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Disclaimer: This article is to not be moved to being a mainspace WiKirby article, as it is to be meant to be used as general reference and as such may contain informal writing that does not meet WiKirby's writing standards for mainspace.

The Kirby series has a lot of catchy, banger music tracks you've heard from some of the finest composers (and many more). From stages to boss battles, HAL Laboratory's sound team has never misssed a beat or two when it comes to composing some of the most recognizable music in various Kirby games.

But do we even see some of the music titles being named properly, especially for the soundtracks of older, classic Kirby games? Unfortunately not the case. A lot of the most common conjectural titles I've seen were thrown around a lot on YouTube, and they kind of mildly infuriate some of us (including me), especially when some of these titles are in the wrong context of things, or are just too modern to be classic song names.

Where are all these conjectural song titles coming from?[edit]

The earliest known source of these song titles are from a website called "Zophar's Domain", the oldest website known to ever host most of the raw music files pertaining to the Kirby series (whether in SPC music files or in the NSF format that's used by NES soundtracks). Yup, they've existed since 1996. But make no mistake - this is the oldest source known where they've used a bunch of conjectural titles for various Kirby OST. Even StarPunch noted that Mining Melancholy in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest is a conjectural title that also comes from the website (sad!) and is actually named "Kannon's Klaim" in the Game Boy Advance version's OST. (StarPunch's note: I'll also mention that many conjectural names come from lack of knowledge of the official names. "Mining Melancholy" wasn't on the official DKC2 soundtrack, so it was given an unofficial name to match the others. A lot of the below cases are translated from Japanese, based on internal data, or just named after their in-game context.)

In the case of Kirby's Return to Dream Land's music, a lot of the conjectural titles correspond to internal data. It should be noted that on Zophar's Domain, the files were uploaded with their internal names. For example, Rush on the Railway Coaster is known as Funky Area in most uploads of the OST, and it corresponds to its internal name "KbyW_FUNK1". In some cases, the titles are assumed based on the background and theming of the stage the song plays in, like Freezing Temple being known as Aurora Area due to the stage's background having aurora borealis in the sky.

In the article, I won't be listing the conjectural titles used for songs that have official titles already from the get-go, especially in in-game. This is noted for games that have official track names listed in-game, such as Kirby Mass Attack and Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

List of games that already have official song titles in-game:[edit]

Do note that this does not account for games with internal filenames used in some jukeboxes, nor it counts games that have song titles but are very vague in appearance, like Kirby Battle Royale.

List of conjectural song titles per game[edit]

Kirby's Dream Land[edit]

Interestingly enough, even the soundtrack of Kirby's Dream Land also falls victim to conjectural titles. Notably, these unique titles were put on the Kirby soundtrack channel Kirby's Sound Test, which also uses the conjectural titles for the Kirby: Squeak Squad OST from Zophar's Domain.

Note that the table aims to document the most notable conjectural titles used, and as such will not include certain tracks (like Green Greens) for brevity purposes.

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby's Dream Land  
Conjectural title Actual title Notes
Spring In Your Step (Zophar's Domain) / Title Theme (Kirby's Sound Test) Welcome to Dream Land "Spring In Your Step" is the title used by Zophar's Domain to refer to the unused arrangement of Welcome to Dream Land in Kirby's Adventure. "Title Theme" states the obvious.
Roasted Sweet Potato Shooting Shooting This is a rough translation of the Japanese title, which is very close to the translation used on WiKirby: "Sweet Potato Shooting".
Mt. DeDeDe: Castle Hall Entrance I'm not too sure how they made this title up when the official title was already right there, but it does make sense given the context.
Ending Theme (Kirby's Sound Test) / Together with the Spring Breeze (Kirby Super Star, Zophar's Domain) / A New Wind for Tomorrow "Together with the Spring Breeze" (the Kirby Super Star arrangement) is based on the Japanese title for Spring Breeze. Ending Theme states the obvious.
All songs composed by Jun Ishikawa. This is based on conjectural names given by Kirby's Sound Test and Zophar's Domain.

Kirby's Adventure / Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land[edit]

Among the earliest instances of conjectural titles being used in Kirby game soundtracks is Kirby's Adventure, oddly enough. There's already a soundtrack released which has most of the official titles (unfortunately, no Nightmare's Power Orb). And yet, the Zophar's Domain website also chose to use conjectural titles for those songs.

Note: World music ("Vegetable Valley" = Level 1 Map Select) will not be listed as it's kind of repetitive. The more notable tracks will be listed instead. Songs are listed in the order they are shown on Zophar's Domain.

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby's Adventure  
Conjectural title Actual title Composer Notes
Kirby's Adventure Title Screen / Demo Hirokazu Ando Funnily enough, this naming convention is shared with the conjectural title of Grand Opening from Kirby Super Star.
First You Draw a Circle... Drawing Song Hirokazu Ando Then you dot the eyes, add a great big smile...
Green Fields Vegetable Valley (Plains Stage) Hirokazu Ando So Green Greens 2?
Grassy Bluff Underground Stage Hirokazu Ando Alright, both of you are incorrect - they all play in athletic or sky stages!
High Hills Mountain Stage Hirokazu Ando You mean to say the desert area in Ice Cream Island also has high sand mountains, huh?
Forest Trail Forest Stage Hirokazu Ando Very close enough, but that's unfortunately unofficial. Also influenced the name of "(5/4)-est Trail", a remix of the song featured in the "SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day" album.
Island Paradise Ice Cream Island (Sea and Ship Stages) Hirokazu Ando Maybe calling it a paradise would be an overstatement.
Tower to the Sky Butter Building (Castle Stage) Hirokazu Ando Don't we have Sky Tower already?
Cloud Tops Grape Garden (Cloud Stage) Hirokazu Ando Dreaming of cloud tops.
Open Waters Orange Ocean (Underwater Stage) Hirokazu Ando The Halberd crashed in open waters. RIP.
Starry Sky Rainbow Resort (Dream and Cold Area Stages) Hirokazu Ando Look! The FOUNTAIN OF DREAMS!
Green Greens Green Greens (Black-and-white (Game Boy) Plains Stage) Jun Ishikawa Sharing this as a special case because the original title given in the official Kirby's Adventure soundtrack is WAY longer.
Nightmare Emerges Nightmare Demo (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa or Hirokazu Ando Good lord, he's coming up!
Battle Across the Sky Nightmare's Power Orb (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa God, this song's bass is so crunchy. I love it.
Moon (part 1), Nightmare (part 2) Final Boss Hirokazu Ando Your worst...
Choices Museum and Star Landing Jun Ishikawa or Hirokazu Ando Well, the price is right.
Hyper Invincible Candy Jun Ishikawa The title is somewhat correct...?
Spring in your Step Welcome to Dream Land Jun Ishikawa That's a funny title...
Ending Ending Demo Hirokazu Ando They almost got it close! But oh well... all's well that ends well.
This is based on conjectural names given by Zophar's Domain.

Uniquely, the new tracks in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land have also conjectural titles. The uploads on Zophar's Domain also have some really strange changes from the original uploads, either a hit or miss from the Japanese titles.

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land  
Conjectural title Actual title Composer Notes
Butter Buildings Butter Building Hirokazu Ando I'm listing this as a special case because they straight-up had it one letter off.
Field Stages Green Greens Jun Ishikawa Uhm... why would use this title?
Forest Stages Forest Stage Hirokazu Ando Special case because they were one letter off from it.
Sky Stages Underground Stage Hirokazu Ando Would have made more sense than Underground Stage since it tends to be used more in athletic or sky sections (especially the airships in Grape Garden)
Coliseum Duel Mid-Boss Battle Hirokazu Ando Given that this song is now only used in the arenas in many levels, this makes sense now. (Sorry Egg Catcher and Tower of Mid-Bosses)
Dedede Battle Fountain of Dreams Tadashi Ikegami The official title for this song was revealed in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Get your facts straight!
Meta Knight's Forces Room Guarder Jun Ishikawa The official titles of these "forces" are the Meta-Knights.
Meta Knight Battle Tower of Midbosses Jun Ishikawa Incorrect because Meta Knight's battle in this game still uses "Boss" in this fight. Whoever named this may have somehow overlapped with the Meta Knight battle in Kirby: Squeak Squad, which does use that theme.
Samurai Kirby Quick Draw Jun Ishikawa To be fair the oriental theming of Quick Draw in this game is on par with Samurai Kirby. Also that conjectural title is even the official title revealed in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.
This is based on conjectural names given by Zophar's Domain.

