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This is my Sandbox! Here I'll both list stuff I plan on doing and WIPs I may have.

You're free to edit here if you feel I missed anything, made some mistakes, or if you could add a thing or two, I just ask for you to not create any new sections or do any major expansions.

Important pages to update because of the changes to Template:Aboutfile[edit]

Music page creation policy questions to answer[edit]

  • Do all songs in the series deserve their own page? What counts as "deserving" if not?
  • What defines a unique song? Unique melody? Should remixes get own separate pages? If so, when?
    • Currently "unique melody" isn't enough to group pages; King Dedede's Theme and Masked Dedede's Theme are separate pages even though the latter is a remix of the former. Justification appears to be if the song is considered separate by having its own name and its own identity. Outlaw Driver currently is being discussed if it's unique enough to deserve its own page, or if it should be covered in Pink Ball Activate!.
    • Invincible Candy (themes) on the other hand covers songs with completely different melodies and instead only covers songs that play when characters are under the effect of the Invincibility Candy, excluding clips from the Block Ball remix and Full-Speed Farewell from the New World.
  • How should medleys be treated? Should they also have pages? If sometimes, when?

Music pages to create[edit]

Not my focus right now but I want to have a list of these somewhere. I will slowly create pages as I see fit, usually starting with songs that have been remixed several times and/or are important to the series. Also I didn't realize this grew to be really big; many pages here really aren't priority right now, and some may never not even get their own pages, but since you never know I let them here (plus, I would like to have a place listing the official names of songs I can find).

Here are lists for many games  
  • Midboss / Arena battle theme (Mid-Boss Battle in Nintendo Mobile, "Egg Bonus Stage" in the OST)
  • Boss (theme from Kirby's Adventure) (named "Boss" in the OST)
  • Nightmare's battle theme(s) (named "Final Boss" in the OST; SA's remix is "Nightmare's Battle")
  • Ending theme ("Ending Demo" in the OST, "Ending" on The Very Best of Kirby)
  • Boss battle theme
  • 1-1 (Grass Land 1) (グラスランド(1) in Japanese, Star Allies Original Soundtrack) ("Down the Mountain Stream" in K64)
  • 1-2 (Grass Land 2) (I don't believe this ever made a comeback)
  • 1-3 (Grass Land 3) (the first level theme of KSqSq is basically a remix of this)
  • 1-4 (Grass Land 4) (平地ステージ Plains Stage in Japanese, The Very Best of Kirby: 52 Hit Tracks Track 8) (remixed for Planet Misteen in KSA)
  • 2-1 (Ripple Field 1) (海ステージ Sea Stage in Japanese, The Very Best of Kirby: 52 Hit Tracks Track 9) (English name is Ripple Field: Ocean Waves, from the 20th Anniversary booklet)
  • 2-3 (Ripple Field 2) (Ripple Field (theme), English name from KatRC) (リップルフィールド Ripple Field in Japanese, The Very Best of Kirby: 52 Hit Tracks Track 15)
  • 2-5 (Ripple Field 3) (remixed in KCC)
  • 3-1 (Sand Canyon 1) (ステージ:コミカル Stage: Comical in Japanese, from Nintendo Mobile)
  • 3-2 (Sand Canyon 2) (Gourmet Race remix)
  • 3-6 (Sand Canyon 3) (砂漠ステージ Desert Stage in Japanese, Orchestra Concert pamphlet) (remixed for KPR)
  • 4-1 (Cloudy Park 1) (never made a comeback)
  • 5-6 (Iceberg) (アイスバーグ Iceberg in Japanese, The Very Best of Kirby: 52 Hit Tracks Track 27, also Star Allies Original Soundtrack) (English name is The Last Iceberg, from the 20th Anniversary booklet)
  • Boss battle theme

(Names are translations from the K64 OST, unless stated otherwise; I left the name of the level themes with their English names)

(Names are translations of the Japanese names of the official OST release unless stated otherwise)

(The Dark Mind boss themes may need pages (at least the second form))

  • Prism Plains (theme) (Track 14, first level theme, English name from the 20th Anniversary booklet)
  • "Cave Area" (fan name "Spooky Surroundings") (Track 17, あやしい地下 Eerie Underground in Japanese, from the KSA OST)
  • "Non-Squeak Boss" (Track 21, ボス戦 Boss Battle in Japanese, from Nintendo Mobile)
  • "Squeak Boss" (Track 23, ボス戦:ドロッチェ団 Boss Battle: Squeak Squad in Japanese, from Nintendo Mobile; VS. ドロッチェ団 Vs. Squeak Squad on KSA OST)
  • Vegetable Valley remix (Track 24, ステージ:平地 Stage: Plains in Japanese, from Nintendo Mobile)
  • Cabbage Cavern remix (so KA Forest Area) (Track 26, ステージ:洞窟 Stage: Cave in Japanese, from Nintendo Mobile)
  • Butter Building remix (Track 29, ステージ:デデデ城他 Stage: Castle Dedede, Etc. in Japanese, from Nintendo Mobile)
  • Vocal Volcano (theme) (Track 31, English name from the 20th Anniversary booklet)
  • "VS. Dark Nebula" (Track 36, ダークゼロ戦 Dark Zero Battle in Japanese, from Nintendo Mobile)
  • Some stage level themes could get pages maybe?
  • Some themes could use pages; check later

(Names are translations from the Kirby Wii Music Selection, unless stated otherwise)

(adding most tracks here mostly to have their official names, in case I need them)

  • Title Theme
  • Opening
  • The Adventure Begins (theme from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse)
  • Up the Big Ol' Tree
  • Go for the Giant Star
  • Great Cave Escape (theme)
  • Time's Almost Up!
  • What's This Now? (boss prelude)
  • Treasure Chest
  • Figurine Showcase
  • More Dig and Dash
  • Evade and Dig and Dash
  • The Long-Lost Ruins
  • Dethskullk Jam
  • The Haunted Ship (remix of "Dethskullk Jam")
  • Close to the Surface
  • Kirby Submarine's Torpedo Time
  • In Dark Waters
  • Rainbow Across the Skies (theme)
  • The Wild Red Yonder
  • Kirby Rocket's Big Blastoff (remix of The Wild Red Yonder)
  • Fly to the Exit! (remix of The Wild Red Yonder)
  • Beware the Forest Fungus
  • Woodland Battle (remix of Beware the Forest Fungus)
  • Gondola Ride
  • Deep-Divin' Kirby Submarine
  • Watch Out for That Sloth
  • Burning Secrets
  • Scared of Getting Scared (remix of Burning Secrets)
  • Volcanic Panic (remix of Burning Secrets)
  • Infiltrate the Junk Factory! (theme)
  • Collecting Stars (remix of Infiltrate the Junk Factory!)
  • Kirby + Kirby (theme)
  • Wonder Space
  • Wonder Space Warped
  • A Bad Feeling... (final boss prelude)
  • Battle with Claycia
  • Dark Crafter Battle
  • Staff Roll (medley, I need to check later and list all songs)

