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Course 7 - Hole 8

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Course 7 - Hole 8

KDC Course 7 Hole 8 map.png

KDC Course 7 Hole 8 extra map.png

Composite maps of Course 7 - Hole 8 from Kirby's Dream Course.
Course Course 7
Copy Abilities UFO
Hole order
Course 7 - Hole 7 Course 8 - Hole 1
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Course 7 - Hole 8 is the last hole of Course 7 in Kirby's Dream Course. It features a set of two isolated platforms with various obstacles on each.


This board is split into two principal components by a chasm. Kirby starts on the right of these platforms, near a Kick Panel pointing toward a UFO. Behind him is a directional Warp Panel which connects to another on the other side of the pond on the right. On that side, a Dash Panel and Kick Panel point at a Mr. P. Umpkin. Another red Warp Panel can be found on the upper-left edge of this platform which links it to the one on the left platform, but Kirby can also get over there by hopping the gap with the right speed or the UFO ability. On the left platform is another pond and two more Mr. P. Umpkins in front of a short wall.

Extra Game[edit]

In the Extra Game, Kirby's starting position changes slightly to the left, upending the UFO that was there previously. Now, on the right platform, a Mr. P. Umpkin can be found on the left and a Kabu can be found on the right. On the left platform, two UFOs now reside.


Sprite Enemy Number Ability
Mr. P. Umpkin 3 None
KDC UFO sprite.png
Sprite Enemy Number Ability
Kabu 1 None
Mr. P. Umpkin 1 None
KDC UFO sprite.png


Sprite Obstacle
KDC Dash Panel sprite.png
Dash Panel
KDC Kick Panel sprite.png
Kick Panel
KDC Pond sprite.png
KDC Warp Panel sprite 1.pngKDC Warp Panel sprite 2.png
Warp Panel