Kirby's Dream Course[edit]

Well, what do you know? Even spinoffs aren't safe from conjectural titles either. These also correspond to conjectural titles used on the SiIvaGunner channel in some rare Kirby's Dream Course rips. Definitely not a hole-in-one with this one. As usual, Zophar's Domain was the first to give the songs those titles, but to be fair this is an OST with almost no official titles for every song so I'll let that slide.

NOTE: Music order is arranged by Sound Room listing. Click the little arrows to sort by Zophar's Domain track order or Jukebox order.
All songs composed by Hirokazu Ando. Unless otherwise specified on the Jukebox page, titles listed on WiKirby are conjectural. Based on names given by Zophar's Domain. These titles are known to be used on SiIvaGunner (new) and valternate's channels, as well as other sources where applicable.

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby's Dream Course  
Zophar No. Jukebox No. Conjectural title WiKirby title Notes
??? 001 N/A Medal glimmer Unlisted on Zophar's Domain, but preserved for consistency.
023 002 Staff Roll Ending Close enough.
001 003 Introduction Opening demo Only heard in the Japanese version.
002 004 Kirby's Dream Course Title Even spinoffs aren't safe from conjecturally naming their title music after the game's title.
020 005 High Scores Extra This only plays on unlocking extra features, not high scores. Unless if I missed something then.
011 006 Space Valley Mountain Stage The official title is taken from Kirby's Adventure. I guess this is more in reference to the background of the stage itself.
009 007 Over Water Float Islands More like... do not go under water!
014 008 The Tricky Stuff Alternate Course 5 theme Skill issue dayo
015 009 Castles of Cake Course 6 theme Kirby's Dream Buffet if it were in the 1990s (awesome)
013 010 Green Fields Course 5 theme Green Greens but it's not Green Greens and it's less mid (Note: Green Greens isn't mid)
008 011 The First Hole Courses 1 & 3 theme Thematically appropriate for a good start.
016 012 Iceberg Ocean Iceberg Ocean Name is a direct match with what's on the Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition Compilation Soundtrack.
010 013 Cloudy Mountain Peaks Hole 8 theme It should be noteworthy that this is referring to the background used in Course 1. I don't think every Hole 8 in the game uses the same background as that.
012 014 Jigsaw Plains Course 4 theme The background is a jigsaw puzzle terrain.
019 015 Victory! Kirby Dance Screeeeech!
025 016 Continue or Give Up_[sic] Continue? Choose from the following options: continue, give up, or call Luigi.
099 017 Lose Life Miss Ouch.
099 018 Fall!/Out of Bounds! OB 2nd Conjectural title taken from valternate's channel.
018 019 Ride to the Sky Finish Blast off!
005 020 Duel on the Dream Course 2P Game Which color is better - pink or yellow? Maybe the latter for me because it's very dapper in 1080p.
007 021 Before You Start... Cutscene Please view this tutorial video on how to stop colliding into Whispy Woods's face before you get into the game.
003 022 Star Card Member select Most likely referring to the appearance of your save file, which looks like a profile card.
006 023 Dream Land World hub Errr, more like it takes place in the skies of Dream Land.
017 024 Scorecard Clear Plays after finishing a hole (not Hole 8) in a course. (Too lazy to change the description. Have fun.)
099 025 Fanfare Hole Good!
099 026 Hole In One! Hole in one Coincidence? I think not!
004 027 Learn the Rules Tutorial Sounds about right then.
021 028 Showdown with Dedede VS. Robo Dedede This is more than just a showdown with Dedede - he's piloting a MECH!
022 029 Dedede is Getting Closer! VS. Robo Dedede: Pinch Brace for Triple D-Certified Impact!
022 030 Dedede is Getting Closer! (Opening Sounds) VS. Robo Dedede with opening sounds Chhhchk, bzzzzz, chk BUZZZZZ
??? 031 N/A Robo Dedede defeat BYE LOL
024 032 Game Over Game Over huh? Did I spot everyone getting crushed by a giant star? Anyways, the title's the same.

Kirby's Dream Land 2[edit]

Many of the conjectural song titles are named fine (like Grass Land, Red Canyon, etc.) but I'll be listing some of the worst offenders:

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby's Dream Land 2  
Conjectural title Actual title Composer Notes
Rick the Hamster Rick's Theme Hirokazu Ando Most of the Animal Friends conjectural song titles make sense, but feel redundant now that we actually have official song titles I guess. Also, let's not forget to mention that Rick looks like a hamster, but is NOT said to be a hamster.
Kine the Fish Kine's Theme Tadashi Ikegami Banger alert incoming. Same case as Rick. Kine may look like sunfish...
Coo the Owl Coo's Theme Tadashi Ikegami Banger alert incoming. Do owls coo? Or does Coo the owl?
Duel in the Darkened Sky Dark Matter Blade (Unfortunately no official name) Jun Ishikawa or Tadashi Ikegami Used in the battle against Dark Matter Phase 1. I mean, I kinda wish it was used as an actual title.
This is based on conjectural names given by XIIIZocker, which I believe is the earliest source of these names.

Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

I've seen a lot of these conjectural titles thrown around a lot. Unfortunately, some of the songs they correspond to actually don't have official titles there, so give or take. Note that all songs here are assumed to be composed by Jun Ishikawa, as Dan Miyakawa was believed to not have major involvement in the music itself.

Some titles use the Japanese names in reference to where they play in (like "Trees in the Depths of the Earth" corresponding to the Japanese name of Sub-Tree), however most of these have been mistranslated or misinterpreted ("Instant Sword Death"? Really?)

If downloading the raw music files for these songs from Zophar's Domain, all the raw "spc" music files have a modified date of "11/12/2007 (December 11, 2007)", confirming their original ripping dates and thus, proving that Zophar's Domain was the one who put up all those weird titles.

For a more comprehensive list on official song titles and their sources, just go to Jukebox/Kirby Super Star. Note that some may remain conjectural for the meantime as they don't have official titles.