The level select themes and all their variations:

  • Level Select
  • The Grasslands
  • Boss of the Grasslands
  • The Desert
  • Boss of the Desert
  • The Sea
  • Boss of the Sea
  • The Sky
  • Boss of the Sky
  • The Forest
  • Boss of the Forest
  • The Volcano
  • Boss of the Volcano
  • Junk Airspace
  • Junk Airspace Boss

Boss themes:

  • That Stubborn Tree!
  • Red-Hot Battle!
  • Undersea Battle!
  • The Heroes' Challenge! Quest Board (ゆうしゃのちょうせん!クエストボード) (name from HAL blog)
  • Save the Kingdom! Ordeal Quest (すくえキングダム!しれんクエスト) (name from SA OST) (orchestral)
  • Save This World! Ordeal Quest (このせかいをすくえ!しれんクエスト) (name from SA OST) (electronic)
  • Small tree town theme
  • Medium tree town theme
  • Big tree town theme
  • Max Happy Town!! (マックスハッピータウン!!) (name from SA OST) (biggest tree)


(All names are translations from the Original Soundtrack, unless noted otherwise)

  • Twinkle☆Stars (ティンクル☆スターズ) (main menu theme; main theme)
    • Select Link (セレクトリンク)
    • Demo Star (おためしスター) (Ability Planet)
    • A Farewell to Kirby: He of the Stars Heads to the Future (さよならカービィ:未来行く星のひと)
  • Donut Dome (theme)
  • A Battle of Friends and Bonds (localized name from SSBU; the longer version has the same name but adds a 2)
    • Battle Gambling Over Another World (異空をかけた戦い)
    • Sword King Battle Gambling Over Another World (異空をかけた剣王との戦い)
  • Friendly Field (theme)
  • Reef Resort (theme)
  • Echo's Edge (theme) (5/4 time signature)
  • Nature's Navel (theme)
  • Sacred Square (theme)
  • Twinkle☆Traveler (ティンクル☆トラベラー)
    • All of those Star Allies are with Me! (あの星の友だちみんなが、ついているからだ!)
    • Passion of the Tridental-Flashing Priestesses (三叉一閃の巫の熱情)
  • Chop Champs
  • Let’s Make a Log House (ログハウスつくろう)
  • Star Slam Heroes
  • Fortress of Shadows - Jambastion! (暗黒ようさいジャマハルダ!)
    • Fortress of Shadows - Jambastion!/Star Allies Arrangement ver. (Mages Room)
  • To a Land Where Not Even Weeds Will Grow (ぺんぺん草も生えぬ地へ)
    • Far-Flung Starlight Heroes
    • Far-Flung Travelers at Adventure’s End (遥か、冒険の旅の果てに)
    • To There, Where Not Even Light Shines (彼方、光さえ届かぬ場所へ)
  • Jambastion Adventure (ジャマハルダアドベンチャー)
    • Your Friends Believe in You (信じられる友がいる)
  • Wind Blowing on Earthfall (フォルアースに吹く風) ("“The Wind that Blows on Earthfall”, which Mr. Ogasawara was in charge of, eventually reached a degree of perfection that even left his seniors speechless") [1]
  • Caverna's Great Maze (ポッカラ大迷宮)
  • Ancient Tower Towara (古代の塔ピサーシャ) ("But, “The Ancient Tower Towara” also ended up becoming a heroic, marvelous song." ; "That melody is very Ishikawa-like.") [2]
  • Star Lavadom (theme)
  • Holy Road (拝道)
  • Holy Shrine (拝殿) (has a part oddly similar to "Friendly Field")
  • Puppet Offering (傀儡奉納)
  • La Follia d'amore ("The Madness of Love" in Italian)
  • Suite: The Star-Conquering Traveler (組曲:星羅征く旅人)
    • First Movement: Star-Destroying Playing (第一楽章:星砕きの戯れ)
    • Second Movement: The Embryo’s Vessel (第二楽章:胚子の器)
    • Third Movement: Wing of Sorrow and All Heavens (第三楽章:哀と渾天の翼)
    • Fourth Movement: The Hope of Birth (第四楽章:生誕の希望)
    • Final Movement: Sparkling Star (最終楽章:煌めき星)
  • Always, I’ll Be Watching You. (ずっと、君を見ていると。) (Story Mode credits)
  • Heroes in Another Dimension (theme)
  • Butterfly of Judgement: Morpho Knight (審判の夢見鳥:バルフレイナイト)

Quick reference for the series' boss themes:

KDL - Boss Theme (Kirby's Dream Land) (English name from KatRC)

KA - Boss (theme from Kirby's Adventure) (named "Boss" in the OST)

KDL2 - no official name

KSS - Boss Battle (theme from Kirby Super Star)

KDL3 - no official name

K64 - Boss (theme from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards) (OST)

KaTM - Boss Battle Theme (theme from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror) (from the 20th anniversary booklet)

KSqSq - Boss Battle (Nintendo Mobile) and Vs. Squeak Squad (KSA OST)

the modern games all have less generic names

Dream Land 3 music names table because confusion[edit]

Dream Land 3 stage song names  
Official name Fan names Official name source (if any)
Grass Land (1) Grass Land 1 Kirby Star Allies: The Original Soundtrack
N/A Grass Land 2 N/A
N/A Grass Land 4 N/A
Plains Stage Grass Land 3 The Very Best of Kirby: 52 Hit Tracks

Reused Music or New Remixes by Game + Anime[edit]

