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Course 3 - Hole 2

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Course 3 - Hole 2

KDC Course 3 Hole 2 map.png

KDC Course 3 Hole 2 extra map.png

Composite maps of Course 3 - Hole 2 from Kirby's Dream Course.
Course Course 3
Copy Abilities Main Game
Extra Game
Hole order
Course 3 - Hole 1 Course 3 - Hole 3
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Course 3 - Hole 2 is the second hole of Course 3 in Kirby's Dream Course. This area features extensive fields of obstacles, and introduces the Conveyor Belt along with red Warp Panels.


This hole takes place on a wide board that features an array of numerous stage obstacles along with mild elevation changes. Kirby starts on the upper-right behind a large Lawn field pointing to the upper-left. He'll need to cross this first and pass the Gordo to reach the lower area which is lined with many other elements, including Danger Zones, Air Curtains, Kick Panels, Warp Panels, and the newly introduced lines of Conveyor Belts that may all assist or impede Kirby's path to the other side. At the left end of the board, past all of this, are three ability-granting enemies; Parasol Waddle Doo, Sparky, and Starman. Kirby's ability going into the next hole will depend on which enemy he chooses to tackle second, so he should choose carefully.

Extra Game[edit]

In the Extra Game, Kirby starts out at the left where the ability-providing enemies used to be in the main game. He will need to cross the board in the other direction in order to reach the right side, where Togezo and Broomhatter wait where Gordo used to be in the main game.


Sprite Enemy Number Ability
Gordo 1 N/A
Parasol Waddle Doo 1 Parasol
Sparky 1 Spark
Starman 1 Hi-Jump
Whispy Woods 6 None
Sprite Enemy Number Ability
Broomhatter 1 None
Togezo 1 Needle
Whispy Woods 6 None


Sprite Obstacle
KDC Air Curtain sprite.png
Air Curtain
KDC Bunker sprite.png
KDC Conveyor Belt sprite.png
Conveyor Belt
KDC Danger Zone sprite.png
Danger Zone
KDC Kick Panel sprite.png
Kick Panel
KDC Lawn sprite.png
KDC Warp Panel sprite 1.pngKDC Warp Panel sprite 2.png
Warp Panel