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KDC Course 6 Hole 7 screenshot 01.png
Kirby making use of a Trampoline in Kirby's Dream Course
Type Hazard
Function Enhances Kirby's bounce if landed on
Found Some courses
Game(s) Kirby's Dream Course
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This article is about the hazard from Kirby's Dream Course, and should not be confused with Spring.

Trampoline[1] is a stage hazard in Kirby's Dream Course. It is a panel that can be found on floors or slopes which resembles a square of translucent plastic tarp stretched over the surface, usually a shade of green in color, but whose exact hue depends on the course being played. If Kirby lands on a trampoline from the air, he will be bounced up (or away in the event of slanted trampolines) with greater force than usual. This can be combined with pressing A on landing to give Kirby a very large boost, allowing him to reach greater heights on the board. Trampolines have no effect on grounder shots.


  • Kirby's Dream Course instruction booklet - "If Kirby moves onto this panel, you can make him fly higher."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トランポリン


  1. North American Kirby's Dream Course instruction booklet, pg. 51