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Glitches in Kirby's Dream Land 2

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby's Dream Land 2. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

Aerial swimming visual glitches[edit]

This glitch can only be performed underwater right next to a slope on the surface (such slope can be found in Cloudy Park - Stage 3). The player must hold down and press A every frame simultaneously while hugging the wall under the slope. If done correctly, Kirby will continue to be in a swimming state when leaving the water. Many visual glitches may occur, such as Kirby becoming temporarily invisible and his sprite spreading across the screen or being replaced by a foe's sprite altogether. The glitches may persist even if Kirby returns to his normal playable state; however, everything goes back to normal if he takes damage or enters water again.[1]

Coo clip[edit]

When pairing up with Coo, if Kirby inhales a foe, he can then clip into walls through the corners of slopes. He may then move around freely within and out of the wall. This glitch can prove to be useful in speedruns, as it can save time normally required to dodge obstacles.[2]

Overworld KO[edit]

If Kirby loses his last health point by taking damage and the game is paused at the same time, exiting the stage will trigger the KO animation once Kirby lands in the level hub. If the same is done while Kirby is riding an Animal Friend, said Animal Friend will leave in the overworld as if KO'd in a stage.[3]