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby Super Star  
Conjectural title Actual title Composer Notes
Kirby Super Star Grand Opening Jun Ishikawa Somewhat makes sense.
Time to Learn The Beginner's Room Jun Ishikawa Kinda works as a song title, but for reference we're just gonna use the one used in Kirby Air Ride
Nighttime Activities Spring Breeze Jun Ishikawa Unfortunately not accurate enough as a conjectural title as the rest of the intro cutscene takes place in the day-time!
Together with the Spring Breeze A New Wind for Tomorrow Jun Ishikawa Given the significance of the song in future titles like Kirby Star Allies, this is not even that close, sadly.
(StarPunch's note: this is the Japanese name of Spring Breeze)
Interrupted Sleep Dyna Blade (Intro sounds, Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa Kind of works because that's literally what happens in the cutscene it plays in.
White Wing Dynablade Dyna Blade: Title (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa Fun fact, this is actually the Japanese title for the Dyna Blade game.
Choose Your Weapon Ability Trial Room Jun Ishikawa Copy Abilities, not specifically just weapons. Also we barely even use this title nowadays huh?
Dyna's Chicks Live Healthy Jun Ishikawa Note that Live Healthy also has a different credits theme in KSSU, but I'm just gonna assume this based on how WiKirby named it.
Dreaming of Food Gourmet Race: Intro (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa This has little relation to what's actually going on in the cutscene besides being in reference to Kirby thinking about food while floating up to the top of the cliff.
Crash! Gourmet Race Gourmet Race: Title (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa Fun fact, this is also the Japanese title for Gourmet Race.
Run, Kirby, Run! Gourmet Race Jun Ishikawa Why would anyone use this title? We already know the title of the song since like, Smash I guess?
Hilltop Chase Corn Hall (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa Can this song at least get an official title at this point please? I'm kinda tired of hearing it being called Hilltop Chase I guess.
Trees in the Depths of the Earth Sub-Tree Area Jun Ishikawa Would be a banger title honestly but I'm kinda disappointed it's just officially named Sub-Tree Area. Also for those who are curious, this is also the Japanese title of Sub-Tree (either Subterranean Forest or Trees in the Depths of the Earth should work)
Save Hut Rest Area Jun Ishikawa Official name taken from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (thank goodness). Makes sense, but the area it plays in is also called Rest Area.
Mine Cart Riding Mine Cart Area (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa Wish that was an official title.
Crystal Field and Mystery Paradise Crystal Area Jun Ishikawa "Crystal Field" and "Mystery Paradise" (actually "Mystical Paradise" in WiKirby) are the Japanese titles for Crystal and Garden, respectively.
Battle Windows Computer Virus Battle (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa This is the Japanese name for Computer Virus. Microsoft at least please let us use Battle Windows...
Meta Knight's Scheme Revenge of Meta Knight (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa The closest to official title of the song is its Theater cutscene name in Kirby Super Star Ultra, simply named "Revenge of Meta Knight". Meta Knight's Scheme is well... contextually obvious.
Halberd ~ Nightmare Warship Boarding the Halberd Jun Ishikawa Oh god this is the worst offender. We ain't calling this a nightmare battleship here.
Grape Garden Sea Stage Jun Ishikawa This is so wrong in so many ways. The stage this song plays in is not even set in Grape Garden, and the title was just assumed from Meta Knight's dialogue in Chapter 2 of Revenge of Meta Knight:
"But first a little test. Off to Grape Gardens!"
Taking over the Halberd Havoc Aboard the Halberd Jun Ishikawa This title makes a very blurred line to distinguish Boarding the Halberd and this sister track of its own. I don't know how to feel about this.
Above the Halberd Revenge of Meta Knight (Map) Jun Ishikawa Same reasoning as above.
Meta Knight's Theme VS Meta Knight Jun Ishikawa Close enough.
Meta Knight Defeated My Friend and the Sunset Jun Ishikawa My Friend and the Sunset is a way better title than this, honestly. Thanks Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert sheet music. Plus, the corresponding cutscene in KSSU is named "Friends and Sun".
Flying Through Outer Space Milky Way Wishes: Map (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa I kinda wish that was the official title too, but y'know, don't we have to summon Galactic Nova for that?
Wishing with Nova Marx's Mad Plan Jun Ishikawa That's a more obscure conjectural title here huh.
Heart of Nova Milky Way Wishes: Shooting Jun Ishikawa This conjectural title is in reference to the theming of the stage this song is set in, and also based on the flavor text for Starship: "Ride the Starship, made from star power, into the heart of NOVA in order to stop MARX's evil plan to takeover Dream Land!"
Marx's Theme Vs. Marx or Meddlesome Marx Jun Ishikawa Close enough 2: Electric boogaloo.
Kirby's Triumphant Return (See Notes) Kirby's Triumphant Return Jun Ishikawa Listing this as a very special case because this actually predated the same official title that'll be revealed in various sources like KSSU.
Floating Away Continue? (Conjectural WiKirby title)
Milky Way Wishes: Title (Kirby Super Star Ultra, conjectural WiKirby title)
Jun Ishikawa I'm pretty sure that shouldn't be used as a conjectural title given that I had a hard time finding this when I first heard it from a Kirby Lo-Fi megamix. Chill tho.
Additional note: This song used to be played in the Game Over screen for all games besides Milky Way Wishes, but is instead moved as a title theme for aforementioned game in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Instant Sword Death Samurai Kirby Jun Ishikawa This just sounds wrong on so many levels, especially because that's also a mistranslation of the Japanese name for Samurai Kirby, "Slash in a Flash". Thank Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe for giving the official title anyway.
Way of the Fighting King The Arena Jun Ishikawa This is the Japanese title of The Arena. For WiKirby's sake, it is more accurately referred to as "The Road to Becoming a Fighting King".
Gladiator Kirby / Colosseum Battle Arena Showdown Jun Ishikawa Yeah wait a second, Kirby's not dressed up as a gladiator. Sorry about that folks.
Additional note: Colosseum Battle is another Japanese translation of Arena Showdown, first seen in the Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe Original Sound Track album.
Staff Roll Milky Way Wishes: Staff Credits Jun Ishikawa Close enough three.
This is based on conjectural names given by Zophar's Domain. Songs were tagged by VGWarrior, Datschge, Warpstar, and YK, as credited on Zophar's Domain.

Next up are the titles featured in the Kirby Super Star Ultra OST, given by Zophar's Domain. This does not account for all the music reused from the original Super Star.

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby Super Star Ultra  
Conjectural title Actual title Composer Notes
Masked Dedede Theme The Masked King Jun Ishikawa Get real.
(StarPunch's note: it IS close to the Japanese title, "Masked Dedede's Theme", which has also been officially used in English before)
The King and the Sun Shared with the conjectural WiKirby title. Jun Ishikawa Name taken from the cutscene, using the same naming principle as My Friend and the Sunset, which is derived from the cutscene "Friends and Sun".
Helper to Hero Select Megaton Punch Jun Ishikawa Bro... that's literally from Megaton Punch...
(StarPunch's note: it's a conjectural title either way...)
The Strongest Knight in the Galaxy The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy Jun Ishikawa Rough translation of the Japanese title. Also, what's with the look on your face, Cyon?
Colosseum Battle (The True Arena) True Arena Showdown Jun Ishikawa I didn't even know this is a conjectural title.
(StarPunch's note: the Japanese name for Arena Showdown can be literally translated as Colosseum Battle)
Corkboard Complete Alternate Corkboard Jun Ishikawa Banger alert Super EX Ultra.
This is based on conjectural names given by Zophar's Domain.

Kirby's Dream Land 3[edit]

I'm not listing the common conjectural titles here, as they already make sense enough (including Friends (1)). But here's some notable ones I want to point out for sake of brevity:

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby's Dream Land 3  
Conjectural title Actual title Notes
Incorrect Path (No official title) Plays when taking the wrong path in Stage 4 of Grass Land. Fitting title I guess. This is the same conjectural title we use on WiKirby.
Grass Land 4 Plains Stage That one song you found in Kirby Star Allies.
Ripple Field 1 Ripple Field: Ocean Waves Felt like noting this because it was given an official title in the Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition soundtrack CD.
Ripple Field 2 Ripple Field Why is this the official title? That's technically confusing at this point.
Sand Canyon 1 Stage: Comical Or we just also sometimes refer to this as "Sand Canyon".
Sand Canyon 2 Gourmet Race (Semi-conjectural) Kirby is truly a pink guy, but this song's a sandy yellow.
Sand Canyon 3 Desert Stage Can we just call this Pyramid Stage tho?
Iceberg The Last Iceberg Don't tell me it's Waterworks Area.
Miniboss Battle Mid-Boss (Conjectural WiKirby title) We don't refer to mid-bosses as minibosses.
Big Boss Battle Boss (Conjectural WiKirby title) That honestly felt pretty close to official.
Cast Montage / Bad Ending THE END…? The song is unnamed in this game. It is given the official title of its arrangement from Kirby Star Allies to compensate.
"Cast Montage" refers to this ending showcasing several enemies with names, including "???".
Hyper Zone 1 VS. Dark Matter While the name fits, we're more in context of the actual battle.
Hyper Zone 2 Vs. Zero (Conjectural WiKirby title) Vs. Zero actually plays out better in my head.
All songs composed by Jun Ishikawa. Based on conjectural names given by Zophar's Domain.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards[edit]

Almost every song got titles thanks to the Kirby 64 Original Soundtrack album! There's still some remaining ones that remain conjectural, though. Assuming Jun Ishikawa mostly worked on the OST and Hirokazu Ando handled cutscene music only.

Cutscene music conjectural titles are actually roughly the same as their Japanese equivalents, but the translations are below par or have been given conjectural names.