(Anything that is striked means that they are in the theme's page already, anything that is bolded needs to be added to a theme's page that already exists; everything else are for theme that don't have pages yet)

Here are lists for many games  
  • 01 - Menu - File Select from K64
  • 02 - Training - The Beginner's Room
  • 03 - Plant Plain - Vegetable Valley
  • 05 - Ravine Road - Grass Land 1
  • 06 - Ghost Grounds - Ripple Field 3
  • 10 - Contrast Cave - Grape Garden
  • 13 - Dreamy Darkness - Inside the Ruins
  • 15 - Cold Course - Shiver Star
  • 16 - Dungeon Dome - Orange Ocean
  • 17 - Canvas Canyon - Forest Stage
  • 19 - Volatile Volcano - Neo Star
  • 22 - Mad Mechanism - Studying the Factory
  • 23 - Spectacle Space - Nightmare's Battle
  • 25 - Room Guarder - i mean
  • 37 - Kracko - KA Boss theme
  • 39 - Medal Swap - Mt. Dedede

Old School Mode:

(All tracks are from NiDL unless noted otherwise. I have no clue what the numbers mean, but I left the because why not?)

  • 45 - Vegetable Valley 1-1 (Ravine Road, Canvas Canyon)
  • 46 - Underground Stage 1-2 (Mag Mount, Volatile Volcano)
  • 47 - Butter Building 1-3 (Machine Mansion, Mad Mechanism)
  • 48 - Orange Ocean 1-4 (Silver Submarine, Silent Seabed)
  • 49 - Forest Stage 1-5 (Ghost Grounds, Dreamy Darkness)
  • 50 - Grape Garden 1-6 (Tiny Town, Paletto Polis)
  • 51 - Rainbow Resort 1-7 (Cold Course, Frozen Fantasy)
  • 52 - Ice Cream Island 1-8 (Contrast Cave, Dungeon Dome)
  • 53 - Yogurt Yard 1-9 (Rift Ruin, Collapse Castle)
  • 59 - Arena 2-15 (Kracko)
  • 60 - Room Guarder (Meta-Knights) 2-16 (Spectacle Space)
  • 62 - Kirby's Air Grind 2-18 (Time Trial) (regardless of sound mode)
  • 63 - Exploding Bomb Rally 2-19 (Line Trial) (regardless of sound mode)
  • 64 - Green Greens 2-20 (Plant Plain, Growth Grasses)
  • 68 - Boss Battle Theme 3-24 (Paint Panic)
  • 69 - Fountain of Dreams 3-25
  • 70 - Nightmare Appears 3-26
  • 71 - Nightmare Wizard 3-27
  • 72 - King Dedede's theme 3-28 (Cart Run)
  • 73 - Fountain of Dreams 3-29 (Gourmet Race) 3-29
  • 75 - Ending 3-31

"New Challenge Stages"

  • Happiness Hall - Butter Building (NiDL)
  • Apricot Atrium - Ripple Field 3 (Level 2-5)
  • Chambers Loading Theme - Neo Star: Stage Select
  • Fighter Chamber - Waddle Dee (KRtDL) (remix of KSS's boss theme) / City Backside
  • Last Land - Shiver Star Stage Select
  • Smash Chamber - Drag Race (KAR)
  • Magolor Race 3 / EX - Super Ability (the version of the Midboss ambush probably)
  • Smash Chamber EX - True Arena Showdown / Miracle Matter

"Kirby's History"

(The themes that play when selecting each game)

  • Kirby's Dream Land - Welcome to Dream Land
  • Kirby's Adventure - Vegetable Valley
  • Kirby's Pinball Land - Bubbly Clouds
  • Kirby's Dream Course - Yogurt Yard remix
  • Kirby's Avalanche - Butter Building remix
  • Kirby's Dream Land 2 - Dark Castle
  • Kirby's Block Ball - Stage 1 (Cappy Stage)
  • Kirby Super Star - Gourmet Race
  • Kirby's Star Stacker - Easy Round
  • Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Ripple Field (AKA Ripple Field 2)
  • Kirby's Star Stacker (Super Famicom) - VS. Chef Kawasaki
  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Tutorial theme
  • Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble - Simple Stage
  • Hoshi no Kaabii (anime) - Warp Star
  • Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land - VS. Dedede / Fountain of Dreams
  • Kirby Air Ride - Legendary Air Ride Machine
  • Kirby and the Amazing Mirror - Forest / Nature Area
  • Kirby: Canvas Curse - Paint Panic
  • Kirby: Squeak Squad - Squeak Squad Appears!
  • Kirby Super Star Ultra - Masked Dedede
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn - Dream Land
  • Kirby Mass Attack - Kirby Collecting
  • Kirby's Return to Dream Land - Super Ability
  • Kirby's Dream Collection - New Challenge Stages
  • Silver Snow Story - Peanut Plains
  • Ripple Red - Ripple Star

Unlockable remixes:

  • The Adventures Begins (Arrangement) (KatRC)
  • Through the Sky (KMA)
  • Vegetable Valley (KA)
  • Top Ride Medley (KAR) (Sand, Fire, City Trial, Grass)
  • Space Area (KatAM)
  • Boss Theme (KDL)
  • Reflected Laughter (KTD)
  • Milky Way Wishes (KSS) (the intro cutscene theme)
  • Ripple Field (KDL3) (Ripple Field 2)
  • Snowball Scuffle (KRtDL)
  • Boss Battle (KSS)
  • Sky Tower (KRtDL)
  • The Asteroid (KMA)
  • The Beginner's Room (KSS)
  • Forest Stage (KA)
  • Kirby Medley (KSS) (Candy Mountain, Gourmet Race, Sand Canyon 1, Green Greens)
  • Iceberg Ocean (KDC)
  • Heavy Lobster (KSS)
  • Gulpy Ghost (KMA)
  • Studying the Factory (K64)
  • Moonlight Capital (KTD)
  • Milky Way Wishes: Shooting (KSS)


