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Course 4

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Course 4
KDC Course 4 select.png
Course 4 on the map screen.
Gold par 17 or lower (both modes)
Silver par 18-22 (both modes)
Bronze par 23-29 (both modes)
Course order
Course 3 Course 5
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Course 4 is the fourth course in the single-player mode of Kirby's Dream Course. This courses contains a lot of long and/or sloping boards and serves to introduce the Needle and Tornado Copy Abilities, along with introducing Dash Panels as obstacles.


A still from the opening cutscene for Course 4.

In the intro cutscene, Kirby comes in from the right using the Tornado ability to dispatch a Twister. After panting a few times from exhaustion. Kirby spins up again and defeats the remaining three enemies around Whispy Woods. After this, he stops spinning and falls to his side from dizziness.


There are eight holes in Course 4, as follows:

Hole Description Notes
A small chute-like board featuring Twister. First appearance of the Tornado ability in this game.
A deep bowl-like board with reversible Turntables.
A board split in two by a cliff featuring Turntables in the upper portion.
A large board with a switchback slide and many ponds.
A precarious board consisting mostly of slopes featuring Togezo. First appearance of the Needle ability in this game.
A very long board with Dash Panels and a small hill in the middle. First appearance of Dash Panels.
A small haphazard board with lots of sloping terrain.
A long board featuring a trampoline and a field of Danger Zones and Gordos.


  • As demonstrated in this tool-assisted playthrough, it is possible to get a hole-in-one on every hole in this course in both the main game and Extra Game, thus achieving a perfect score of 8 on both course variants.