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List of Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustrations - 2019

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The following is a complete list of all Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustration posts for the year 2019.


Post date Image Image details Original text and translation Source URL Notes
Jan 1, 2019 Twitter commemorative - New Year's Day 2019.jpg Portrays a morning scene where King Dedede and Meta Knight are preparing mochi as Kirby enjoys a meal in the background. The Channel PPP Crew are riding Nruff and Nelly. あけましておめでとうございます!ワドルディレポート隊、年明けいっぱつめのレポートですっ!

今日は大王さまとメタナイトさんが、ごうかいにおもちつき!カービィさん、さっそくおいしそうに食べてますね~! 今年もたのしくおいしい一年になりますように!!

Happy New Year! This is the Waddle Dee Report Crew with a New Year's update!
Today, the Great King and Meta Knight are making mochi! Meanwhile, Kirby is having a delicious meal~!
We hope you all have a fun and delicious year!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates New Year's Day. Nruff and Nelly represent 2019 being the Year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac.
Jan 11, 2019 Twitter commemorative - KTD 5th anniversary.jpg Portrays Bell Kirby, King Dedede with a tambourine, and Taranza with a bouquet posing together. ごきげんよう、タランザなのね。

なんということでしょう!そう…今日は『星のカービィ トリプルデラックス』発売5周年の、記念すべき日なのね! あれからもう5年も経つなんて…そうなのねっ、今日もあの花に水をあげにいくのね!

How do you do? It's Taranza.
Would you look at that! It's the fifth anniversary of Kirby: Triple Deluxe today!
It's really been five years since then... I suppose I should water that flower today, then!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates the fifth anniversary of Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Taranza is cited as the source of the text for this post.
Feb 22, 2019 Twitter commemorative - Cat Day.jpg Portrays a scene in which Sleep Kirby is snuggling with several characters associated with or having features similar to cats. Characters present include Galbel, Nago, Scarfy, Magolor, Tac, and Fire Lion. 「にゃ~にゃ~、ゴロゴロ、ぐぅぐぅ…」本日はみなさんおそろいで、いったいどうしたんですか?

え?「にゃんにゃんにゃんの日」…なんですかそれは?さっそく取材を… って、あぁ~~っ!ちょっと!マイクがないとレポートができないじゃないですか!だ、誰かなんとかしてください~~っ!! #猫の日

"Meow, purr, snooze..." Seems like you're all in sync today. What's up?
Huh? "Meow Meow Meow Day"... What could that be? Let's get the scoop...
Ahhh! Wait a minute! I can't report without a microphone! S-someone, please help meeee! #CatDay

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates Cat Day.
Mar 7, 2019 Twitter commemorative - KEEY release.jpg Portrays a scene in Patch Land where Yarn Kirby and various yarn characters are present, including yarn versions of the Channel PPP Crew. Other characters include Prince Fluff, Yin-Yarn, Angie, Me-Devil, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddle Doo. ニンテンドー3DSソフト『毛糸のカービィ プラス』がいよいよ本日発売です!

カービィさんたちを追いかけていたら、われわれも毛糸の世界に迷い込んでしまいました!ふわふわきもちいいです~。 …あれ?後方からあやしげな影が…カービィさん!がんばってください~!

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn for the Nintendo 3DS is available for purchase today!
While we were tracking down Kirby and company, we got lost in the world of yarn, too! It's so soft and fluffy~.
...Huh? That suspicious silhouette back there... Kirby! Be careful out there~!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates the release of Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.
Mar 14, 2019 Twitter commemorative - White Day.jpg Portrays a scene where Kirby and various male characters are preparing sweets in a kitchen. Characters present in the room include Taranza, Rick, Nago, Chef Kawasaki, Gooey, King Dedede, and Meta Knight. Through a window, Adeleine, ChuChu, and the Channel PPP Crew are watching in anticipation. Taranza is decorating a cookie shaped like Queen Sectonia, Kirby is holding lollipops that look like Invincible Candy, and Chef Kawasaki has prepared a stack of macarons with some resembling the Channel PPP Crew and Waddle Doo. おや?くんくん…なんだかとってもいいかおり!部屋の中をそ~っとのぞいてみましょう…あっ!

カービィさんたちが見当たらないと思ったらこんなところに! わいわい楽しそうですね!用意しているのは、もしかして…? みなさんどなたにプレゼントするのでしょうか?気になります~っ!

