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Course 6

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Course 6
KDC Course 6 select.png
Course 6 on the map screen.
Gold par 16 or lower (both games)
Silver par 17-21 (both games)
Bronze par 22-28 (both games)
Course order
Course 5 Course 7
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Course 6 is the sixth course in the single-player mode of Kirby's Dream Course. This course introduces the Fireball Copy Ability in this game, and features a lot of boards featuring long circuits, compact trap areas, and big slopes.


A still from the opening cutscene for Course 6.

In the intro cutscene, Kirby bounces in from the right and activates the Fireball ability to blast through two enemies in a line, causing a third to turn into the cup. After flying off screen, Kirby returns from the left with another Fireball shot, but passes over the cup and slams into Whispy Woods. Kirby rebounds toward the cup, but barely misses it, causing him to get frustrated.


There are eight holes in Course 6, as follows:

Hole Description Notes
This hole features a wide flat area shaped into a looping track by bumpers. First appearance of the Fireball ability in this game.
A narrow board which has a fair share of interactive elements.
A horseshoe-shaped board with a big sloping area.
A compact board with lots of hazards.
A long board with a tall slope and wide top area.
A long board with big sloping areas.
A board consisting of one large piece and two tiny ones.
A long board containing a circuit around a long Danger Zone.


  • As demonstrated in this tool-assisted playthrough, it is possible to get a hole-in-one on every hole in this course in both the main game and Extra Game, thus achieving a perfect score of 8 on both course variants.