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Pop Star - Stage 4

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Pop Star - Stage 4
K64 Whispy Woods Battle.png
Kirby battles with Whispy Woods and his children.
Host level Pop Star
Stage Nr. 4
Theme music

Clip of the theme music in Pop Star - Stage 4.

Stage progression
Stage 3 Rock Star - Stage 1
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Pop Star - Stage 4 is the final stage of Pop Star in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. This stage pits Kirby against Whispy Woods and his children in a circular ring arena. Clearing this stage allows Kirby to access the next level, Rock Star.


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Kirby gets plopped down into a circular arena in the woods, with Whispy in the center and his three children, Whispy Woods Jr. on the path. In this first part of the fight, Whispy will shoot out Apples at Kirby. Kirby can then use these as ammunition against the Jr.s, who will be hopping around the place and occasionally spitting out Air Bullets.

Once all three Jr.s go down, Whispy gets angry, and starts a new wave of attacks. He will shoot an Air Bullet, then shake his canopy, throwing down a bunch of Apples onto the stage. After this, he will shoot out his roots to try and hit Kirby. Kirby can deal him damage by hitting the roots with the apples or with another attack.

Once Whispy is defeated, he will adopt a sick expression and stop fighting. Kirby can then grab the last Crystal Shard in the level and move on.

Battle details[edit]

While the Whispy Woods Jr.s are hopping about, Kirby will be unable to directly interact with Whispy Woods himself. Each Jr. moves in sync with each-other, and can perform the following actions:

  • take up to four small paces forward.
  • turn around.
  • spit out a small Air Bullet.
  • hop four times in succession, with the last hop being higher.

In order to defeat the Jr.s, Kirby can attack them directly with a Copy Ability or spit Whispy Woods' Apples at them. Each Jr. takes two or so hits to defeat.

Once all three are defeated, Whispy Woods becomes enraged, and engages Kirby more directly. He can perform the following actions (usually in the given order):

  • shake his canopy causing eight Apples to drop around the arena.
  • shoot four of his roots out to occupy equidistant spots on the ring.
  • pivot toward Kirby and fire an Air Bullet.

It should be noted that Whispy will not fire Air Bullets at Kirby if he is not facing Kirby directly after pivoting. In order to harm Whispy Woods, Kirby must wait for his roots to reach the ring, and then attack them before they burrow back into the earth. This can be done either with a Copy Ability or again with the apples left behind. Whispy Woods has health equal to the combined health of his three Jr.s.