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A stage littered with Turntables in Kirby's Dream Course.
This article is about the panel in Kirby's Dream Course, and should not be confused with Spin Panel.

Turntables[1] are a stage obstacle which appear on some boards in Kirby's Dream Course. They consist of circular panels on the ground which bear the same checkerboard pattern as the regular floor, but which spin around in a given direction at a moderate pace, clockwise or counterclockwise. When Kirby or Keeby roll over these while they are active, their trajectories will be deflected in accordance with the spin direction of the turntable. This deflection also imparts a small amount of momentum to its user, which may cause scenarios where Kirby or Keeby end up rolling around for a while due to the panels continually moving them. When inactive, turntables do not spin and - if lined up with the tile around them - are indistinguishable from regular flooring.

There are two different types of switches that affect turntables. The first is a red switch with a yellow circle on it. Pressing this will turn on all turntables on the board. The second is a pink switch with a white spiral pattern which will turn all turntables off when pressed. The switch changes from one type to the other based on the state of the turntables.


  • Kirby's Dream Course instruction booklet - "If you press this switch, the panel rotates and makes Kirby roll."



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