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Screenshot of Sawyer from The Crystal Shards
First game Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Other game(s) Kirby Star Allies (painted by Vividria in Mid-Boss battle)
Copy Ability Cutter
Enemy Info Card K64 Enemy Info Card 55.png
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Sawyer is an enemy from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It is first encountered in Stage 3 of Pop Star, inside the castle. It yields the Cutter ability when swallowed.

Sawyer is an animated sawblade, with a red eye in the middle of the blade. It moves around on its own accord by grinding across the ground, spinning its blade as it does so. It will occasionally jump a short distance off the ground just to make itself a little more dangerous. Despite its sharp edges, Kirby will not have a problem inhaling it.


  • The name 'Sawyer' is a common last name in English-speaking countries, and was likely chosen for this enemy for the 'Saw' part.
  • Sawyer is one of the enemies that Vividria the mid-boss can materialize in Kirby Star Allies. Despite being a replica, the paint Sawyer can still be inhaled by Kirby for the Cutter ability.
  • In terms of their behavior and appearance, Sawyers are similar to the Grinder enemy from the Super Mario series.