  • Escape from Grab Hand - remix of "The Skull Gang" from Mass Attack
  • Challenge Mode - Welcome to Dream Land
  • Dig and Dash - Radish Ruins
  • Battle in Numbers - Room Guarder from K64
  • Find the Weak Point - "Piggy Enemy" from Mass Attack
  • Drifting on the Waves - "Southern Shore" from Mass Attack
  • Fever Time! - "Fetching Fruit" from Mass Attack
  • Battle Alone - Arena theme from KA, with lots of new elements
  • Hit the Switch? - remix of an anime song I need to find later the name of (plays in the Devil Kirby episode, probably no official name)
  • Braving the Storm - "Way Blocked" from Mass Attack
  • Metal N. Invasion - Original stuff + KA Arena theme
  • Green Laboratory - Sand Canyon 3 from KDL3
  • Residential Laboratory - Sky Tower
  • Bountiful Star - feels like Float Islands a bit
  • Studying the Power Plant - Studying the Factory
  • Toy Box - Toy Rhythm
  • Kirby 3D Rumble - Welcome to Dream Land
  • VS. Mini Masher - K64 boss theme
  • VS. Mega Masher - Dark Star
  • Team Kirby Clash - KSS Boss Theme
  • Pocket Diary - Grape Garden

New remixes:

  • RtDL Popstar Midboss theme (which is KA Arena theme + KA boss theme remix)
  • TD alternate credits theme (which is Green Greens + Peanut Plains)
  • Dark Mind phase 2 + Masked Dedede (for King D-Mind's theme)
  • Dark Meta Knight Appears ("Approaching Dark Taranza") (The Black Mirror (黒い鏡) in SA OST)
  • KSS Boss theme (for the story cutscenes before Ordeals)
  • The Heroes' Challenge! Quest Board + Noble Haltmann + Green Greens (credits)
  • The Heroes' Challenge! Quest Board + Forest/Nature Area + Green Greens (credits 2)
  • VS. Sphere Doomer

Reused music:

  • Climax! Boss Battle
  • TD alternate credits theme (which is Green Greens + Peanut Plains)
  • Combat Evaluation Program
  • Final Takeoff

New remixes:

  • Friend Puzzle (フレンズナゾトキ) - Room Guarder (K64)
  • To the End of the Galaxy (ギャラクシーのかなたまで) - Air Ride: Nebula Belt
  • Wish-granting Palace (夢をかなえるしんでん) - Road to Victory (KRtDL)
  • Street Paved with Kindness (優しさに染まるストリート) - Yearning for Yellow (Vroom!)
  • Puzzle Milky Way (ナゾトキ銀河) - also Road to Victory because Ando can
  • Misteen Ocean (ミスティーンオーシャン) - Grass Land 4 (KDL3)
  • Chasing Our Dreams - Planet Popstar
  • Shadowy Partners - "Storm Cloud Stage" + Deep Sea Area (Olive Ocean)
  • Rockabilly and Blues - Moonlight Capital
  • Break Time Breakdown - Time for Dessert!
  • Pop Star: Stage Select/Star Allies Arrangement ver. (ポップスター:ステージセレクト/スターアライズ アレンジ ver.) (Adeleine & Ribbon Room)
  • Start Stage/Star Allies Arrangement ver. (スタートステージ/スターアライズ アレンジ ver.) (DMK Room)
  • Squeak Squad: Title/Star Allies Arrangement ver. (参上!ドロッチェ団:タイトル/スターアライズ アレンジ ver.) (Daroach Room)
  • Cookie Country/Star Allies Arrangement ver. (Magolor Room)
  • The Noble Haltmann/Star Allies Arrangement ver. (Susie Room)
  • Venturing Into the World with Friends (フレンズとせかいをだいぼうけん) - Venturing Into the Mechanized World
  • Best Friends, Tomorrow and Always. (明日からもずっと、ベストフレンズ。) - A New Wind for Tomorrow + Ending (KA) + Milky Way Wishes: Staff Credits
  • The Legend of Last World (written in English) - Limitless Power (KRtDL) + Beautiful Prison (KTD) + L86 (KPR) + Rainbow Resort (KA)
  • Happily Ever Kirby (めでたしカービィ) - Staff Credits (KDL3) (short version)
    • THE END...? (written in English) - Staff Credits (KDL3) (full version)
  • Bandana Waddle Dee is Here! (バンダナワドルディが、きたよ!) - Welcome to Dream Land
  • Hey Hey Hey, Marx Has Arrived! (ヘイ、ヘイ、マルクがやってきたのサ!) - Vs. Marx
  • Unexpectedly, Gooey! (ひょっこりグーイ!) - Ripple Field: Stage Select
  • Kept You Waiting! Adeleine & Ribbon (おまたせ!アドレーヌ&リボン) - Planet Popstar
  • He's Arrived! Daroach! (参上、ドロッチェ!) - Squeak Squad Appears!
  • Susie Will Exterminate! (秘書スージー、くじょいたします!) - Noble Haltmann
  • Memories, of the Grand Finale. (だいだんえんの、おもいでたち。) - Returning to Dream Land + Memories (I'll Never Forget You) + A New Wind for Tomorrow + Twinkle☆Stars
  • Nightmare’s Battle (ナイトメアーズバトル) - well, duh (both of his battle themes)
  • The Girls’ Battle With the Darkness (おとめたちのやみとのたたかい) - 0² + Miracle Matter + Ripple Star: Stage Select
  • Dark Mirage (ダークミラージュ) - KatAM Boss Theme + Dark Mind phase 2
  • True! Squeak Squad Theme (真!ドロッチェ団のテーマ) - Squeak Squad Appears!
  • Supreme Ruler’s Coronation ~OVERLORD~ (覇王戴冠 ~OVERLORD~) - CROWNED + Dangerous Dinner (map) + Fly! Kirby of the Stars + Sky Tower (maybe even some Road to Victory?)
  • The Deus Ex Machina the Child Saw (幼き日に視たデウス・エクス・マキナ) - Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection + VS. Star Dream
  • Hallway Back to the Origin (淵源を巡る回廊) - First portion of "Each to His Own World" in KRtDL's Story Mode

Reused music:

