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Time for Dessert!

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Time for Dessert!
Various arrangements of "Time for Dessert!".
Debut appearance Kirby: Planet Robobot (2016)
Last appearance Kirby's Dream Buffet (2022)
Other appearance(s) Kirby Star Allies
Composer(s) Hirokazu Ando[1]
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"Time for Dessert!" is the ice cream factory stage theme from Kirby: Planet Robobot. It was composed by Hirokazu Ando.[1]


Appetizing desserts in the making.

"Time for Dessert!" is a whimsical piece in G-sharp (A-flat) major and 4/4. It features a lead xylophone with piano accompaniment, instrumentation that is percussive in nature. The light melody features two notes on an offbeat and one on the main beat. The phrase constantly approaches different harmonies, setting off in C-flat (B) major until finally ending in the main key. A new variation of the melody plays, resolving in a similar manner. The second section has a more based, non legato sound, with a longer melody in wavelike motion. It gradually descends until the piano takes the lead for a few seconds. The track then loops.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby: Planet Robobot[edit]

In Kirby: Planet Robobot, "Time for Dessert!" plays in the ice cream factory stage, Overload Ocean - Stage 4. It can also be heard in the game's Jukebox, and is listed as Track 024.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

In Kirby Star Allies, a calm, piano and recorder-focused arrangement of the theme plays for the "Break Time Breakdown" Celebration Picture.

Kirby's Dream Buffet[edit]

In Kirby's Dream Buffet, the original version of the track, named Kirby: Planet Robobot: Memorial Song 1 in-game, is unlocked for potential use in races upon reaching Gourmet Rank 41.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マイハッピー☆スイーツタイム♪
mai happī ☆ suītsu taimu ♪
My Happy ☆ Sweets Time ♪
The title is written in Susie's Japanese speaking style. Susie's favorite food is ice cream, and she is the one who ordered the construction of the ice cream factory in Overload Ocean.[2]