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Whispy Woods Course

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Whispy Woods Course
KDC Whispy Woods Course intro.png
Intro cutscene for Whispy Woods Course.
Course order
First course Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Course
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Whispy Woods Course is one of the four 2P Game courses of Kirby's Dream Course. It features the simplest boards of the four, along with the eponymous Whispy Woods who appears on all of them.


In the intro cutscene, Keeby rolls in from the left toward a Waddle Dee as Broomhatter and Whispy Woods linger in the background and a Gordo passes by further back. Keeby stops just short of hitting the Waddle Dee and pants from exhaustion, when Kirby comes flying in from the right as a Fireball, defeating the Waddle Dee and knocking Keeby away. After he recovers, Keeby goes for the Broomhatter and takes it out, but Fireball Kirby returns from the left and knocks Keeby away again, taking his star in the process. Kirby lands in the middle of the stage, and Keeby retaliates by jumping at him and activating Needle to attack, knocking Kirby away who hits a passing Gordo and then lands on the ground face-first. Keeby then jumps in celebration.


KDC Whispy Woods Course icon.png
Icon for Whispy Woods Course

There are eight holes in the Whispy Woods Course, as follows:

Hole Description Notes
A very small and basic hole with only two enemies in a confined space.
A small hole featuring three enemies in a confined space that needs to be hopped into first.
A large confined rectangular space which features large ponds and a Gordo on patrol.
A large confined rectangular space with lots of small bumps throughout. First appearance of the Transformer enemy.
A narrow board with a drop-off to the right and a Day and Night Switch. First appearance of the Day and Night Switch.
A very narrow and precarious board featuring sloping paths and trampolines.
A small confined space full of Turntables.
A large square bowl-shaped board with turntables in the lowlands and lawns in the highlands.


  • Whispy Woods Course shares its tile color and background with Course 1 in the 1P Game.