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Nintendo Switch News Channel

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The main menu of the Nintendo Switch News Channel as of late April 2021.

Nintendo Switch News Channel (shortened to just News on the Nintendo Switch menu) is a feature of the Nintendo Switch which allows players to access news, promotions, and upcoming developments directly from Nintendo about games, events, console updates, and other matters. Naturally, this feature requires an internet connection to receive new posts and other updates. This channel can be accessed from the Nintendo Switch's main menu by selecting the "News" icon in the lower portion of the screen, and can also be accessed from the start-up screen.


The Nintendo Switch News Channel is divided into two main parts. The first is the "Featured" and "Latest" category, and is the first the player will see upon entering the channel. This section is devoted to general news about Nintendo and its news postings, and also features the latest postings for specific games the player is subscribed to. The second is devoted to news feeds for specific games, which players will be subscribed to if they purchase the game in question, or for those non-owned and manually subscribed to. Followed channels can also be manually "unfollowed", even for games that are owned. This latter section can be accessed by pressing the + button to "Find Channels".

Kirby series channels[edit]

A list of followed channels, including three Nintendo Switch Kirby games.

As of now, the Nintendo Switch News Channel has feeds for every Kirby game made for and released on the Nintendo Switch except for Kirby's Dream Buffet, though the Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe Channel is only available for Japanese Nintendo Account users and the only channel available for European Nintendo Account users was the Kirby Star Allies Channel, with some Super Kirby Clash Channel posts being shared via a general Nintendo News channel. The following pages list each English-translated news posting for each game as follows (in order of game release):