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Course 3

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Course 3
KDC Course 3 select.png
Course 3 on the map screen.
Gold par 17 or lower (both modes)
Silver par 18-22 (both modes)
Bronze par 23-29 (both modes)
Course order
Course 2 Course 4
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Course 3 is the third course in the single-player mode of Kirby's Dream Course. This course features larger boards than the previous ones, and introduces the Stone and Freeze Copy Abilities, as well as Trampolines and Conveyor Belts.


A still from the opening cutscene for Course 3.

In the intro cutscene, Kirby walks up toward Whispy Woods as Waddle Dee and Broomhatter stand on each side. After making note of the relative distances, Kirby backs up and curls into ball form, then a guide line appears and starts to curve, indicating Kirby is about to do a hook spin. He releases, defeating both enemies as he curves around Whispy Woods. After finishing, he unfurls and does a little celebratory dance.


There are eight holes in Course 3, as follows:

Hole Description Notes
A large multi-tiered hole featuring many Trampolines and Bunkers. First appearance of trampolines.
A long leveled hole featuring tons of Conveyor Belts and other obstacles. First appearance of conveyor belts.
A small flat hole involving two areas mostly enclosed in bumpers.
A long straight hole featuring Turntables and conveyor belts.
A hole with a lawn, pond, and steep slope with Rockys on it. First appearance of the Stone ability in this game.
A long straight path with Air Curtains as obstacles.
A big pond area with small islands interspersed. First appearance of the Freeze ability in this game.
A big area with many slopes featuring a pond fill switch.


  • As demonstrated in this tool-assisted playthrough, the theoretical maximum score for Course 3 is 9, with a hole-in-one on every hole except Hole 1, which requires two shots. In the Extra Game, the theoretical maximum score is 10, requiring two shots on Holes 1 and 5.