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Ice/Crystal Area

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Ice/Crystal Area
Sample of "Ice/Crystal Area" from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
Debut appearance Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (2004)
Composer(s) Hironobu Inagaki or Atsuyoshi Isemura
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"Ice/Crystal Area"[Japanese title] is a stage theme from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror heard in all standard areas of Peppermint Palace, as well as its entrance in Carrot Castle - Room 4.


Kirby finds treasure in the icy palace.

"Ice/Crystal Area" is a dulcet theme in C major and 4/4. It has a clear accompaniment and high-pitched melody with pizzicato instruments quietly playing in the background. The first phrase progresses through the basic harmonic functions. It is followed by a variation from a higher note with a counterpoint strictly a third or fourth away, notably without including wider intervals. A third variation based on the same general progression but a less defined melody plays twice, the second time with an analogous counterpoint. The second phrase plays again with a new ending. Basing on the third variation but with more intense accompaniment, a passage peaking at rising diminished chords leads to the conclusion. A brief bridge in the lower registers connects back to the start, and the track loops.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 氷・水晶エリア[1]
Kōri suishō eria
Ice/Crystal Area