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Air Curtain

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Air Curtain
KDC Course 8 Hole 4 screenshot 01.png
Three rows of Air Curtains in Kirby's Dream Course
Type Hazard
Function Pushes Kirby upward when he passes over it
Found Some courses, starting with Course 2 - Hole 8.
Game(s) Kirby's Dream Course
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Air Curtain[1] is a stage hazard in Kirby's Dream Course. It resembles a long and thin air vent in the floor, distinguished by its indigo border and bright white grating, and can be oriented in two different ways in line with the course geometry. If Kirby passes over one, he will be pushed upward at a constant rate of acceleration by the air current coming out of the vent, which can be used either to gain additional lift from ground level or slow down a descent.

The effect of Air Curtains are not registered by the guide line of Kirby's predicted trajectory, so care should be taken when passing over them.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エアカーテン
Ea Kāten
Air Curtain


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