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards  
Conjectural title Actual title Composer Notes
Battle Among Friends - Adeline[sic] Battle with Friends (official title) / Battle with Friends: Adeleine (conjectural WiKirby title for this individual song) Jun Ishikawa The medley refers to all three songs, and as such the individual songs do not have official titles aiming to use the conjectural "Battle with Friends - (name)". For instance, Adeleine's battle music is specifically named "Battle with Friends: Adeleine" on WiKirby, formatted with a colon instead of a dash (to match with some official Kirby song titles using a colon). Here her name is spelled correctly. Don't forget your E's!
Additionally, "Battle Among Friends" is an alternative translation.
Mountain Stream Down the Mountain Stream Jun Ishikawa You were so close.
Taking Battle Bumper Crop Bump (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa This is just a really confusing title. A really low-quality translation of the Japanese title of Bumper Crop Bump, "Catch Catch Battle".
Falling Fight Checkerboard Chase Jun Ishikawa A somewhat subpar translation of the Japanese title of Checkerboard Chase, "Fall Fall Fight".
Noisy Race 100-Yard Hop (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa Mistranslation of the Japanese title of 100-Yard Hop, "Hop Hop Race".
Enemy Card Index (No official title) Jun Ishikawa The menu is called Enemy Info in-game.
Factory Inspection Studying the Factory Jun Ishikawa It's an attempted translation at the Japanese title of the song, until Kirby's Dream Collection soundtrack CD gave the official title.
Alright, On To The Next On to Rock Star Hirokazu Ando Rough translation of the Japanese title: OK, On to the Next. Fairly accurate.
I'm Hungry Desert Desserts Hirokazu Ando Japanese title.
Beach's Backyard All Washed Up Hirokazu Ando Where's the backyard?
(StarPunch's note: somehow they mistook バカヤロー idiot for バックヤード backyard; don't ask me how)
Major Specialization Hot Waddle Dawdle Hirokazu Ando Oh god since when did they actually start using out-of-my-league conjectural names for the cutscene music!??
(StarPunch's note: this is a mistranslation of the Japanese title, "Great Eruption"; they misread 噴火ふんか eruption as 分化ぶんか specialization)
Overnight Detective Ripple Rescue Hirokazu Ando This is even worse... Is this even an actual translation?
(StarPunch's note: yeah, they took やらいでか "Here We Go" as 夜来でか which would be "overnight detective")
Bye-Bye Fare...well? Hirokazu Ando Just the Japanese title I guess.
Final Decisive Battle Darkness Calls Hirokazu Ando Rough translation of the Japanese title of the cutscene: The Final Battle.
This is based on conjectural names given by GiIvaSunner (+ SiIvaGunner because why not) and Zophar's Domain.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror[edit]

A lot of YouTube uploads of the OST once again use the names given by Zophar's Domain (WHAT). In the Mirror World, the official titles are not official, and the conjectural titles are the ones being official. Here's the most common hot spots.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Sound Plus gives all the official titles for the track, by the way.

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror  
Conjectural title Actual title Notes
Legend of the Mirror World / Dark Meta Knight Attacks Opening Plays in the intro cutscene and in cutscenes involving Dark Meta Knight. Of course, these have to be fitting conjectural titles.
Main Menu Select (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land) Close enough!
Intro Stage Labyrinth Entrance Stage Close enough again.
Overworld Start Stage This is not an overworld map I swear to Void
Rainbow Route Forest/Nature Area Great place to begin in the Mirror World! Note that the conjectural titles also list the area numbers like in-game, but I'm not including them for sake of brevity.
Moonlight Mansion / Carrot Castle Castle/Building Area Great place to stay in the Mirror World!
Cabbage Cavern Cave/Rocky Area Great place to spelunk in the Mirror World! Swing remix of Forest Stage.
Mustard Mountain Flame/Lava Area Great place to burn in the Mirror World!
Olive Ocean Deep Sea Area Great place to swim in the Mirror World!
Peppermint Palace Ice/Crystal Area Great place to freeze in the Mirror World!
Radish Ruins Ruins Area Great place to explore in the Mirror World!
Candy Constellation Space Area Great place to uhm... go into space in the Mirror World!
Mini-Boss Battle Boss How they named it in the OST makes it even more sad and confusing.
Dark Meta Knight Battle Dark Meta Knight Close enough.
Boss Battle Boss Battle Theme Close enough YET again!
Dark Mind's Second Form Last Boss / Second Form Honestly very close we could get to an official English title.
Dark Mind Takes to the Sky Dark Mind chase (Conjectural WiKirby title) Works for me I guess.
Fighting Dark Mind in the Sky Last Boss / Third Form Is this the same kind of deal as Duel in the Darkened Sky?
Bonus Chance Goal Game That's a little close...
All songs composed by Hironobu Inagaki and Atsuyoshi Isemura. Based on conjectural names given by Zophar's Domain.

Kirby: Squeak Squad[edit]

My Void, this is literally the worst offender of any Kirby series conjectural song titles. Why would you do this guys? Like seriously, a lot of these names are so confusing, I'm surprised you managed to get all of these from Zophar's Domain... Well then. Let's get REAL wild for the ride.

Additionally, these song titles also appeared way earlier than the existing Wayback Machine website captures for the Kirby Squeak Squad soundtrack page on Zophar's Domain (July 2018) on February 2018 uploads of the Squeak Squad OST by Kirby's Sound Test, as well as 2016 uploads of high quality rips of Kirby Squeak Squad by SiIvaGunner (notably the song "No Time To Waste/The Legendary Halberd"). If downloading the raw music files for these songs from Zophar's Domain, all the raw "mini2sf" music files have a modified date of "18/12/2014 (December 18, 2014)", confirming their original ripping dates and thus, proving that Zophar's Domain was the one who put up all those weird titles.

Most official names have been provided by the Nintendo Mobile ringtone service, Kirby Star Allies: The Original Soundtrack, Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition Compilation Soundtrack and other sources where applicable. For more information, see Jukebox#Kirby: Squeak Squad.