Hmm? Sniff, sniff... Something smells really good! Let's take a peek inside this room... Oh!
I didn't expect to see Kirby and company in a place like this!
Looks like they're having fun! I wonder what they're making...
What kind of presents are you all giving out today? I'm so curious!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates White Day, a counterpart holiday to Valentine's Day often observed in Asian countries. This illustration can be seen as a follow-up to the Valentine's Day illustration from 2018.
Mar 16, 2019 Twitter commemorative - KSA 1st anniversary.jpg Portrays an abstract scene where Kirby is posing with friendly characters while holding Friend Hearts. Characters present include Poppy Bros. Jr. balancing on a Maxim Tomato, Broom Hatter, and Parasol Waddle Dee in the distance. ジャマハローア!

『星のカービィ スターアライズ』が発売1周年だ! 皆、拍手! 初代『星のカービィ』から携わるスタッフも参加している、 歴代デザイナーが描いた合作記念イラストだ。 この絵のキャラは、1作目から登場しているメンバーだな! 歴史を感じてシビれるぞ…

Today's the first anniversary of Kirby Star Allies!
Let's give a round of applause!
To commemorate the occasion, Kirby staff from different eras collaborated on this special illustration, even including one who worked on the original Kirby's Dream Land.
The characters in this picture are also ones who have been around since the original game!
Just seeing all this history is mesmerizing...

Twitter link (Japanese) Twitter favicon.png Commemorates the first anniversary of Kirby Star Allies. This image was also posted to the English Nintendo of America feed, as well as the Kirby Star Allies Channel, which explains in more detail who drew each character. Hitoshi Kikkawa, who worked on Kirby's Dream Land, drew Broom Hatter; Riki Fuhrmann drew Kirby, and Shinya Kumazaki drew Poppy Bros. Jr.
Today is the one year anniversary of #KirbyStarAllies! To celebrate, designers from across the pink puffball's past came together to create this special artwork. It features characters present in the series since Kirby’s Dream Land! How will you celebrate Kirby's special day? Twitter link (English) Twitter favicon.png
Apr 27, 2019 Twitter commemorative - Kirby's Birthday 2019.jpg Portrays a scene where Festival Kirby is posing with a lavishly decorated birthday cake. Surrounding him are three Don Puffles and the Channel PPP Crew. Small tokens on the cake portray King Dedede and Meta Knight. カービィさん、お誕生日おめでとうございます!!

われわれもドンパフルさんと、フェスティバーンでにぎやかにお祝いです!ドンドンパフパフ~!!!! これからの冒険も楽しみにしています~っ!

Happy birthday, Kirby!
We're having a lively Festival Dance, celebrating with Don Puffles! Honk, toot, and bammity-bam!
We're looking forward to your future adventures!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates Kirby's 27th anniversary.
May 12, 2019 Twitter commemorative - Mother's Day.jpg Portrays a scene where Kirby is holding a large heart, surrounded by various characters and their mothers. Matching pairs include Mamatee and two Blippers, Nruff and Nelly, Dyna Blade and her chicks, and Pitch Mama and Pitch. 今日はお母さんに日頃のカンシャを伝える日、だそうです!



It seems today is the day to say thanks to our mothers!
Some of you might be a little shy, but... oh? Kirby seems to support all of you!
Alright... ready, everyone?
Thank you, mom~!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates Mother's Day. The image appears to confirm that Nruff and Mamatee are female, and the mothers of their respective smaller cousins.
Jun 16, 2019 Twitter commemorative - Father's Day.jpg Portrays a scene where President Haltmann is posing in his executive chair as Haltmann money rains down. Kirby, Susie, and the Channel PPP Crew look on, as Assistant Waddle Dee recalls Susie's similar lavish pose from the Hinamatsuri illustration in 2018. 本日は父の日!




Today is Father's Day!
We interviewed the infamous President Haltmann, otherwise known as "The Noble Father of the Galaxy"!
"Susie has told me all about your work! Well, I have tons of money! It flies right into my haaands!"
And that's that! But this scene... doesn't it seem familiar?

