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The Sound Test Jukebox from Kirby Star Allies

The Sound Test (also referred to as the Jukebox, the Music Player, or just Music) is a special menu in various Kirby games that allows the player to listen to the music and/or sound effects of a given title. It is usually unlocked by clearing the Main Game, or an Extra Game, or by attaining 100% Completion.

The Sound Test also usually features a likeness of Kirby with headphones listening in.

In the Jukeboxes for Kirby: Triple Deluxe and subsequent titles, the music can be listened to in an Auto mode, which will automatically play through all the tracks in sequence. On the Nintendo 3DS titles, this can even keep going while the system is in Sleep Mode.

In the Sound Test for Kirby Star Allies, a graphic of Kirby along with his friends can be seen playing in a band (pictured above), with Kirby on the mike, a Burning Leo on guitar, a Waddle Doo on bass, and a Waddle Dee on percussion. If the player presses any buttons not pertaining to the menu while a song is playing, it will cause the band to 'play' their instruments. After Heroes in Another Dimension is cleared with the true ending, this may be replaced with Kirby backed by The Three Mage-Sisters, using modified versions of their weapons as instruments.


  • Early Sound Tests had their lists in hexadecimal, rather than decimal.
  • In Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Kirby: Planet Robobot, and Kirby Star Allies, each musical composer were given a special distinction in the Jukebox. When music plays, the color of the notes indicates which composer was involved - the red notes signifying Jun Ishikawa, blue representing Hirokazu Ando and yellow representing Yuuta Ogasawara.


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