sprite.png
K64 Fishbone Sprite.png Fishbone K64 Cutter Sprite.png
Big Blowfish