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby: Squeak Squad  
Conjectural title Actual title Composer Notes
Walk in the Afternoon Level Entrance Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai While the title works, sure, but this is only used in one world as far as I know.
Gazing into the Blue Stage Select (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai Not all stages are about blue skies.
March of the Pink Soldier Forest/Nature Area Hironobu Inagaki and Atsuyoshi Isemura It sounds like a march song, but this is an almost 1:1 direct port of Forest/Nature Area (except one pitch higher), so why not just name it as that?
Wonders of the Stars Snow Area (Conjectural WiKirby title) / Ice Island (my conjectural title) Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai Just way more confusing than usual. This is supposed to be a snow stage theme, played in some stages of Ice Island.
Having Fun Outside Prism Plains Jun Ishikawa (Assumed) Yeah sure, but I'd rather call it Prism Plains for brevity.
Traveling the Woods Green Greens Jun Ishikawa My Void it's literally titled Green Greens why would you do this?
Digging Through the Clouds Cloud Area (Conjectural WiKirby title) / Cushy Cloud (my conjectural title) Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai Oh uh, yes, you can dig through clouds with the Animal ability.
Spooky Surroundings Eerie Underground Jun Ishikawa This is a really close title honestly, but I'd rather use the official one provided in the Kirby Star Allies: The Original Soundtrack album.
The Hero of Dreamland Galaxy Area (Conjectural WiKirby title) / Gamble Galaxy (my conjectural title) Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai Oh by the way, this song was partially rearranged for the title theme of the fangame Kirby: Gamble Galaxy Stories. Also don't tell RHVGamer that Zophar's Domain misspelled it again.
Oncoming Peril Boss Battle Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai Thank goodness Nintendo Mobile named that. This is just confusing as it's a boss theme for Bohboh and Mrs. Moley.
Here Come the Squeaks! Squeak Squad Appears! Jun Ishikawa Honest to goodness, that looks very official. But can we just use the official title for clarity?
Troubling Situation VS. Squeak Squad Jun Ishikawa BANGER ALERT INCOMING - Fight Level 99 mid-boss GEEGA to this song!
May have also referred to the song's usage in cutscenes, especially near the end of the game.
What a Great Day Vegetable Valley
Stage: Plains (Nintendo Mobile ringtone service)
Hirokazu Ando Don't do this ever again.
Running the Fields Ice Cream Island Hirokazu Ando Don't do this ever again... again.
This is also just plain inaccurate as some of the only instances where the song plays are in stages in the Secret Sea level, which is more water-themed and not set in the plains.
Searching for the Answer Cave/Rocky Area
Stage: Cave (Nintendo Mobile ringtone service)
Hirokazu Ando, Hironobu Inagaki and Atsuyoshi Isemura It's literally a direct port of the Cabbage Cavern theme, come on guys.
What Lies in Space Space Area Hironobu Inagaki and Atsuyoshi Isemura Works I guess but the official title is literally right there.
Moving Forwards Ruins Area Hironobu Inagaki and Atsuyoshi Isemura Oh here we go again. Move forwards from what? Boulders?
Taking it Easy Butter Building
Stage: Castle Dedede, Etc. (Nintendo Mobile ringtone service)
Hirokazu Ando I ain't taking this easy anymore, honest to Void!!!!
No Time to Waste The Legendary Halberd Jun Ishikawa and Shogo Sakai Title sounds cool, but The Legendary Halberd sounds WAY cooler. Thanks Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.
Ultimate Squeak Battle Vocal Volcano Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai Unfortunately not accurate as this also applies to most stages of Vocal Volcano, and there's actually no boss rush against all members of the Squeak Squad in its stages. The closest is a mid-boss rush featuring some of the game's mid-bosses in Vocal Volcano - Stage 3.
The title would be more appropriate for Ice Island - Stage 5, but all the Squeaks there use "Squeak Squad Appears!" instead of this track.
(Additional note: The title may be in reference to the song's usage on the title theme for the game's Boss Endurance.)
The Final Stretch Dark Nebula Prelude (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai Works I guess. After all, chasing Dark Nebula is also the final stretch.
Final Battle Dark Nebula Battle Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai I wish I could say Jun Ishikawa made this.
Time for Battle Sub-Game Menu (Conjectural WiKirby title) / Smash Ride: Title (Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe title) Jun Ishikawa This is not even for Boss Endurance!!!
May have referred to the original song, "Entrance", which plays in the boss gauntlet in Mt. Dedede in Kirby's Dream Land.
Strawberry Shortcake Speedy Teatime (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai Use the sub-game title please!
Refers to the various Strawberry Shortcakes in the sub-game.
Star Ride Smash Ride Jun Ishikawa Thank god Merry Magoland is a thing.
Refers to the Smash Stars that Kirby and his opponents ride.
Get Those Sweets! Treasure Shot Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai Makes sense, but what if we get bombs?
Unknown 1 Boss Prelude (Conjectural WiKirby title) Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai This is not unused. This is used in the sections before the bosses.
Unknown 2 Storm Cloud (Conjectural WiKirby title) / Cushy Cloud 2 (my conjectural title) Jun Ishikawa/Hirokazu Ando/Tadashi Ikegami/Shogo Sakai Do you not even know where it plays? Also to be fair it's not even in the Jukebox listing for some reason in-game.
This is based on conjectural names given by Zophar's Domain. A lot of YouTube and other online uploads of the soundtrack make use of these strange titles. Please make them less confusing, everybody.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land[edit]

For a very long time, the soundtrack of Kirby's Return to Dream Land relied on a combination of rough Japanese translations from Kirby Wii Music Selection, assumed titles based on internal names and stage themes, and so much more. I've theorized that the rest of the conjectural titles were done by uploaders like GiIvaSunner and BrawlBRSTMs3 X when they uploaded the OST to YouTube.

Note: Based on eyewitness accounts, GiIvaSunner being the earliest uploader of those songs post-release of RtDL on YouTube may have been the first one to use these conjectural titles. It should be noted that more obscure uploads of the songs that are way before GiIvaSunner may have used different song titles and often include beta tracks accidentally mixed into them (ask Gigi about it too)

And by February 2023, it'll all be finally over when Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe revealed a slew of official song titles and a lot more. Even composers were credited with the colored music notes! Honestly a big day for many Kirby fans around the world, including me, who was really anticipating to play the game for the first time via the remake.

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby's Return to Dream Land  
Conjectural title Actual title Composer Notes
Wii Channel (No official title) Wii Channel Jingle / Hidden Magolor Found (Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe title) Jun Ishikawa You found a hidden Magolor!
Title Theme Four Adventurers: Cookie Country Hirokazu Ando Yeeeeaaaaaaaah! To Cookie Country!
File Select / Lor Starcutter Magolor, the Far-Flung Traveler Hirokazu Ando Hey can we at least say it's Magolor's theme please?
File Select 2 Once Cleared, the Fun Begins Hirokazu Ando The fun begins in finding out the names of conjectural titles...
Lor Starcutter Green Greens (Return to Dream Land) Hirokazu Ando Let's not make this any more confusing. We could use that title to refer to the interior of the Lor (but it also plays the song in the ability rooms so uh)
Ability Room Taking a Break Jun Ishikawa It's named like that because it plays on The Arena's ability select room.
Pop Star Planet Popstar Jun Ishikawa Close enough.
Cookie Country The Adventure Begins Hirokazu Ando We only use the name "Cookie Country" for Four Adventurers.
Into the Interdimension Interdimensional Fanfare Hirokazu Ando It's called entering Another Dimension smh.
Looming Darkness Another Dimension Jun Ishikawa Scattered minds across conjectural isles.
Sphere Doomer Victory So Many Energy Spheres! Jun Ishikawa You beat it!
Forest Area Woods Wayfarer Hirokazu Ando The internal name of this song is st_mori. Not Calliope Mori. Mori means "forest" in Japanese.
Rocky Area / Cave Area Exploring the Cave Hirokazu Ando This is a cave area, but calling it rocky is really ambiguous huh.
(StarPunch's note: the Japanese filename is st_iwa, and 岩 iwa means "rock" in Japanese)
Peaceful Place / Crystal Cave Area Crystal Dungeons Hirokazu Ando Despite it being peaceful, the crystal cave is full of dangers.
Over the Hills / Hill Area Beyond the Hill Jun Ishikawa Rough translation of the title given in Kirby Wii Music Selection.
Boss Prelude Battle on the Horizon Jun Ishikawa The name given in-game is way cooler.
Boss Battle Blazing! Boss Battle Hirokazu Ando The official title is way cooler.
Desert Area Sandy Wilds Jun Ishikawa The internal name of this song is ST_KBYW_DESERT1.
Oasis Area Sunny with a Chance of Oasis Hirokazu Ando Assumed based on the background theming of the level where it originates from (Raisin Ruins - Stage 2).
Cacti Area Perfect Sledding Weather Jun Ishikawa The internal name of this song is ST_KBYW_CACTUS1.
Eerie Area Crow in the Shadows Hirokazu Ando Assumed title based on how the area where the song plays looks.
(StarPunch's note: the Japanese filename is st_bukimi, and 不気味 bukimi means "eerie" in Japanese)
Mine Area Vestiges of the Ancients Jun Ishikawa Internal name of this song is KbyW_MINE1. Did they just go way too hard on an official title lol.
Aqua Area Summer Sands and Cool Waves Jun Ishikawa Assumed based on the level theming.
Cave Area Water Sliders Jun Ishikawa The internal name of this song is KbyW_CAVE1.
Rainy Area A Stroll on the Ocean Floor Jun Ishikawa The internal name of this song is ST_KBYW_RAIN1. Sounds like Undertale.
Underwater Area Seabed Diving Hirokazu Ando The internal name of this song is st_water. So partially derived from that internal name.
Cold Area Snowball Scuffle Jun Ishikawa The internal name of this song is KbyW_COLD2. I think the song used to be named like that before Snowball Scuffle was used, so I just added this back in.
Chilly Area On the Path of Frosty Roadblocks Jun Ishikawa Assumed based on the stage theming and probably how the song sounds like.
Key Challenge Slippery Steps Hirokazu Ando Assumed based on the nature of the puzzles in White Wafers being key challenges.
Icy Cavern Tumbling Ice Jun Ishikawa Ah yes, do you remember that one Cutter puzzle?
Aurora Area Freezing Temple Jun Ishikawa Based on the fact the background literally has an aurora borealis.
Super Copy Boss Ultra-Super Boss Battle Hirokazu Ando Internal name is SuperCopyBoss01.
Castle Area Sky Tower Hirokazu Ando Internal name is st_castle.
Grape Garden Dreaming of Clouds Hirokazu Ando Yep. It's dream time.
King Dedede's Theme Crash! Mid-Boss Tower Hirokazu Ando Banger alert.
Super Ability vs. Grand Doomer (This is an unused song.) Hirokazu Ando Unused variant of Ultra-Super Boss Battle where it's in F# Minor. Uh oh!
Lor Starcutter (Halcandra) The Long-Desired Land Jun Ishikawa Close enough.
Steel Station The Birthplace of Steel Hirokazu Ando Not even that close. The Japanese title is Steel Hometown if that's anything to go by.
Apparatus Area Sounds of Scrap Hirokazu Ando There's no apparatus in the puzzles...
Mid-Boss 2 Mid-Boss Battle in Another World Hirokazu Ando Makes sense to name it Mid-Boss 2.
Funky Area Rush on the Railway Coaster Jun Ishikawa The internal name is KbyW_FUNK1.
Waterworks Area Into the Underground Waterway Jun Ishikawa Assumed based on the theme of the stage it is played in (Egg Engines - Stage 4).
Volcano Area Haldera Volcano Hirokazu Ando Too obvious?
(StarPunch's note: the Japanese filename is st_kazan, and 火山 kazan means "volcano" in Japanese)
Infinite Power Limitless Power Hirokazu Ando The source of limitless power, the Master Crown!
Landia Guardian Angel: Landia Jun Ishikawa Wish they kept the Four-Headed part.
Another Dimension Fly, Kirby! Hirokazu Ando Used to be the title for so long until Fly, Kirby! was a thing. Note that "Another Dimension" is an actual official song title, but it corresponds to the song that plays in interdimensional segments that is also conjecturally referred to as "Looming Darkness".
Under My Control / VS Magolor Welcome Your New Overlord Jun Ishikawa First of all: Under My Control is a rough translation of Magolor's last dialogue in the Japanese version of the Let Me Explain Everything cutscene. It can be translated as "Fall Under my Rule", but many Kirby fans use "Under My Control" more until the release of Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe. We could've just translated it as "Welcome Your New Overlord" and it'd still work, because that's also Magolor's last line in the same cutscene.

