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Hunted by the Beast

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Hunted by the Beast

"Sudden Metamorphosis":

"Hunted by the Beast" from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Debut appearance Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Composer(s) Jun Ishikawa[1]
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"Hunted by the Beast" is the battle theme for Fecto Forgo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It was composed by Jun Ishikawa.[1]


Kirby being hunted by the beast.

"Hunted by the Beast" is a track characterized by its unstable tempo and changing instrumentation, primarily set in the key of E minor.

Its intro establishes the main motif of the song, and it transitions to its first section as the percussion starts. This section uses an irregular percussion pattern alongside a violin-like instrument to create a sinister mood, as instruments change and the song builds up to a climax. The main percussion stops, the song slows down, and its main motif plays. Next, an oboe-like instrument plays an eerie melody accompanied by a bass drum, later switching with another instrument. The first notes of the main motif play in sequence, with the fourth repeat being slightly different, then a loud brass instrument plays three notes twice, followed by a more light hearted part. As a distorted cry of a beast plays, an instrument plays alternating notes on repeat to set a rhythm, and then is joined by a quiet melody that completes it. The song then transitions to its second main section, with the main percussion coming back, this time on a rhythmic pattern that gives the mood of a chase sequence. The violin also comes back, playing a sinister slow melody; this melody is eventually passed down to a brass instrument. During this section, the most stable one of the song, instruments occasionally appear for a short moment to enrich it, including a rainstick at the end. It then goes to its final section, as the percussion stops but the melody continues, playing the song's main motif. An eerie segment plays, immediately followed by the main motif played by a loud instrument, but it doesn't resolve; this is repeated a second time, and then a third, but this time it properly resolves. This is immediately followed by a long note hanging up as various distorted animal cries play, until they stop and a quick transition plays, that leads to the song's loop.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby and the Forgotten Land[edit]

As mentioned previously, "Hunted by the Beast" plays during the battle with Fecto Forgo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Moreover, the song is also incorporated at the end of the cutscene theme "Sudden Metamorphosis", that precedes said battle.

"Hunted by the Beast" can be found as track 69 in the Waddle Live! Corner Stage, while "Sudden Metamorphosis" is track 68.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 追獣ついじゅう
Beast Hunt
Traditional Chinese 追獸
Zhuī shòu
Beast Hunt
Simplified Chinese 追兽
Zhuī shòu
Dutch Opgejaagd door het beest Rushed by the beast
French Pourchassé par la bête Chased by the beast
German Gejagt von der Bestie Hunted by the beast
Italian Perseguitato dalla bestia Chased by the beast
Korean 짐승의 추격
jimseung-ui chugyeog
Chase of the Beast
Spanish Perseguido por la bestia Chased by the beast