  • Entrance (エントランス) - Lobby theme from Blowout Blast; remix of the Mt. Dedede lobby from KDL - Plays in Extra Eclair
  • Boss Theme (ボスのテーマ) - Boss theme from Blowout Blast; remix of KDL's boss theme - Plays in Extra Eclair (Midboss)
  • Secret Area: HAL Room (シークレットエリア:HAL部屋) - Title Screen of DDDD; remix of Dedede's theme - Plays in Fruity Forest's HAL Room
  • Vegetable Valley - NiDL version - Plays in Inside Islands
  • Orange Ocean - NiDL version - Plays in Inside Islands
  • VS. Robo Dedede: Pinch (VS. メカデデデ:ピンチ) - KDC - Plays in Inside Islands (Midboss)
  • Red Canyon: Stage Select (レッドキャニオン:ステージセレクト) - KDL2 - Plays in Duplex Dream
  • Sub-Tree Area (地底の木々エリア) - KSS - Plays in Duplex Dream
  • VS. Gryll (VS. グリル) - KSSS - Plays in Duplex Dream (Midboss)
  • The Last Iceberg - KDL3 - Plays in Sector A
  • True Arena Showdown (真 コロシアムの戦い) - KSSU - Plays in Sector A (Midboss)
  • Neo Star (コレカラスター) - K64 - Plays in Sector B
  • Miracle Matter (ミラクルマター) - K64 - Plays in Sector B (Midboss)
  • VS. Squeak Squad (VS. ドロッチェ団) - KSqSq - Plays in Sector C
  • Eerie Underground (あやしい地下) - KSqSq - Plays in Sector C
  • The Black Mirror (黒い鏡) - TKCD - Plays in Sector C
  • Kracko (クラッコ) - KCC; remix of KA's boss theme - Plays in Sector C (Midboss)
  • The Adventure Begins - KRtDL - Plays in Extra Planet α
  • Underworld (アンダーワールド) - KRtDL - Plays in Extra Planet α
  • VS. Mecha Kawasaki (VS. アイアンカワサキ) - KRtDL; remix of the Gourmet Race intro theme - Plays in Extra Planet α (Midboss)
  • Mysterious Rocks Rumbling from Behind (奥からゴロリン不思議岩) - KTD - Plays in Extra Planet β
  • Beautiful Prison - KTD - Plays in Extra Planet β
  • Combat Evaluation Program - KPR - Plays in Extra Planet γ
  • Outlaw Driver - KPR - Plays in Extra Planet γ (Midboss)
  • Welcome to Dream Land - KDL - The First Rival
  • Grass Land (1) (グラスランド(1)) - KDL3 - A Dream Above the Clouds
  • Project K-64 (スタッフ) - K64 - A Delicious Picnic
  • Squeak Squad Appears! - KSqSq - The Great Labyrinth Battle
  • Under My Control - KRtDL - FIGHT FOR THE CROWN!
  • One of the Miracles - KTD - A Miracle Sent to the Skies
  • Alternate Corkboard (裏 コルクボード) - KSSU - Plays in Extra Planet δ
  • Bring on the Super Ability - KRtDL - Plays in Extra Planet δ
  • Hypernova Inhale - KTD - Plays in Extra Planet δ
  • The Adventure Begins/amiibo Special ver. (ぼうけんのはじまり/amiibo スペシャル ver.) - KBlBl - Guest Star Title Screen
  • Pressure Panic (プレッシャーパニック) - KRtDL - Plays in some enemy filled areas in Guest Star runs
  • Title (タイトル) - KDL2 - RCK Room
  • Milky Way Wishes - KSS - Marx Room
  • Ripple Field: Stage Select (リップルフィールド:ステージセレクト) - KDL3 - Gooey Room (originally wrong as "Grass Land: Stage Select" in the OST)
  • The Adventure Begins/Original Short ver. (ぼうけんのはじまり/オリジナル ショート ver.) - KTD
  • VS. Waddle Dee Tank (VS. ワドタンク) - KRtDL; remix of KSS's boss theme - TUC Midboss
  • Climax! Boss Battle (白熱!ボスバトル) - KRtDL - TUC Midboss
  • VS. The Wicked Company - KPR - TUC Midboss
  • Save the Kingdom! Ordeal Quest (すくえキングダム!しれんクエスト) - TKCD - Kracko battle in Soul Melter
  • Save This World! Ordeal Quest (このせかいをすくえ!しれんクエスト) - TKCD - Twin Kracko battle in Soul Melter
  • The Road is Long…/The True Arena (みちはながいぞ…/真 格闘王への道) - KTD; remix of KSSU's True Arena title screen - TUC continue screen
  • Max Happy Town!! (マックスハッピータウン!!) - TKCD - TUC results
  • To the Very End/Distant Halcandra (遥か底へ/遥かなるハルカンドラ) - KRtDL - HiAD Boss Prelude
  • Drawcia Soul/Star Allies Short ver. (ドロシア ソウル/スターアライズ ショート ver.) - KCC - Soul Melter EX Rest Area ("Final Boss music as a “break”?" "That was… because I didn’t want to let people relax. (laughs) There’s no time to rest, the battles continue. I wanted them to be immersed in such a trance-like state. It’s the most difficult mode, which was added with the free updates, so there was also the intention for some of the series’ most punchy songs to be featured. And that song seems to be the one that shows Mr. Ishikawa’s secret creativity the most, so I had been looking for an opportunity to use it.") [4]
  • Heavy Lobster - KSSU - Soul Melter EX Rest Area
  • Dangerous Dinner - KRtDL - Soul Melter EX Rest Area
  • Fatal Error - KPR - Soul Melter EX Rest Area

(Simple list of the remixes it has)

  • Deus Ex Machina The Child Saw

Stages: (reused + new remix)

  • Bubbly Clouds: KSS Boss Theme
  • Butter Building: Butter Building
  • Castle Lololo: Castle Lololo
  • Coo's Forest: Coo's Theme + Rick's Theme
  • Dedede Arena: King Dedede's Theme
  • Dried-up Sea: Dried-up Sea
  • Dyna Blade's Nest: Castle Lololo
  • Factory Tour: Studying the Factory
  • Fountain of Dreams: Fountain of Dreams
  • Gigavolt: Pink Ball Activate!
  • Gourmet Go Go: Gourmet Race (original) HILLTOP CHASE / GOURMET RACE 2 (remix)
  • Jambastion Entrance: Forgotten Flash of Lightining
  • Springy Hand Land: Spring Smash Factory
  • The Empyrean: Ordeal (Electronic)
  • Training: Training (64)
  • Waddle Dee Train Tracks: Floral Fields