Another note: The translated title "Under My Control" was first given by WiKirby administrator FalcoLau, from his translations of the song titles for Kirby Wii Music Selection on VGMDb. A couple of song title translations on the website are direct or close matches with the official translations in the Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe Jukebox.
The Arena Road to Victory Hirokazu Ando Yeah, we get it. Kirby for Nintendo GameCube moment.
Heavy Lobster's Theme Climactic Clash! Robo Dedede Jun Ishikawa HEA-VY! LOB-STER!
True Arena Challenging the True Arena Hirokazu Ando Close enough, but could be accidentally misconstrued as a title theme for the True Arena, because Dangerous Dinner is used for the True Arena title theme.
Training How Many Did We Hit? Jun Ishikawa Refers more to the tutorial for the many Challenge Stages.
Pro Tips Explanations Jun Ishikawa Used for the "Pro Tips" screen in Challenge Stages.
Crusher Challenge Pressure Panic Jun Ishikawa Close enough.
Challenge Stage Time for a Challenge! Jun Ishikawa Exactly what it says on the tin.
Challenge Stage (Allegro) Rush to the Goal! Jun Ishikawa GO FASTER!
Ultimate Clear Kirby Master! Hirokazu Ando VICTORY SCREEEEECH!
Chef Kawasaki VS Mecha Kawasaki Hirokazu Ando Ultimate Iron Man: Cook Kawasaki!
This is based on conjectural names given by GiIvaSunner (via GiIvaSunner: Archive due to the original channel being taken down).

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

Most of the titles have been given official names in the Club Nintendo album, but so far only a few tracks managed to stay conjectural:

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Conjectural title Actual title Composer Notes
Waking to a flowery coup! (Look above, same Conjectural WiKirby title) Hirokazu Ando Taking Dedede away I see
Sun Stone Got a Sun Stone! (Conjectural WiKirby title) Hirokazu Ando Why wasn't this added lol
Cold Odyssey (No official title) Jun Ishikawa It's a mystery why they didn't decide to add this to the OST.
Dirty and Beauty Sullied Grace Jun Ishikawa Adding this as a special case because the Japanese translation of the song title has been used as a conjectural title for a long while.
(StarPunch's note: on the Japanese soundtrack, the song name is literally written in English as "Dirty & Beauty")
The Arena: Rest Area (No official title) / Helper's Rest / Ripple Star: Stage Select (That calm version I know which is used literally 999x) Jun Ishikawa Sing the ABC song to tune of this song.
Soul of Sectonia (No official title) / The World to Win Hirokazu Ando A unique arrangement of The World to Win with a new intro.
Staff Credits (No official title) Hirokazu Ando A unique remix of Peanut Plains and Green Greens for the staff credits theme (not to be confused with the Story Mode credits).
This is based on conjectural names given by Eternal.

Kirby: Planet Robobot[edit]

So, Kirby: Planet Robobot's soundtrack has quite the shaky history of conjectural song titles. It is thought that the first case where the conjectural titles for the game's soundtrack were made up was thanks to the YouTube soundtrack channel "GiIvaSunner". The songs were uploaded a few days after the game's release in Japan (late April 2016), and thus became the most prominent source for those conjectural titles. Some prominent examples that remain through SiIvaGunner's videos were "P-R-O-G-R-A-M", "Clear Movie", and "City of Sound"[1] However due to a copyright takedown of the OST on this channel by HAL Laboratory in January 2018, much of the older titles remain lost.

Like in the OST for Kirby's Return to Dream Land, these songs were initially named with these conjectural titles, however some songs were eventually given the official titles in parentheses (roughly translated from Japanese) when the Planet Robobot OST was "ripped" by "SiIvaGunner", the ACTUAL high quality ripper (actually these are joke rips). Additional made-up conjectural titles were settled in by Ferahnaz Durmaz, who has made extended videos of the Planet Robobot OST, and has released those videos on June 2016.

Also, Planet Robobot has been a very huge hotspot and influence for many of SiIvaGunner's rips, don't deny that. President Haltmann has seen himself on the channel several times. I won't list all the SiIvaGunner titles as they are translations of the Japanese titles (a tactic used to avoid a potential takedown from HAL Laboratory), but I may sometimes list them for completion purposes.

I'm listing the most prominent ones though, so don't blame me if there's a couple of stuff missing:

