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Sullied Grace

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Sullied Grace
Various versions of "Sullied Grace".
Debut appearance Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014)
Last appearance Super Kirby Clash (2019)
Other appearance(s) Kirby: Planet Robobot
Kirby Star Allies
Composer(s) Jun Ishikawa
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"Sullied Grace"[1] is a musical piece composed by Jun Ishikawa and serves as the first boss battle theme of Queen Sectonia in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.


Sullied Grace consists of three sections:

  • Section 1 has a rapidly changing tempo, featuring an organ introducing the melody of the later sections. It starts and ends at a slow tempo.
  • Section 2 remains at a slower, consistent tempo, where an organ and drums continue to play after an ephemeral pause. Towards the end, an electric guitar provides a bridge into the third section, accompanied by the drums but sans organ.
  • Section 3 has a fast tempo, featuring the same instruments as prior, with the permanent addition of electric guitar, mostly playing the notes found in the bridge out of section 2. This section loops from the moment the organ resumes playing.

Section 1 opens at a slow tempo around 60 BPM, speeding up to 90 BPM as the organ's notes rise, slowing back to 80 BPM as they fall, and then accelerating hugely to over 240 BPM while the following notes play, until the final, drawn out note that descends to about 70 BPM. A short pause comes between the end of this section and the prior.

Section 2 plays at 65 BPM for the entire duration. It adds on to what is hastily introduced in the first section, and clarifies it before the bridge opens and the guitar goes wild. At this time, the guitar plays a fast strign of notes at 180 BPM, playing it a total of four times as the drums accentuate the change in tone.

Section 3 remains at 180 BPM, and the organ opens similarly to as in section 2, simply at a higher tempo. The guitar plays the same notes from the bridge in changing pitch as the drums slightly intensify. Later into this section, the guitar takes over and flies loose, playing a series of intense notes rising, accompanied by the organ. Eventually, the guitar sounds out a series of long notes in succession, emphasizing the intensity again. The organ plays the sequence from section 1 after this, but without the tempo modulation and some small timing changes in the notes themselves. After this, the organ returns to a piece used at the end of section 2 as an electric piano plays a repeating set of notes. The track loops back to the start of this section.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

"Sullied Grace" can be found as Track 99 in Kirby: Triple Deluxe's Jukebox.

On the Kirby: Triple Deluxe Soundtrack CD, Queen Sectonia's laughter sound effects are added in Section 2, and the track ends with her defeated cry, which is Track 100 in the Jukebox.

Kirby: Planet Robobot[edit]

Although Queen Sectonia herself doesn't appear, Sectonia Clone acts as a surprise boss in Meta Knightmare Returns and The True Arena of Kirby: Planet Robobot. Her battle theme is titled "Faded & Flower", and is a muddy remix of Section 2 of "Sullied Grace". It's arranged by the original composer Jun Ishikawa, and can be found as Track 151 in the game's Jukebox.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

During Morpho Knight's boss battle in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! and Soul Melter (EX) The Ultimate Choice, if 1P is Taranza, Morpho Knight's theme will be replaced by a medley of Queen Sectonia's battle themes, which includes "Sullied Grace" right at the beginning. The track title on Kirby Star Allies: The Original Soundtrack is 月魄げつはくのファントム (Phantom of the Moon’s Spirit).

This medley is arranged by Hirokazu Ando. It can be found as Track 182 in the Star Allies Jukebox as of Version 4.0.0.

Super Kirby Clash[edit]

A remix of "Phantom of the Moon’s Spirit", which primarily adds electronic sounds and effects to the original medley, plays during the Super+ Party Quest against Taranza.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Dirty&Beauty
Dirty & Beauty

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