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Kracko Course

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Kracko Course
KDC Kracko Course intro.png
Intro cutscene for Kracko Course.
Course order
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Kracko Course is one of the four 2P Game courses of Kirby's Dream Course. It features Kracko on every hole, along with some tricky boards with challenging terrain.


In the intro cutscene, Kirby is approaching a Transformer when Keeby knocks him away and collects it, causing Kirby to spin from the impact. Keeby stops for a moment, then activates the Wheel ability, riding under Kracko just before he shoots lightning. Kirby tries to run after Keeby, but Keeby come back from behind and hits Kirby again, knocking him toward the cup. Keeby goes in for another strike, but Kirby ducks quickly into the cup to avoid him. Keeby then rushes toward the cup, but gets knocked aside when Kirby pops out on his Warp Star and flies away. Keeby then falls into Kracko's lightning and gets zapped, leaving him face-first on the ground in pain.


KDC Kracko Course icon.png
Icon for Kracko Course

There are eight holes in the Kracko Course, as follows:

Hole Description
A small square plateau covered almost entirely in Turntables.
A medium-sized rectangular board with slopes and Air Curtains.
A rectangular board featuring lots of ramps and fields of various hazards.
A board featuring many stairs and terraces, with Trampolines and Bunkers intermixed.
A board with slopes and terraces, featuring some Dash Panels on the edges.
A flat board bordered by ponds and bumpers that form an s-shape.
A bowl-like board with turntables and Danger Zones inside.
A wide board with embankments running through the interior and Conveyor Belts along the edges.


  • Kracko Course shares its tile color and background with Course 3 in the 1P Game.