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Perfect Sledding Weather

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Perfect Sledding Weather
30 seconds of Perfect Sledding Weather from Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Debut appearance Kirby's Return to Dream Land (2011)
Last appearance Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (2023)
Composer(s) Jun Ishikawa
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"Perfect Sledding Weather" is a stage theme from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. This theme is the 36th theme in the Jukebox (44th in the remake) and was composed by Jun Ishikawa.


Contrary to what its name implies, "Perfect Sledding Weather" does not fit with other winter music, instead using instruments characteristic of Raisin Ruins. The theme is in the key of C major, and has some instrumentation such as banjos and trumpets. Its structure and melody are remarkably similar to that of "Beyond the Hill". After a short intro, the melody begins with a trumpet-like instrument playing a rising tonic broken chord, followed by a brief subdominant phrase with a B-flat emphasis, and plays the same phrase twice, the second time with more harmonic support. The second part has a descending melodic major phrase, that repeats with a higher final note. A brief transition similar to the analogous one from "Beyond the Hill" ties to the third section, which uses the same motif. In this appearance, the motif has a simpler rhythmical pattern; its main distinction is the switch to dominant harmonies within the same melodic pattern, with F-sharp to emphasize. Soon after the third part finishes, the track loops.


  • This song's internal filename in the files of Kirby's Return to Dream Land is ST_KBYW_CACTUS1, with the corresponding filename in the files of Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe being ST_KBYW_CACTUS1_Adjust_201208. This would suggest that, as its instrumentation implies, it was indeed planned to play in a desert-themed stage at some point.
  • Like "Beyond the Hill", this theme is similar to the game's unused track.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゆきすべりびより
yuki suberi biyori
Snow Slide Weather
Traditional Chinese 滑雪天氣
huá xuě tiān qì
Weather for Skiing
Simplified Chinese 滑雪天气
huá xuě tiān qì
Dutch Perfect weer om te sleeën Perfect weather for sledding
French Un temps parfait pour la luge Perfect weather for sledding
German Bestes Rodelwetter Best Sledding Weather
Italian Clima invernale perfetto Perfect winter weather
Korean 스노 슬라이딩
seuno seullaiding
Snow Sliding
Portuguese Clima perfeito para andar de trenó Perfect weather for sledding
Spanish Un tiempo ideal para ir en trineo The perfect weather for sledding