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Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition Compilation Soundtrack

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KDCSE Soundtrack Disc artwork.png
The soundtrack CD

The Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition Compilation Soundtrack is a soundtrack CD that came with Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition. Spanning 68:01 in length, the CD features 42 tracks from various games across the series, plus three bonus tracks consisting of new arrangements of Kirby songs.

Track list[edit]

Names and descriptions are taken from the Kirby's 20th Anniversary Celebration Book, with the exception of the Bonus Tracks' descriptions.

Track list of Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition Compilation Soundtrack  
Game No. English title Japanese title Description Length
Kirby's Dream Land 1 Welcome to Dream Land 星のカービィ:タイトル
Kirby of the Stars: Title
Players get their first taste of Kirby music on the title screen. 0:32
2 Green Greens GREEN GREENS The theme for the first level. 0:43
Kirby's Adventure 3 Vegetable Valley 平地ステージ
Plains Stage
A fun first-level track. 1:02
4 Grape Garden 雲ステージ
Cloud Stage
Relax and enjoy Grape Garden's first-stage theme. 0:58
Kirby's Dream Course 5 Iceberg Ocean コース8:雪ステージ
Course 8: Snow Stage
The final course features this tune. 0:59
Kirby's Dream Land 2 6 Coo's Theme クーのテーマ
Coo's Theme
This dramatic song plays when Coo carries Kirby. 0:36
7 Real Dark Matter VS.リアルダークマター
VS. Real Dark Matter
Reveal Dark Matter's true form to hear this song. 0:38
Kirby Super Star 8 Get Up and Go-urmet! 激突!グルメレース
Crash! Gourmet Race
The themes for the first and third legs of the Gourmet Race. 1:17
9 Havoc Aboard the Halberd 戦艦ハルバード:艦内
Battleship Halberd: Interior
This song features heavily in Revenge of Meta Knight but can also be heard in Milky Way Wishes. 1:16
10 Meddlesome Marx VS.マルク
VS. Marx
Kirby's battle with Marx in Milky Way Wishes features this song. 1:13
Kirby's Dream Land 3 11 Ripple Field: Ocean Waves 海ステージ
Sea Stage
One of the songs heard in the second level. 1:30
12 The Last Iceberg アイスバーグ
One of the songs heard in the fifth level. 1:30
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards 13 Planet Popstar ポップスター
This first-level theme welcomes players to Popstar. 1:30
14 Studying the Factory こうじょうけんがく
Factory Tour
This song keeps the factory in Shiver Star going. 1:44
15 O² Battle VS.ゼロ・ツー
VS. 0²
The final boss battle with features this tune. 2:31
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land 16 Rainbow Resort 寒冷ステージ
Cold Stage
This colorful song sets the mood for Rainbow Resort's first level. 0:50
17 Tower of Midbosses 中ボスタワー
Mid-Boss Tower
A song to celebrate a tower full of midbosses. 0:59
Kirby Air Ride 18 Fantasy Meadows エアライド:プランテス
Air Ride: Plantes
Fantasy Meadows' theme plays as you get the hang of the Air Ride machines. 1:38
19 Fountain of Dreams 夢の泉
Fountain of Dreams
This memorable song fits Nebula Belt perfectly. 2:42
20 City シティトライアル:街
City Trial: City
City Trial comes to life with this song. 2:11
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror 21 Forest/Nature Area 森・自然エリア
Forest/Nature Area
This chipper tune plays in Rainbow Route and other areas. 0:42
22 Boss Battle Theme ラストボス/第1形態
Last Boss / First Form
The bosses and Dark Mind's first form favor this song. 0:52
Kirby: Canvas Curse 23 Tiny Town タイニータウン
Tiny Town
Tiny Town's theme makes a player feel at home. 1:52
24 Canvas Canyon キャンバスキャニオン
Canvas Canyon
Canvas Canyon features this fun tune. 0:44
25 Drawcia Sorceress ドロシア ソーサレス
Drawcia Sorceress
An ominous song for the battle with Drawcia. 1:34
Kirby: Squeak Squad 26 Prism Plains プリズムプレインズ
Prism Plains
A fun song to introduce players to the first level. 1:12
27 Vocal Volcano ボイスボルカノ
Voice Volcano
