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Ancient Tower Towara

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Ancient Tower Towara
Sample of "Ancient Tower Towara" from Kirby Star Allies.
Debut appearance Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Composer(s) Yuuta Ogasawara[1]
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"Ancient Tower Towara"[Japanese title] is a stage theme from Kirby Star Allies that plays in most areas of Planet Towara and Gabbel Moon. It was composed by Yuuta Ogasawara.[1]


Flying up the ancient tower of Planet Towara.

"Ancient Tower Towara" is a resolute theme in F Dorian mode and 4/4. It can be split into two sections based on the base motif. The first section begins after a brief and gentle intro and features the opening fourth of "Green Greens", giving a false impression of C minor. It's followed by a rising passage to F's subdominant. The following phrases gradually resolve down to F minor in a fashion somewhat similar to "Twinkle☆Traveler". The melody is played several times by a trumpet, flute and electric guitar. The second section then enters with the "Song of Supplication" motif with longer phrases, played by the flute, strings. Nearing the end, the passage slowly but surely rises, opposite to the first section's resolutions. Finally, a slower descent concludes the track, which loops from the intro.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 古代こだいとうピサーシャ[2]
Kodai no Tō Pisāsha
Ancient Tower Pisasha