Day and Night Switch

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Day and Night Switch[1] is a stage element which appears in Kirby's Dream Course exclusively in two-player courses. The switch features a dark hue with a crescent moon on it during the night, and a bright yellow color with a sun on it during the day. If either Kirby or Keeby presses it, Mr. Shine or Mr. Bright will appear, (depending if it's day or night respectively) to change the time of day, causing all claimed Point Stars on the course to change ownership from Kirby to Keeby and vice-versa. During this brief cut-scene, all action on the board is paused, but the momentum of the character who activated the switch will not be halted, and will resume after the cut-scene ends.

Once pressed, the Day and Night Switch will change between the two variants. The switch can be used up to three times per hole, after which it will no longer function (it will stop flashing to indicate this), leaving the hole in perpetual night until it is completed.


  • Kirby's Dream Course instruction booklet - "If you press one of the switches shown at right, you can exchange points with your opponent on that particular hole. The switches can only be used three times per hole."



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