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby: Planet Robobot  
Conjectural title Actual title Composer Notes
Patched Pathway (Area 1) / Patched Plains Venturing into the Mechanized World Hirokazu Ando Update now.
May have been named like that because most fans wanted a parallel title similar to Floral Fields.
Stage Results Clouds Park Hirokazu Ando GIMME YOUR STICKERS
Program Rhythm / Puzzle Room (SiIvaGunner) Rhythm Code Hirokazu Ando This continue screen looks a little sussy.
(StarPunch's note: "Program Rhythm" is the Japanese name)
Mechanical Invaders Metal N. Vasion Hirokazu Ando Metal N. Vasion sounds way more sick than this title.
Heart of Steel Pink Ball Activate! Hirokazu Ando Heart of Steel is not even that close.
Green Gears Re: Green Greens Hirokazu Ando Green Gears sounds fitting tbh.
Train Steel Beat Hirokazu Ando What? That's the conjectural title? Really?
Green Goo (Green Lab Area) Green Laboratory Hirokazu Ando Where's all the goo!?
Probably referring to all the gooey specimen in the background, however they also appear in other laboratory stages in different colors.
Threat Beyond Enemy Doors Loading... Hirokazu Ando The official title is better I guess.
Haltmann Works Elite Management VS. The Wicked Company Hirokazu Ando This sounds way too official honestly, but let's not forget this is a boss theme.
Lively Street Yearning for Yellow (Vroom!) Hirokazu Ando Lively Street is fitting honestly.
Shooting through the Sky Flight of Azure Hirokazu Ando I like the official title. Pretty fancy for flying through the sky. The color azure refers to both Jet Mode and the sky!
Spinning Roulette Gorgeous-Go-Round Jun Ishikawa It kinda fits, but there's more than just a roulette, from billiard balls to dice!
Aqua Harbor Bountiful Star Jun Ishikawa Sure it fits as the stages where the song plays are set by the harbor.
May have been named like that due to the song's similarities with Aqua Star's stage music.
Robobot Road Ride Outlaw Driver Hirokazu Ando You don't need a license to drive a Robobot Wheel Mode.
Ice Cream Factory / My Happy Sweet Time (SiIvaGunner) Time for Dessert! Hirokazu Ando Susie, have you been eating a comically large scoop of ice cream lately!?
(StarPunch's note: "My Happy Sweet Time" is, more-or-less, the Japanese name; we translate it as "My Happy ☆ Sweets Time ♪")
Sea City Submarine Suburbs Jun Ishikawa The official name is the fan name but upgraded to the maximum.
Secretary Susie's Themes 1 & 2 Haltmann Works Co. Theme Song & Caught Me Singing Hirokazu Ando Merging these two as they are related to each other.
Electric Engines Gigabyte Grounds Jun Ishikawa How on earth did the channel mistake that for a train theme!?
Dinner Desert Dried-up Sea Jun Ishikawa Forks and blenders make up a dinner desert.
Air Battle Core Kabula Surprise! Hirokazu Ando Core Kabula jumpscare!
SiIvaGunner also uses the name "Core Kabula" for when it posted a high quality rip of this song.[2]
City of Sound / Befuddling Skyscraper (SiIvaGunner) Sky-High and Smitten Jun Ishikawa Kinda makes sense I guess?
(StarPunch's note: "Befuddling Skyscraper" is a more literal translation of the Japanese name, "Intoxicated by the Skyscrapers")
Techno Tower Neon Laboratory Hirokazu Ando BANGER ALERT INCOMING
Dedede Three Dedede's Tridimensional Cannon Hirokazu Ando WOAH here it comes! 9.3 Billion in Anguish!
Laser Lab / White Office March (SiIvaGunner) Pristine Office March Jun Ishikawa The first one makes sense because of the lasers. The second one is a rough translation of the Japanese title.
Virtual Dimension L86 Jun Ishikawa L86 sounds really wacky as a song title eh?
Mecha Knightmare / Battle with the Spirit of Self (SiIvaGunner) Inner Struggle Jun Ishikawa Inner Struggle sounds more fitting imo.
(StarPunch's note: "Battle with the Spirit of Self" is a more literal translation of the Japanese title)
President Max Profitt Haltmann's Theme Loveless Command Hirokazu Ando What a long name for a conjectural title...
Money Machine Crazy Rolling in Money Jun Ishikawa Honestly the official title fits more. President Haltmann be makin' capitalism REAL!
Like with "Dirty & Beauty", "Crazy Rolling in Money" is also written in English in the Japanese version of the soundtrack, and is still named as such in English releases. However, people used the Money Machine title more when the official titles weren't released yet, referring to President Haltmann's mech, which DOES actually shoot money as a screen-obscuring attack.
Star Dream's Plan Apocalyptic Reboot Hirokazu Ando Star Dream is about to end YOUR world.
ROBOBOT HALBERD MODE Final Takeoff Hirokazu Ando Also the theme Parallel Landia stole from.
Mind in a PROGRAM VS. Star Dream Hirokazu Ando The title refers to the name of the level: Mind in the Program. VS. Star Dream sounds kinda disappointing lol.
Combination Fatal Error Hirokazu Ando I don't think I need to explain this one.
Virtual Space Manipulator Intermezzo Without a Leader Jun Ishikawa It's freaky because you're fighting the Planet Robobot.
PROGRAM/P-R-O-G-R-A-M / Super Nova Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection Hirokazu Ando Let it be known that calling this song PROGRAM is a mortal sin. Even more so if Super Nova.
Robobot Rush Pink Ball Revolution Hirokazu Ando Gurren Lagann Moment.
May have referred to the final Robobot Armor segments in Access Ark - Stage 5, which act as an enemy and boss rush in a sense with you fighting solo Holo Defense API fights, mid-bosses, and even Gigavolt II.
Darkness Returns / Dark Reproduction Reproduction of Darkness Hirokazu Ando Kirby's Dream Land 2 x2. It sounds like a cutscene name, but Dark Matter Clone's cutscene name is The Dark Rainbow Thief.
Hey, Waddlez cameo. Dark Reproduction is so close, yet so far! This is what it was called on one version of the soundtrack ripped onto KHInsider, so it's probably just a grammatical goof - brownie points for coming that close.
The True Arena - Battle Combat Evaluation Program Hirokazu Ando So, let's have another go at evaluating your fighting will.
Last Fight / Heart of Nova Soul 0 System Hirokazu Ando Once again, Heart of Nova is a conjectural name for the Kirby Super Star song Milky Way Wishes: Shooting, first seen on Zophar's Domain. Last Fight could mean anything else.
Star Dream Soul OS Vagrant Keepsake of Oblivion Hirokazu Ando A similar case to conjecturally naming Soul of Sectonia's theme.
Clear Movie (SiIvaGunner) The Noble Haltmann: Final Recital Hirokazu Ando Please listen to this.
This is based on conjectural names given by Ferahnaz Durmaz, with some given by SiIvaGunner or Zophar's Domain.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

Back when the names of the various songs in the game weren't revealed yet, I used to refer to them using Commander Jersey's conjectural titles. Kirby Star Allies: The Original Soundtrack gives all the game's music official titles, even acting as a source for some tracks that weren't released as CD tracks before.

I'll also be grouping these tracks in order of updates in addition to the original playlist order set on Commander Jersey's Star Allies OST. These conjectural titles also display on his Kirby Live Radio service, and same holds true for even past games like Kirby Super Star and Kirby: Squeak Squad.

What's not included is:

  • Cutscene music - they should be roughly the same title as in the soundtrack
  • Sound effects and ambience
  • Any tracks not included in Commander Jersey's Star Allies uploads for whatever reason
  • World map music as they're already equal to the soundtrack's titles
  • Most of the levels' OST as they match up with most of the instrumental

IMPORTANT: Titles are in the process of being re-translated per this talkpage on the mainspace. Please update if these new translations are put into effect.

