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Course 3 - Hole 4

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Course 3 - Hole 4

KDC Course 3 Hole 4 map.png

KDC Course 3 Hole 4 extra map.png

Composite maps of Course 3 - Hole 4 from Kirby's Dream Course.
Course Course 3
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Extra Game
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Course 3 - Hole 4 is the fourth hole of Course 3 in Kirby's Dream Course. It is a long and straight path which involves lots of slopes, along with Conveyor Belts and Turntables.


This hole consists of a long narrow pathway, with symmetrical changes in elevation along its length before reaching a short wall on the furthest left side. In the basin on the left is a Squishy surrounded by two spinning Turntables which can be stopped using a switch all the way on the right of the board, next to two Kabu. Kirby starts to the left of this switch in front of a small hill lined with a Conveyor Belt flanked by two Kick Panels, where Kracko waits at the top. Down the slope to the left from there - prior to a brief rise leading to Squishy's location - a Gaspar floats high above the floor. A couple conveyor belts also line the sides of the board at this point. Furthest left, close to a short wall marking the end of the board, two Gordos lay in wait, though Kirby should have no reason to go near them.

Extra Game[edit]

In the Extra Game, the Kabu are replaced with Squishys, and Kracko is replaced with Wheelie. Gaspar has been removed, the Squishy in the left basin is replaced with Rocky, and a Kabu is placed up the slope further left. Aside from that, the board is the same, and so is the strategy for the most part.


Sprite Enemy Number Ability
Gaspar 1 None
Gordo 2 N/A
Kabu 2 None
Kracko 1 None
Squishy 1 None
Sprite Enemy Number Ability
Gordo 2 N/A
Kabu 1 None
Rocky 1 Stone
Squishy 2 None
Wheelie 1 Wheel


Sprite Obstacle
KDC Bumper sprite.png
KDC Conveyor Belt sprite.png
Conveyor Belt
KDC Kick Panel sprite.png
Kick Panel
KDC Turntable sprite.png
KDC Turntable Stop Switch sprite.png
Turntable Stop Switch