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Kirby getting stuck in a Bunker in Kirby's Dream Course.

Bunker[1] is a stage hazard in Kirby's Dream Course. It is a full square tile of sand which can be found on some courses, often combined with other bunker tiles into larger fields. If Kirby rolls onto a bunker, his momentum will be rapidly decreased, bringing him to a halt in most cases. As such, if Kirby wishes to escape a bunker, the most effective option would be to use a flying shot. While generally a nuisance due to how they stop Kirby dead in his tracks, Bunkers can also come in handy, since they may prevent Kirby from rolling off the edge of a board or into some other less desirable situation.


  • Kirby's Dream Course instruction booklet - "This panel is full of sand and stops Kirby dead in his tracks."



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