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates Father's Day.
Jul 15, 2019 Twitter commemorative - Marine Day 2019.jpg Portrays a volleyball match at Reef Resort between Fighter Kirby and Box Boxer and the Channel PPP Crew and a Crabbo. Kirby scores a point using a Dedede ball as Waddle Doo officiates and Bronto Burts help film the event. 本日はリーフリゾートにやって来ました!

わたくしレポーターワドルディと音声ワドルディのチームでビーチバレーに挑戦です! 対するは…バウファイターさんと「ファイター能力」のカービィさんのチーム!いざ…勝負!!

えいっ! やぁ! とぉ!


We visited Reef Resort today!
Let's play some beach volleyball with our team of Reporter Waddle Dee and Microphone Waddle Dee!
Against... a team of Box Boxer and Fighter Kirby! Ready... game on!
Hup! Hah! Yah!
Hiyaaah! I-I miiiissed!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates Marine Day. The Dedede ball is a reference to Ball Dedede from Kirby: Canvas Curse.
Jul 23, 2019 Twitter commemorative - KFD and DDDD 5th anniversary.jpg Portrays a scene where four different Kirbys (using the Sword, Beam, Ninja, and Fighter abilities) pose with King Dedede playing a tambourine while wearing a Taranza mask and Magolor holding a blindfold banner with text on it that reads 'Happy 5th Anniversary'. In the distance, Shadow Kirby wielding the Parasol ability can be seen. 今日で『カービィファイターズZ』と『デデデ大王のデデデでデンZ』が発売5周年を迎えました~!



Today is the fifth anniversary of Kirby Fighters Deluxe and Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe~!
Kirby, the Great King, and Magolor have all gotten together to celebrate!
These two games are available on 3DS! Check them out~!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates the 5th anniversary of Kirby Fighters Deluxe and Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe.
Aug 13, 2019 Twitter commemorative - Ghost Story Day.jpg Portrays a scene where the Channel PPP Crew wander into a cave haunted by ghostly creatures. Characters featured include Ghost Kirby, Tedhaun, Jumper Shoot, Spookstep, Phanta, Mumbies, and Babut. Camera Waddle Dee's flashlight has a Cool Spook decoration. 夏の暑さをふきとばすには…きもだめし!

おや?海辺に気になるスポットを発見! いざ!ワドルディレポート隊のちょくげきレポート~っ!




It's just so hard... to beat the heat!
Hmm? Oh, we found a point of interest by the beach!

Alright! The Waddle Dee Report Crew's Shocking Report!
...For some reason, I'm already getting chills...
What was that?! I can't see anything after dark...
Oh, no, it seems we've stumbled upon haunted ground!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates Ghost Story Day.
Sep 5, 2019 Twitter commemorative - SKC release JP.jpg Portrays a battle scene where Sword Hero, Hammer Lord, Doctor Healmore, and Beam Mage battle Parallel Nightmare, as Shopkeeper Magolor and the Channel PPP Crew watch on. Nintendo Switch向け新作『スーパーカービィハンターズ』が本日配信開始!基本無料!

お友達やご家族とはもちろん、オンラインプレイでも大盛り上がり間違いなしです! って…なんですかあのコワ~イ方…アナザーナイトメア!?カービィさんたち!なんとかしてくださいーっ!

The new game Super Kirby Clash is now available for Nintendo Switch! It's free to start!
No doubt it'll be a lot of fun, both with your friends and family and playing online!
But... what's that way over there... Parallel Nightmare!? Team Kirby, please do something about this!

Twitter link (Japanese) Twitter favicon.png Commemorates the release of Super Kirby Clash. The illustrations of Team Kirby match their official artwork from the Super Kirby Clash game cover. An English version of the picture was released on Nintendo of America's feed, with the text on Assistant Waddle Dee's cue card translated to "Oh my gosh!"
Twitter commemorative - SKC release EN.jpg #SuperKirbyClash is available now, and it’s free-to-start! To celebrate, the developers have created this special illustration! Twitter link (English) Twitter favicon.png
Oct 31, 2019 Twitter commemorative - Halloween 2019.jpg Portrays a scene in the woods where various characters are receiving bags of sweets from Parallel Nightmare, who is dressed as a vampire. Characters present include Kirby dressed as Dark Nebula, Reporter Waddle Dee wrapped in bandages, Microphone Waddle Dee dressed as a Greater Doomer, Camera Waddle Dee wearing the standard level 2 Beam Mage hat, Assistant Waddle Dee wearing a Dark Matter costume, Cappy dressed as a zombie, Taranza wearing a Skully mask, Babut, Booler, and King Dedede, who is not wearing a costume and appears oddly frustrated. In the background, Parallel Woods can be seen wrapped in bandages and smiling, with a line of Jack-o'-lanterns in its branches that portray King Dedede, Kirby, Squashini, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee. 今日はハロウィンですね!

