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Free Rolling

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Free Rolling
KDB Free roll gameplay screenshot.jpg
Kirbys in various costumes playing on the Free Rolling course.
Type Free Rolling
Unlock criteria Available at start
No. of variants 1
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Practice your rolling in a safe, open space. You can also try different Copy Foods while you're there. Roll, snack, and celebrate with your friends!
— Menu description for Free Rolling mode from Kirby's Dream Buffet

Free Rolling is a special stage and game mode in Kirby's Dream Buffet that allows the Kirbys to roam around a large open area without any real goals. It can be accessed from the Home Table via the jar of Copy Foods on the right hand side, or it can be chosen when playing Battle Mode, Local Play, or Online mode with a password game. The mode can be exited through the menu or by eating the Strawberry Mountain on top of the cake at the center.

Mode details[edit]

Free Rolling is a relaxed playground for you to explore and enjoy. Any strawberries you eat in that mode will not affect your Gourmet Rank.
— Tasty Tidbit from Kirby's Dream Buffet

Free Rolling mode is an open-ended sandbox-style game mode where Kirby has an opportunity to play around with various objects, hazards, Copy Foods, and enemies without any real time constraints or objectives to meet. To leave this mode, Kirby can eat the Strawberry Mountain at the back of the board, or the player can exit via the pause menu. In addition, the board and its elements can be reset via the pause menu, and Kirby's strawberry count can also be reset by pressing the - button. There is no limit to how many strawberries Kirby can collect while here, but the counter caps at 999, and none of the strawberries collected will add to the Gourmet Rank.

When playing Free Rolling mode from the Home Table, there is no time limit to consider. When selecting it via a multiplayer mode, however, a time of 60 minutes is given for the players to mess about. CPU players cannot enter the Free Rolling mode. When multiple Kirbys are in play, Battle Royale rules are in effect when defeating each-other, meaning players can steal each-others' strawberries. Anyone can end the mode early by eating the Strawberry Mountain. Additionally, when playing in Online Mode, it is possible for the players to get "de-synced" in the sense that what one player sees the others doing may not be what the other players are actually doing.

Stage layout[edit]

The Free Rolling board is fairly large with lots of distinct areas. As the player collects more Character Treats, random ones will be used to populate the space. The main areas are as follows, in clockwise order from the starting point (names are conjectural):

Areas in the Free Rolling stage  
Area Description Notes
KDB Free Rolling entry screenshot.png
Starting plate
This area is a circular plate where Kirby enters the course from. There is nothing else on the plate.
KDB Free Rolling area screenshot 01.png
Main square
This area is a wide and flat pink sheet cake zone near the front of the board, where all eight Copy Foods can be found lined up on platforms. In addition, a couple Waddle Dee dummies can be found here, which can be kicked around.
KDB Free Rolling area screenshot 02.png
Left plate
This area consists of a wide rectangular plate with teacups and shortcake slices on it. There are two Food Boxes here and a hidden Cappy with a 5-stack of strawberries on its head. One of the teacups here has a flag, and will award Kirby with strawberries if he knocks a Waddle Dee Dummy into it, though only once without resetting.
KDB Free Rolling area screenshot 03.png
Pancake & Baumkuchen zone
This area features spinning pancake platforms, a Baumkuchen halfpipe, and a syrup wall. Inside the halfpipe are lots of strawberries and a Tornado Copy Food to collect them with. A churro arch sits atop the halfpipe which holds a 5-pile of strawberries. A number of rotating pancake elevators can be ridden up on the left edge of this area to reach a high platform where a cookie depicting Super Kirby Clash can be found, along with a cannon that leads back down to the Left plate.
KDB Free Rolling area screenshot 04.png
Chocolate fountain
This area features a tall chocolate fountain similar to the one seen on the Chocolate Fountain race course. A series of treats spin around the perimeter of the pot quickly in counterclockwise manner, and there are five Food Boxes being carried along with them. Atop the fountain is a treat depicting Kirby and the Forgotten Land, along with a Shotzo and a cannon that shoots Kirby to the Central shortcake. A hidden Cappy with five strawberries and a Bronto Burt with one can also be found here.
KDB Free Rolling area screenshot 05.png
Left trackways
This area consists of two separate paths connecting the Chocolate fountain to other areas of the board. The lower one consists of three spinning doughnuts, one of which has Crumbling Cookie walls on it. The upper one consists of a cake roll trackway with doughnut arches that Kirby cannot squeeze through if he is too large.
KDB Free Rolling area screenshot 06.png
Central shortcake
This area is a large circular cake with many decks to it and ramps for access. Atop the cake is a 50-pile Strawberry Mountain which, when Kirby eats, ends the Free Rolling mode. Behind this is a hidden Cappy with a 5-stack of strawberries and an area where lots of breakable crates can be found.
KDB Free Rolling area screenshot 07.png
Whispy Woods' park
This area is a small flat grassy zone where Whispy Woods can be found, along with two Gordos and three Food Boxes. Bumping into Whispy will cause him to drop strawberries, similar to how it works in the Whispy Stage Cake Battle Royale stage. If Kirby knocks a Waddle Dee dummy into Whispy, he will be rewarded with extra strawberries, but only once per reset.
KDB Free Rolling area screenshot 08.png
Ice Cream zone
This area features a central plaza made of popsicles where four Bronto Burts carrying strawberries fly around a central pit with a bridge spanning it. There are Copy Foods for Jelly and Stone here, as well as some hidden strawberries in high places. Surrounding this area are two extra ice cream platforms, one of which has a treat depicting Kirby Star Allies and another of which holds a Bronto Burt and a cannon which shoots Kirby to Whispy Woods' park.
KDB Free Rolling area screenshot 09.png
Right plate
This is a wide rectangular area which contains slices of shortcake, sheet cake, and cake rolls as platforms. A Kabu and Bouncy can be found here, along with more strawberries, breakable crates, and a Food Box. A narrow spiral path can be accessed at the right end of this area to reach a platform with a cookie depicting Kirby Fighters 2 and a cannon that will send Kirby back down to the middle of the plate. There is also a teacup here with a flag that will award strawberries once per reset if Kirby knocks a Waddle Dee dummy into it.


  • There is a hidden set of cookies on this board that spell out the word "HAL", located around the board. The HAL Room page has details on where they can be found.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フリーロール
furī rōru
Free Roll
Traditional Chinese 自由練習
zì yóu liàn xí
Free Practice
Simplified Chinese 自由练习
zì yóu liàn xí
Dutch Proefbaan Test track
Also a pun on how "proef" means both "test" and "taste"
French Roulade libre Free Rolling
German Freies Rollen Free Rolling
Italian Allenamento libero Free workout
Korean 프리 롤링
peuli lolling
Free Rolling
Portuguese Rodízio em rolê "Rodízio" here has two meanings:
  • a type of all-you-can-eat style of restaurant services in Brazil, in which one pays a fixed price and waiters bring food to each costumer as much as they want;
  • a caster wheel.

"Rolê" here also has two meanings:

  • the word can be used to describe rolled food; a common example is "bife rolê/bife a rolê" (literally "rolled beef");
  • an informal word for a stroll or walk.
Latin American Spanish Rodar y rodar Roll and roll
European Spanish Rueda a tu bola Roll your ball