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WiKirby:Glitch Disclaimer Notes

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Glitches are errors in the programming of video games which can be manipulated by the player to perform actions that cannot be executed throughout normal game play. Glitches take advantage of these programming errors and though they most often result in favorable outcomes, glitches can on rare occasions be damaging to your console, controller, game cartridge or disc. Although the glitches found throughout this site have been successfully completed by wiki contributors, that does not mean they won't cause crashes, screen and sound distortion or any other damage to your equipment. Most effects of glitches are temporary and can be undone by resetting your console, but on rare occasions, your game data may be corrupted or destroyed.

  • When attempting glitches, do not risk losing any data. We recommend creating a back-up save file before performing glitches.
  • Attempting any glitch found on this website is done at your own risk. While many glitches are harmless, as mentioned before, some may damage your game or console. Any side effects the glitches may cause will be noted, but WiKirby cannot and will not take any responsibility for the outcomes of the glitches or the damage they may cause.
  • All of the glitches on WiKirby have been tested at least once. Most have been personally tested by the editors to provide the most accurate and detailed information about the glitches, how to perform them, and their side effects.
  • All of our glitch pages contain original content as we do not copy from any other sources. We aim to provide easy to follow instructions, but your exact results in attempting these glitches may vary.

These Glitch Disclaimer Notes form the standard of glitches on WiKirby, along with the Quality Standards for Glitches, and we aim to strictly adhere to them in all areas. If you find glitches not living up to the standards as set out above, please report them.

Note: Please be advised that WiKirby is currently working on the glitch pages, and that more information will become available on glitches as time progresses, including glitches in the spin-offs and associated games.

Glitch Page Standards

The Glitch pages are articles about glitches discovered throughout the Kirby series. As such, each article has the same outline and standards as the rest. These outlines and standards are critical to uphold the foundation of the glitch pages and therefore must be included in each glitch page. Each section of a glitch article must follow the present outline:

  • Effect: (The effect of the glitch.)
  • Prerequisites: (What is needed to execute the glitch.)
  • How To: (Step by step instructions of how to perform the glitch.)
  • Notes: (Any important details that the player must know about the glitch. For example, any side effects that may occur or how to cancel the glitch.)

Each article and its sections must also follow the present standards:

  • Every glitch must have its own heading with a name that succinctly describes the glitch (for example, "Pressing Up & Down Simultaneously"). If the glitch has multiple effects, they may go into their own subheadings.
  • If a glitch has a similar name to another glitch, then the glitches with similar names must be given numbers to their corresponding name.
  • If a YouTube video is being added to the section, it must follow the placement pattern of the other videos. This means no two videos may be on the same side. All videos must follow the placement pattern: right, left, right, etc.
  • Before adding a glitch to a page, please be sure to personally test it, or otherwise provide substantial evidence that the glitch is possible (such as a YouTube video or other documentation). If you cannot provide either, do not add it.
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