プププランドの住人たちも、みな思い思いの仮装を楽しんでいますよ! 今年はなんと!お菓子をくばるバンパイアさんがいらっしゃってます!われわれも早く列に並ばなければ~っ! では、せーのっ!トリック・オア・トリート!

Today's Halloween!
The people of Dream Land are celebrating by dressing up in their favorite costumes!
And this year, there's a vampire giving out sweets! We'll have to make sure we get in line!
Okay, ready? Trick or treat!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates Halloween.
Nov 28, 2019 Twitter commemorative - Paint creatures.jpg Portrays a scene where the Channel PPP Crew watches as several canvas-based paintings and drawings come to life. The living illustrations include one of King Dedede, Bandana Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, Landia, Ice Dragon, Para Sorceress, a baseball, a car, and a Cotta. Looking at all these illustrations in surprise are the various painter characters, including Artist Kirby, Paint Roller, Adeleine and Ribbon, Drawcia, Paintra, and Elline and Claycia. カービィさんをはじめとしたプププランドのアーティストたちが、巨大絵画を作成中!

……というお話を聞きつけ、われわれ取材にやってまいりました! さてさてどんな作品ができあがって…

って……うわわーーっ!? キャンバスからいろんなものが飛び出てきましたよ!?これはいち大事です~~っ!!

Kirby and the other artists of Dream Land are creating a huge painting!
...We heard about this story and came to interview them!
I wonder what kind of painting they're...
They're... Whaaa!?
All kinds of things have popped out of the canvas! This is a huge probleeem!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png
Dec 24, 2019 Twitter commemorative - Christmas 2019.jpg Portrays a scene where Chef Kawasaki has prepared a dinner for Christmas Eve consisting of a large turkey, a log-shaped cake, and assorted dishes, some of which are made at the Kirby Café. Present at the table are Kirby, the Channel PPP Crew, Don Puffle, and Dekofloof. Outside the door, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and a Waddle Dee dressed as a reindeer are traveling with sacks presumably full of gifts. Decorating the inside of the room on the tree, the wreath, and the cake are ornaments representing Chilly, Yuki, Corori, Kracko, Snoppy, and Ringle. 今日はクリスマス・イブですね!

お部屋をみんなでキレイにかざりつけて、今夜はたのしいパーティです! なんと!コックカワサキさんがスペシャルなケーキを作ってくれましたよっ!おいしそうです~っ!


Today is Christmas Eve!
Everyone pitched in to decorate in preparation for a fun party tonight!
Wow! Chef Kawasaki made a special cake, too! It looks delicious!
Kirby...? Don't dig in just yet, okay?

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates Christmas Eve. Each of the obscure enemies featured in this artwork (aside from Yuki) would be showcased in the concurrent Dedede Directory post.
Dec 31, 2019 Twitter commemorative - New Year's Eve 2019.jpg Portrays a scene where Festival Kirby, King Dedede, Susie, and The Three Mage-Sisters are preparing to sing to an audience, many of which are running away (presumably in fear of Kirby's singing voice). Susie is angrily shouting at the mage sisters, and Hyness and President Haltmann are the only audience members who are not running away; with both cheering and holding glow sticks representing their respective singers. 今年もいよいよ、あとわずか!

プププランドでは年のしめくくりとして「プププ歌合戦」が開催されています! さぁ次の出場者は…じゃんっ!カービィさんですっ!! ってあれ?なんだか会場がざわついて…あ、お客さん!まだ帰らないでくださ~い!歌合戦はまだまだこれからですよ~~っ!!

The new year is just around the corner!
In Dream Land, the "Dream Song Battle" is held at the end of every year!
And our next contestant is... ack! It's Kirby!
What's that? The venue's starting to get noisy... Oh, viewers! Please don't go home yet! The Song Battle isn't over yeeet!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates New Year's Eve. The "Dream Song Battle" refers to the Kohaku Uta Gassen, a popular annual New Year's Eve TV special in Japan.