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Course 4 - Hole 4

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Course 4 - Hole 4

KDC Course 4 Hole 4 map.png

KDC Course 4 Hole 4 extra map.png

Composite maps of Course 4 - Hole 4 from Kirby's Dream Course.
Course Course 4
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Extra Game
Hole order
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Course 4 - Hole 4 is the fourth hole of Course 4 in Kirby's Dream Course. It features a long and winding slide leading down the a flatland with lots of ponds.


This hole consists of a board dominated by a long slide which bends around to form a switchback as it travels downward from the top of the course to the bottom. Along the bottom of the course are several different ponds at varying heights. Kirby starts at the top of the slide, and will need to take out the six Squishys along the slide as he moves down the slide. At the bottom are two Gordos in a line which he will need to watch out for. If Kirby needs to return to the top of the slide, he can use a Warp Panel at the bottom.

Extra Game[edit]

In the Extra Game, Kirby starts partway down the slide, just before the switchback. The Squishy at the start of the bend has been replaced with a Flamer, and there is now only one Gordo at the bottom of the slide, though now placed in the middle of the path. The Squishy at the top of the slide has been moved to Kirby's starting location in the main game, with its original position now occupied by Rocky.


Sprite Enemy Number Ability
Gordo 2 N/A
Squishy 6 None
Sprite Enemy Number Ability
KDC Flamer sprite.png
Flamer 1 Fireball
Gordo 1 N/A
Rocky 1 Stone
Squishy 5 None


Sprite Obstacle
KDC Pond sprite.png
KDC Warp Panel sprite 1.png
Warp Panel