  • Credits 1: Green Greens + Bumper Crop Bump
  • Options: Select (AM) + Start Stage + Forest / Nature Area
  • Single-Handed mode title screen: Title (Fighters Deluxe)
  • Story Mode Final Chapter Prologue: Triumphant Return + Above the Halberd
  • Item Select (Chapter 5 last 5 floors): Dangerous Dinner + Dark Star
  • Final Chapter Results: Max Town Happy!
  • Vs. Twin Woods: Battle of Friends and Bonds 2
  • Vs. Duo Edge: K64 Boss Theme
  • Vs. Shadow Kirby 1: Taranza, the Master of Puppetry
  • Vs. Shadow Kirby 2: Dark Meta Knight Appears + Forest / Nature Area + some "Boss" (the midboss theme) + Dark Meta Knight
  • Vs. Moon Warriors Dedede & Meta Knight: Intro is Void Phase 1? + Vs. Meta Knight + Havoc Aboard the Halberd + King Dedede's Theme + Boarding the Halberd + Masked Dedede
  • Credits 2: My Friend and the Sunset
  • Credits 3: "The King and the Sun"
  • Training Mode: Training (64) + Green Greens + Ripple Star Stage Select (this song also has a chiptune version, can randomly play instead in the training mode)

Yes it's not a game but I need somewhere to put this and it feels redundant to add a separate section just for it. I will list here themes that are remixes or that were also in KAR

Official themes of the OST release:

  • Kirby is the Greatest (カービィは最高) - Short Remix of Kirby March (here since Kirby March has its page in the wiki too)
  • Warp Star (ワープスター) - Reused for Kirby Melee in KAR
  • Demon Beast Delivery / Monster Delivery (魔獣配信) - Reused for the fog City Trial event in KAR
  • It's Here! Run Away! (出た!逃げろ!) - Reused for the Rail Station Fire event in KAR
  • Dedede Bustle (デデデてんてこまい) - Reused for the Item Bounce event in KAR

More from the KatAM OST:

  • Waddle Dees (ワドルディたち) - Kirby Dance
  • Ultimate Iron Man - Cook Oosaka (究極鉄人・コックオオサカ) - The Gourmet Race intro theme remix; later was used in the bloopers in KSSU and Mecha Kawasaki in RtDL, also in Kirby Café
  • Entrance Procession (入場行進) - City Trial + KSS Boss Theme
  • Forgotten Escargon (忘却のエスカルゴン) - My Friend and the Sunset
  • Blast Run! Dedede's Race (爆走!デデデス・レース) - Cocoa Cave remix
  • Takeoff! Battleship Halberd (戦艦ハルバード発進!) - Above the Halberd + Fantasy Meadows (there's a version that is just Above the Halberd, that was used in Air Ride)
  • Invasion! (攻め込め!) - Magma Flows

Unofficial names (at least I think they are unofficial):

  • Something Interesting - Remix of Kirby March; reused for the pillar City Trial event in KAR
  • State of Panic - Reused for the meteor City Trial event in KAR

There's also other songs, but that's for another time

Kirby's Rainbow Resort had a cool list that I should probably look better later

Music navboxes[edit]

To make my life easier

Novel things[edit]

  1. 星のカービィ あぶないグルメ屋敷!? - Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion?! - - Fire, Wheel, Cutter, Mike
  2. 星のカービィ くらやみ森で大さわぎ! - Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods! - - Bell, Fire / Hypernova
  3. 星のカービィ 大盗賊ドロッチェ団あらわる! - Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad! - - Fire, Spark, Wheel, Circus
  4. 星のカービィ メタナイトとあやつり姫 - Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess - - Sword
  5. 星のカービィ プププランドで大レース! - Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land! - - Ice, Mike, Jet
  6. 星のカービィ 大迷宮のトモダチを救え! - Kirby's Labyrinth Rescue! - - Mini, Beetle, Archer, Fighter / Kirby Rocket, Kirby Tank
  7. 星のカービィ ロボボプラネットの大冒険! - Kirby and the Great Planet Robobot Adventure! - - Doctor, ESP / Robobot Armor, Wheel Mode, Halberd Mode
  8. 星のカービィ メタナイトと銀河最強の戦士 - Kirby: Meta Knight and the Galaxy's Greatest Warrior - - Wing, Cupid
  9. 星のカービィ 結成! カービィハンターズZ - Kirby Clash Team Unite! - - Kirby: Sword Hero; Other Kirbys: Hammer Lord, Beam Mage, Doctor Healmore
  10. 星のカービィ 決戦! バトルデラックス!! - Kirby's Decisive Battle! Battle Royale!! - - Kirby: Sword, Fighter, Ninja, Hammer; Other Kirbys: Beetle, Tornado, Spear, Cutter, Bomb, Fighter, Hammer, Whip, Mirror, Doctor
  11. 星のカービィ スターアライズ フレンズ大冒険! - Kirby Star Allies: The Great Friend Adventure! - - Bomb (Blizzard Bomb), Sword (Splash Sword), Artist, Staff (Splash Staff), Friend Star
  12. 星のカービィ スターアライズ 宇宙の大ピンチ!? - Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in Trouble?! - - Festival (Festival Dance), Spider (Friend Bounce, Staff (Sizzle Staff)
  13. 星のカービィ 毛糸の世界で大事件!- Kirby: Big Trouble in Patch Land! - - None? (probably has Yarn Transformations)
  14. 星のカービィ 虹の島々を救え! - Kirby: Save the Rainbow Islands! - - None?
  15. 星のカービィ スーパーカービィハンターズ大激闘! - Kirby: Super Team Kirby's Big Battle! - - Kirby: Sword Hero; Other Kirbys: Hammer Lord, Beam Mage, Doctor Healmore
  16. 星のカービィ 夢幻の歯車を探せ! - Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears! - - None
  17. 星のカービィ メタナイトと黄泉の騎士 - Kirby: Meta Knight and the Knight of Yomi - - Sword
  18. 星のカービィ カービィカフェは大さわぎ!? - Kirby: Uproar at the Kirby Café?! - - Beetle
  19. 星のカービィ カービィファイターズ 宿命のライバルたち!! - Kirby Fighters: The Destined Rivals!! - - Kirby: Sword, Yo-Yo, Water, Wrestler; Shadow Kirby: Sword, Wrestler, Cutter; Other Kirbys: Parasol, Beam, Whip, Bomb, Archer, Fighter, Hammer, Staff
  20. Kirby: King Dedede's Great Escape Mission! - Bell, Staff
  21. Kirby: The Mysterious Incident on the Pupupu Train?! - Mike, Jet
  22. Kirby: Welcome to the Starlight Theater! - Circus
  23. Kirby: Lor Starcutter and a Magician of Falsehood - Whip, Ultra Sword, Water, Snow Bowl, Ice, Wing, Cutter, Monster Flame, Flare Beam, Leaf
  24. Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Start Running to the New World! - Sword, Ranger, Ice, Drill, Fire
  25. Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Break Out of the Dreams of the Isolated Isles! - Gigant Sword, Space Ranger, Crystal Needle, Storm Tornado, Buzz-Saw Cutter
  26. Kirby: Full Stomach, Perfect Circle, Dream Buffet! - Tornado, Stone, Hi-Jump, Drill, Burning, Jelly, Needle
  27. Kirby: Sever Evil with a Slash in a Flash! - None
  28. Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland! - (Pending)

