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Gordo Course

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Gordo Course
KDC Gordo Course intro.png
Intro cutscene for Gordo Course.
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Gordo Course is one of the four 2P Game courses of Kirby's Dream Course. It features Gordos on every hole, along with some fairly extreme board layouts.


In the intro cutscene, Kirby and Keeby are standing near Waddle Dee, Rocky, and Whispy Woods at the edge of a cliff. Kirby defeats the first two of these, then knocks into Keeby nudging him lightly. Keeby retaliates by trying to squash Kirby with the Stone power (obtained during the hit swap), but Kirby musters a great deal of strength and tosses Keeby off the cliff. Just a moment later, Keeby jumps back up the cliff and runs away in a panic, hiding behind Whispy Woods. Wondering what he was so afraid of, Kirby peers down the cliff, and is shocked to see tons of Gordos down there moving about.


KDC Gordo Course icon.png
Icon for Gordo Course

There are eight holes in the Gordo Course, as follows:

Hole Description
A large board featuring a ziggurat-like series of steps.
A small board with lots of enemies along the edges and some Air Curtains around the middle.
A wide and long board with a few small dips in the ground containing ponds and air curtains.
A rectangular area broken up into three strips by short cliffs and slopes with hazards lain along them.
A big region featuring a massive field of Danger Zones with bridges crossing it.
A board split in two by a wide chasm, which can be crossed using a Dash Panel and a ramp.
A wide bowl filled almost entirely with a massive lawn.
An island zone with a series of ramps in the middle of a giant pond.


  • Gordo Course shares its tile color and background with Course 4 in the 1P Game.