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Images relating to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.



Ability Combos[edit]

K64 PC BombCutter.png K64 PC BombSpark.png K64 PC BurnCutter.png K64 PC BurnBomb.png K64 PC BurnStone.png K64 PC BurnIce.png K64 PC BurnNeedle.png K64 PC StoneIce.png K64 PC IceBomb.png K64 PC IceCutter.png K64 PC IceNeedle.png K64 PC IceSpark.png K64 PC NeedleBomb.png K64 PC NeedleCutter.png K64 PC NeedleSpark.png K64 PC SparkCutter.png K64 PC StoneBomb.png K64 PC StoneCutter.png K64 PC StoneNeedle.png K64 PC StoneSpark.png K64 PC DoubleIce.png K64 PC DoubleSpark.png K64 PC DoubleBurn.png K64 PC DoubleStone.png K64 PC DoubleCutter.png K64 PC DoubleBomb.png K64 PC DoubleNeedle.png K64 PC WingCrystal.png