Copy Ability images[edit]

To add[edit]

  • Probably screenshots:
  • All the regular SSU ability icons
  • Most SqSq ability icons (except Fire, Ghost, Metal, Fire / Ice / Thunder Sword)

To update[edit]

Galleries to possibly reorganize[edit]


Find Kirby!![edit]

(Please don't edit this! Trying to translate these myself. If you have any feedback or corrections to make, contact me instead of editing here. Nothing here is final.)

Find Kirby!! is a Japanese only book published by KADOKAWA released on April 2nd, 2019.


Apple Forest[edit]
The Kirby copies came to a forest full of apples!
— Location description

World of Clouds[edit]
The Kirby copies are in a place above the clouds!
— Location description

Flower Garden[edit]
The Kirby copies came to a flower garden carrying petals!
— Location description

The Great Cave Offensive[edit]
It's a place with lots of treasure!
— Location description

Battleship Halberd[edit]
The Kirby copies are having a big battle in the battleship Halberd!
— Location description

Gourmet Race[edit]
The glutton Kirby copies are having a big eating contest race with King Dedede!
— Location description

Outer Space[edit]
The Kirby copies came from a shining star to the outer space!
— Location description

Fountain of Dreams[edit]
In the end, the Kirby copies came to the Fountain of Dreams!
— Location description

Extra part for SA in Green Greens (theme)[edit]

Several other tracks of the game include subtle hints of the Green Greens theme, many of which are blended with original melodies. These songs, their names in the Original Soundtrack, and the approximated timestamp where the theme can be heard are as follows:

  • The music that plays in the game's intro cutscene, ほうかいの おひるねタイム (Naptime in Ruin), at ~1:00;
  • The full version of the boss theme, A Battle of Friendship and Bonds 2, at ~1:01;
  • The game's ending cutscene's theme, ラストフレンズ (Last Friends), at ~1:05;
  • The Story Mode credits theme, ずっと、君を見ていると。 (Always, I’ll Be Watching You.), at ~3:10.

Twinkle ☆ Stars extremely rough draft[edit]

Twinkle ☆ Stars (ティンクル☆スターズ) is the title screen theme and main theme of Kirby Star Allies

  • Base Twinkle ☆ Stars plays in the title screen.
  • When selecting a file, the theme transitions to a different arrangement, Select Link (セレクトリンク)
  • Is incorporated in the last cutscene theme, Last Friends (ラストフレンズ), when Kirby's friend find him
  • Is the main base for the Story Mode credits theme, Always, I’ll Be Watching You. (ずっと、君を見ていると。)
  • Flute version in Ability Planet, Demo Star (おためしスター)
  • End of the HiAD credits theme, Memories, of the Grand Finale. (だいだんえんの、おもいでたち。)
  • Remix of the last Celebration Picture, a Farewell to Kirby, A Farewell to Kirby: He of the Stars Heads to the Future (さよならカービィ:未来行く星のひと)

Composition is a bit similar to A New Wind for Tomorrow. Easy to notice in Memories, of the Grand Finale. when A New Wind for Tomorrow transitions smoothly to Twinkle ☆ Stars; that was even done on purpose.

Other stuff to do[edit]

Stuff with official names that don't have pages yet or aren't mentioned anywhere else[edit]

  • Kirby Bubble - either redirect to the Bubble container page or make its own page since it has artwork. Name from SqSq manual
  • Step-'n-Jump - the move when you jump on a helper / ally to go really high. Name from AM manual; need to double check later if this has a modern name
  • Perfect Guard - mentioned in a tip in Team Kirby Clash

From KSA Kanpeki Guidebook[edit]

  • ゴールドブロック (Gold Block) - gold variant of the metal block. listed separately here but the description is basically the same as the metal block
  • こわせないブロック (Unbreakable/Undestroyable Block) - they are blocks of regular size that block the way and can't be destroyed by any ability. I believe we currently consider them to be the same as the induced explosion ones, because iirc in sprite games they looked the same, but in SA at least their designs vary, so makes sense that they are considered different for the guidebook. worth discussing how we want to handle them
  • 氷地形 (Icy Terrain) - needs to be expanded in the Hazard page
  • ポール (pole) - from friend bridge sections
  • チェーンつきステップ (room with a chain) - can only be cut with a cutter/sword/etc ability in friend star

New KSSU images to capture[edit]

More urgent[edit]

Not as urgent[edit]

Low priority really[edit]

Kirby Café testing[edit]

