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Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Course

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Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Course
KDC Shine and Bright Course intro.png
Intro cutscene for Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Course.
Course order
Whispy Woods Course Kracko Course
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Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Course (referred to in short as Shine & Bright Course) is one of the four 2P Game courses of Kirby's Dream Course. It features a lot of wide and hilly courses lined with hazards, and features Day and Night Switches on every hole.


In the intro cutscene, Kirby and Keeby are standing near some enemies. Kirby rolls around in front of Squishy and smacks into Keeby, causing him to fly into a Gordo and get knocked around. As Kirby comes to a stop in the back, Keeby crashes into him inadvertently, throwing Kirby toward the Broomhatter. As the last normal enemy turns into the cup, Keeby throws himself at Kirby, causing Kirby to crash into the other Gordo, then fly back toward Keeby, hitting him into the cup by accident. As Keeby enters the cup, Kirby jumps over to have a closer look, and sees Keeby flying away on the Warp Star. Kirby is left to fume angrily at this outcome.


KDC Shine and Bright Course icon.png
Icon for Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Course

There are eight holes in the Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Course, as follows:

Hole Description
A large rectangular board bordered mostly by bumpers and featuring heavily sloped terrain, along with many hazard regions.
A long hilly pathway with lots of Turntables and a Day and Night Switch placed precariously on a small pier at the end.
A wide rectangular board with relatively few hazards spaced out widely.
A very wide board featuring a small hill surrounded by a lawn and Kick Panels along the edges.
A wide board which slopes gradually downward toward the upper-left featuring lots of lawn lines.
A long and narrow board that slopes downward toward the lower-right, featuring relatively few hazards.
A wide board with a narrow entryway with lines of Air Curtains along the edges.
A deep basin board with lots of Air Curtains and a few Kick Panels along the bottom, and Kracko in the center.


  • Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Course shares its tile color and background with Course 2 in the 1P Game.