Kick Panel

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Kick Panel[1] is a stage element appearing only in Kirby's Dream Course. It is a blue, round panel with gold arrow on it. If Kirby or Keeby land on or roll over it, their momentum will be redirected in the direction that the arrow is pointing, but no momentum will be gained. The Kick Panels are never positioned diagonally compared to the grid on the ground.

Kick Panels should not be confused with the red Dash Panels that they are sometimes paired with on certain boards. Kick Panels redirect the user to a specific angle of travel but do not accelerate them, while Dash Panels create a big acceleration in the direction they point, but only add to the user's velocity angle and speed, rather than forcing it into a particular state.


  • Kirby's Dream Course instruction booklet - "If Kirby hits this panel from any direction, he will roll in the direction shown by the arrow on the panel."



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