List of conjectural song titles in Kirby Star Allies  
Conjectural title Actual title Composer Notes
Story Mode Tracks
Title Screen Twinkle☆Stars Hirokazu Ando Believe me, this is A New Wind for Tomorrow The Bee Movie Sequel.
Main Menu Select Link Hirokazu Ando Who's Link?
Green Gardens (Green Gears Orchestral) Green Gardens Hirokazu Ando Listing this as a special case since while Green Gardens is correct, I want to point out that "Green Gears" is the same conjectural title that was made by Ferahnaz Durmaz for their upload of said song, which is "Re: Green Greens".
Results (Castle Lololo) Picture Result Hirokazu Ando Almost close enough. The official title is used to refer to the results screen using Picture Pieces on Celebration Pictures, which this title lacks context for.
Dream Palace Wish-granting Palace Hirokazu Ando Exactly as it says on the tin.
Puzzle Room Friend Puzzle Jun Ishikawa Not to be confused with Rhythm Code from Kirby: Planet Robobot, which was also referred to by the conjectural title "Puzzle Room" (and later "Program Rhythm", based on the Japanese title)
Honey Hills (Forest Area) Honey Hill Hirokazu Ando Forest Area is the conjectural title (first given by GiIvaSunner) for Woods Wayfarer from Kirby's Return to Dream Land, arranged for this song.
Clash at Castle Dedede For Those Who Are Brave Hirokazu Ando The song also plays in the fight against Grand Mam, btw.
Swole Dedede Scuffle Macho of Dedede Hirokazu Ando Macho of Dedede is better so it can parallel with "Roar of Dedede" from Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and it at least is a better way to talk about King Dedede's workout routines.
Gallery Sudden Happy Ending Hirokazu Ando Referred to with such a name because it's used in the Celebration Pictures collection menu. Remember this song is used on the fake credits.
Friend Star Twinkle☆Traveler Hirokazu Ando The problem with this title is that it's also the same song used for Friend Train.
Meta Knight Battle My Friend and the Sound of Those Crossing Blades Hirokazu Ando The official title goes way harder.
Gatehouse Road To a Land Where Not Even Weeds Will Grow Hirokazu Ando Let's just give this song a less generic name.
Eastern Wall Jambastion Adventure Hirokazu Ando It's time to go on an adventure everybody!
Prayer Song to God Song of Supplication Hirokazu Ando "Prayer song to God" is the Japanese title of Song of Supplication.
Inner Sanctum Your Friends Believe in You Hirokazu Ando At least the actual title is more motivating!
Zan Partizanne Battle Forgotizanne Flash of Lightning Hirokazu Ando Okay so uh... Zand in my PartizEyes's theme? No wait what's her name again?
Escape from Jambastion A Battle of Friends and Bonds 2 Hirokazu Ando Only problem with this conjectural title is that it fails to account for the song also being used in the boss battles set in Far-Flung Starlight Heroes.
Official name derived from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Planet Earthfall Blowing Wind on Earthfall Yuuta Ogasawara I have no extra commentary to say except, enjoy the autumn breeze.
Puzzle Room 2 Puzzle-Solving Galaxy Hirokazu Ando When the Kirby for Nintendo GameCube is ported to Game Boy!
Planet Misteen Misteen Ocean Jun Ishikawa Plains Stage: The Movie
Planet Caverna Caverna’s Great Maze Hirokazu Ando We're gonna get lost in the sea of conjectural titles, aren't we?
Planet Frostak Frostak’s Cold Land Hirokazu Ando Let's just throw back to Rainbow Resort with this.
Planet Towara Ancient Tower Towara Yuuta Ogasawara It's obvious it's an ancient tower.
The Divine Terminus Land of Dreams and Fresh Greens' Remains Hirokazu Ando We are so back. We're holding a cult for the Dark Lord later.
The Dark Altar Holy Shrine Jun Ishikawa You're creeping me out.
Hyness Hooded Puppet Offering Jun Ishikawa Show yourself, Shadow Wizard Money Gang!
Hyness Unhooded La Follia d'amore Jun Ishikawa JUHYAMBAVITRIGOKOPOKOJAAAH!!
Sacrifice Holy Offering Festival Jun Ishikawa Rise! OH RISE!!!
Suite: The Star-Conquering Traveler / Misc. Finale Conjectural Titles
Void Termina Battle (Walking Phase) First Movement: Star-Crushing Fun Hirokazu Ando He's an Evangelion-type beat right there. And a big boi!
Void Termina Battle (Innards Phase) Second Movement: Vessel of the Embryo Hirokazu Ando Intermezzo without a cult leader.
Void Termina Battle (Flying Phase) Third Movement: Sorrowful Wings of the Heavens Hirokazu Ando At this point this feels comparable to Ironmouse lore.
Void Termina Battle (Soul Phase) Fourth Movement: Hope of Birth Hirokazu Ando Darkness will fade away...
Astral Birth Void Final Movement: Sparkling Star Hirokazu Ando Kirby's Dream Land was released for the Game Boy on April 27, 1992.
The Final Push The Star Allies have your back! Hirokazu Ando One last go!
Ending Cutscene Last Friends Hirokazu Ando "Star Allies: Return from Afar" would've been a better fit for this.
Kirby's Curtain Call (Staff Roll) I'll Always Be Watching You. Hirokazu Ando The end.
Ability Room Demo Star Hirokazu Ando Post-game content ahoy!
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! (Includes updates)
Patched Plains (Piano) Venturing Into the World With Friends Hirokazu Ando The official title acts as a great parallel to the original track it is remixed from, "Venturing into the Mechanized World".
Pop Star 64 (Map) Remix Pop Star: Stage Select/Star Allies Arrangement ver. Hirokazu Ando Eh...
Mirror Overworld Remix Start Stage/Star Allies Arrangement ver. Yuuta Ogasawara Notably, this is a different conjectural title used than "Intro Stage", which comes from Zophar's Domain.
Squeak Squad Main Theme Remix Squeak Squad: Title/Star Allies Arrangement ver. Jun Ishikawa Mind you, this is titled "Title Screen" on Zophar's Domain's rip of the Squeak Squad OST, but I'm not listing it as it's too generic.
The Adventure Begins (Cookie Country) Cookie Country/Star Allies Arrangement ver. Yuuta Ogasawara Absolutely wrong on so many levels - this is an arrangement of "Four Adventurers: Cookie Country". "The Adventure Begins" refers to a different track.
Haltmann Works Elite Management The Noble Haltmann/Star Allies Arrangement ver. Hirokazu Ando Are you kidding me? This is that same conjectural title from GiIvaSunner again. I don't need to explain this.
Guest Star Clear Guest Star ???? Cleared/Grand Sun Stone (Kirby: Triple Deluxe Hirokazu Ando You WIN!
Morpho Knight Battle Butterfly of Judgment: Morpho Knight Hirokazu Ando He's back from development Yomi.
Friends' Curtain Call Best Friends, Tomorrow and Always. Hirokazu Ando A classic medley of classic credits tunes.
Staff Roll 3 Max Happy Town!!! (Team Kirby Clash Deluxe) Hirokazu Ando Weird that it's named like that in the playlist...
Credits (Lively Street Piano) Street Paved with Kindness Hirokazu Ando "Lively Street" is the conjectural title for "Yearning for Yellow (Vroom!)", as last seen from Ferahnaz Durmaz.
Morpho Knight Battle Themes
Nightmare (Remix) Nightmare's Battle Jun Ishikawa Close enough.
Dark Matter Battle Remix Dark Cloudy Hirokazu Ando Close enough, yet again.
Marx Battle Remix VS. Marx / Star Allies Dream ver. Jun Ishikawa Close enough, yet again again...
Hyper Zone 1 Remix Dark Matter in the Hyper Zone Hirokazu Ando "Hyper Zone 1" is the conjectural title used for VS. Dark Matter.
Zero Two/Miracle Matter Battle Remix The Girls’ Battle With the Darkness Hirokazu Ando BANGER ALERT. Also known as the precursor to "Singularity Overdrive: VS Void Hyperion" from Cyon of Gaia.
Dark Mind Battle Remix Dark Mirage Yuuta Ogasawara Also known as Ogasawara's training for Forgotten Land music.
Here Come the Squeaks! Remix True! Squeak Squad Theme Jun Ishikawa Ugh, it's the attack of the Zophar Domain Conjectural Title curse yet again. (IT'S CALLED "Squeak Squad Appears!")
CROWNED Medley Supreme Ruler's Coronation - OVERLORD Hirokazu Ando ...
Moonstruck Blossom Medley Phantom of the Moon's Spirit Hirokazu Ando Nostalgia of mine, here I come.
Mind in a PROGRAM Medley The Deus Ex Machina the Child Saw Hirokazu Ando "Mind in a PROGRAM" is the conjectural title for "VS. Star Dream". Why? And also it remixes Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection so it's technically inaccurate?
Heroes in Another Dimension Themes
Inside Another Dimension The Legend of Last World Hirokazu Ando Not even that close.
Parallel Boss Battle Another World to Win Yuuta Ogasawara Works I guess, but the official title slaps!
Rivals in Another Dimension Another Swordsman and King's World to Win Yuuta Ogasawara Slap your doppelgangers right in the face!!
The Happiest(?) Curtain Call THE END...? Yuuta Ogasawara Bro why did you get the bad ending :skull:
Parallel Mage Sisters Passion of the Tridental-Flashing Priestesses Hirokazu Ando The problem is, that's not parallel variants of The Three Mage-Sisters you're fighting. Dang!
The Happiest Curtain Call Memories of the Grand Finale. Hirokazu Ando I'm returning to Dream Land
Soul Melting Anticipation Hallway Back to the Origin Hirokazu Ando And hitting rock bottom...
This is based on conjectural names given by Commander Jersey.