This song plays in the fiery Vocal Volcano. 1:06
28 Squeak Squad Appears! ドロッチェ団のテーマ
Daroach Gang's Theme
A tune to announce the Squeak Squad. 1:36
Kirby Super Star Ultra 29 The Masked King マスクド・デデデのテーマ
Masked Dedede's Theme
An intense song for battling a familiar foe. 1:10
30 Helper's Rest ヘルパーたちの休息
Helpers' Rest
A restful tune for a restful area in Helper to Hero. 0:44
31 The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy 銀河最強の戦士
The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy
Battle Galacta Knight while this song plays. 1:11
Kirby's Epic Yarn 32 Fountain Gardens ふんすいのにわ
Fountain gardens
An energizing tune for the first level. 2:13
33 Green Greens: Epic Yarn グリーングリーンズ
Green Greens
A fun return to a familiar song while in Whispy's Forest. 1:51
34 Butter Building バタービルディング
Butter Building
This smooth song plays in Tempest Towers. 1:35
Kirby Mass Attack 35 Meadow Breeze そうげんをかけるそよかぜ
Gentle Breeze Over the Meadow
Learn the basics while this song plays in Green Grounds. 1:38
36 Kirby Conflict コンフリクト
Do battle to this tune in Kirby Quest. 0:49
37 Piggy Enemy ブタのようなてきだ!
It's a Piggy Enemy!
The anthem for the skull-wearing pig, Skullord. 1:00
38 Down to One ひとりにもどろう
Back to Being One
Defeat Necrodeus while enjoying this tune. 1:08
Kirby's Return to Dream Land 39 Cookie Country 4人の仲間と:クッキーカントリー
With Four Friends: Cookie Country
This cheerful song welcomes players to more Kirby adventures. 0:58
40 Bring on the Super Ability 必殺!スーパー能力
Deadly! Super Ability
A song to herald Kirby's powered-up abilities. 1:04
41 C-R-O-W-N-E-D CROWNED Combat an unexpected foe while this song plays. 2:36
42 Returning to Dream Land Return to Dreamland This song plays as the staff credits roll. 4:41
Bonus Tracks 43 Electro Kirby エレクトロ!カービィ
Electro! Kirby
Electronic remix of "The Last Iceberg", with multiple other songs playing for a few seconds during it ("Cave Stage", "Gourmet Race", "Float Islands", "Green Greens", Kirby Super Star's boss theme, and "Forest Stage"). Main melody switches to "Green Greens" at the end. 3:22
44 Gourmet Race to Green Greens: Chamber Music 激突!グルメレース〜グリーングリーンズ/室内楽 ver.
Crash! Gourmet Race ~ Green Greens / Chamber Music ver.
As the name suggests, this remix is both Gourmet Race and Green Greens played in a chamber music style. Specifically, the arrangement consists of two violins, a viola, a cello, a trombone, a French horn, and a clarinet. This track was played live, and a video recording of it can be viewed in Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition's Kirby's History mode. 2:56
45 Dream a New Dream for Tomorrow あしたはあしたのゆめをみて
Dream a New Dream For Tomorrow
Acoustic remix of "A New Wind for Tomorrow" from Kirby's Dream Land, and "Level 8 Demo" and "Ending Demo" from Kirby's Adventure. The last-third of the music is partially re-arranged for the ending text in Super Kirby Clash. 3:00


  • The design of the disc label is almost identical to that for Kirby Wii Music Selection from the previous year. The differences between the two, apart from necessary changes in title text, are that the artwork is gold-on-blue rather than silver-on-blue, Magolor is replaced with Kirby, the Club Nintendo Logo is replaced with the Official Nintendo Seal, the Compact Disc Digital Audio logo is moved to the bottom and given a "stereo" sublabel, the Kirby 20th Anniversary emblem is added to the bottom, and a notice is added warning that the CD is not playable on the Wii console (due to the Wii not supporting industry standard optical disc formats). A similar design was used for the Kirby: Triple Deluxe Soundtrack two years later, but with flower motifs, a green-on-white artwork design, and Taranza as the featured character.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィ 20周年メモリアルサウンドトラック
Hoshi no kābyi 20-shūnen memoriarusaundotorakku
Kirby 20th Anniversary Memorial Soundtrack