Picture Japanese Name English Name Price (without tax) Availability Description
Wadorudi no kokokoro tegone pikkora.jpg ワドルディのコロコロ手ごねピッコラ
Waddle Dee's Roly-poly Homemade Piccola
Waddle Dee's fried balls ¥580 (2020)
¥680 (2022)
Tokyo: Yes (December 12th, 2019 ~ present)
Osaka: No
Nagoya: Yes (September 15th, 2022 ~ February 5th, 2023)
Hakata: Yes (Unknown ~ present)
A bite-sized dish designed by Kawasaki. For this dish, the Waddle Dees roll pizza dough, which is moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.
This one - bite side dish is from Chef Kawasaki's ideas. The pizza dough is rolled by Waddle Dees. Cripsy on the outside, moist on the inside. You will addicted[sic] to the fried dish!
English names and descriptions are taken from the physical menus at the cafés.
Picture and Name Price (without tax) Availability Freebie Available for takeout? Description (Japanese and English)
Wadorudi no kokokoro tegone pikkora.jpg
Waddle Dee's Roly-poly Homemade Piccola
Waddle Dee's fried balls
¥580 (2020)
¥680 (2022)
Tokyo: Yes (December 12th, 2019 ~ present)
Osaka: No
Nagoya: Yes (September 15th, 2022 ~ February 5th, 2023)
Hakata: Yes (Unknown ~ present)
N/A No
A bite-sized dish designed by Kawasaki. For this dish, the Waddle Dees roll pizza dough, which is moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.
This one - bite side dish is from Chef Kawasaki's ideas. The pizza dough is rolled by Waddle Dees. Cripsy on the outside, moist on the inside. You will addicted[sic] to the fried dish!
English names and descriptions are taken from the physical menus at the cafés.
Picture Name Description (Japanese and English) Food information
Wadorudi no kokokoro tegone pikkora.jpg
Waddle Dee's Roly-poly Homemade Piccola

Waddle Dee's fried balls

A bite-sized dish designed by Kawasaki. For this dish, the Waddle Dees roll pizza dough, which is moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.

This one - bite side dish is from Chef Kawasaki's ideas. The pizza dough is rolled by Waddle Dees. Cripsy on the outside, moist on the inside. You will addicted[sic] to the fried dish!

Availability Tokyo: Yes (December 12th, 2019 ~ present)
Osaka: No
Nagoya: Yes (September 15th, 2022 ~ February 5th, 2023)
Hakata: Yes (Unknown ~ present)
Price (without tax) ¥580 (2020)
¥680 (2022)
Bonuses N/A
Available for takeout? No
English names and descriptions are taken from the physical menus at the cafés.

Magolor quotes testing[edit]

Magolor dialogue in Kirby's Return to Dream Land / Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe  
Plays when Dialogue (KRtDL) Dialogue (KRtDLD)
Cookie Country incomplete Hey, Kirby! haven't seen any huge spaceship parts lying around, have you?
As you probably noticed, when my Starcutter crashed here in Dream Land, As you probably noticed, when my Starcutter crashed here in Dream Land...
a bunch of stuff broke off and went flying every which way!
The oars, the wings... Five very important parts have all gone missing! The oars, the wings... There are 5 very important parts that have all gone missing!
I also lost all 120 of my Energy Spheres. My poor ship is in shambles!
Anyway, I'm going to stay here and try to repair the Lor as best I can.
But I could sure use some help tracking down those missing parts...

Dedede Gogogo data[edit]

These are scores I got on Dedede Gogogo using an old 3DS.

Stage 1[edit]

  • 1076 - B
  • 1097 - B
  • 1175 - A

Images missing on the wiki[edit]

(That I am noticing while I compile images for my favorite Kirby music video thing)

What is trivia[edit]

Trivia is basically any interesting tidbit about the article's subject that doesn't fit any other section. From curiosities shared by developers, to references to other media, to similarities to other elements of the franchise, they can be about anything. However, things that aren't noteworthy mentioning shouldn't become trivia. Before adding a trivia point, an editor should ask themselves: is this something that readers will want to know about?

This section contains some examples of points that could be considered trivia, and some examples of things that don't fall under trivia. This list is not exhaustive, and some exceptions may exist. If there is ever any disagreement on what is considered a trivia point, it should be discussed in the page's talk page keeping these guidelines in mind, however.

Some examples of things noteworthy of being trivia:

  • A developer comment about the subject that doesn't fit other sections, such as them saying it's their favorite, how they made it, pre-release content, among others. Examples include Pacloud being Shinya Kumazaki's favorite enemy from Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and a "Card" ability concept existing before the Magic ability.
  • Similarities between the subject and media from Kirby or outside of Kirby, including references. Examples include Whip possibly referencing Indiana Jones, and how The King and the Sun parodies My Friend and the Sunset
    • However, keep in mind this is about references of the subject to other media. References of other media to that subject shouldn't be included in trivia
  • Something truly unique and interesting about the subject that can't be mentioned in other sections. Examples include how Sword has some games where it doesn't have Final Cutter but other abilities do, and how Chaos Elfilis has the most HP out of all regular bosses of the main series
    • Caution should be made however to not list something that falls into this but is so specific that it's arbitrary to list. Something like "Kirby's Dream Land 2 is the first Kirby game to have a number in the name." is not an interesting fact, while "Gooey is the only Dream Friend that represents a game they didn't debut in" is an interesting fact. While this can be arbitrary, use best judgement, if there are disagreements, discuss in the article's talk page

Some examples of things that aren't noteworthy of being trivia:

  • Anything that can be mentioned in the article's main body without feeling out of place. Before adding a trivia point, read the whole article and see if what is going to be added can be added elsewhere
    • Common examples include trivia points that mention appearances in other media or certain music that plays in stages or levels. These should be covered in the article's main body, not trivia
  • References to the article subject in other media. These can be really lengthy, and are best reserved for the List of references to the Kirby series page
  • Something that may appear interesting at first glance, but is so oddly specific that it's anything but interesting to tell readers. For example "Doctor and Drill are the only copy abilities that start with the letter D" is not only super specific but also hard to maintain, because if a future game introduces another ability that starts with D this would need to be added, or reevaluated
    • Generally speaking, the format of trivia "X is the only/first Y that has Z" like the above example should be avoided in most cases. There is so much content you can create for trivia with a format like that, and often it feels like trivia is created for the sake of having something to add to trivia
  • Anything that doesn't directly involve the article's main subject. For example. mentioning in a level article something about a specific stage of said level; that should be mentioned in the stage's page instead. Other examples include trivia that ends up becoming off topic, for example, talking in detail about food from Japan present in Kirby games is not needed as a trivia point, as food from Japan is not the topic of the page, food in the Kirby games is

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Kirby's Epic Yarn[edit]

Kirby's Return to Dream Land / Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe[edit]

Kirby's Dream Collection[edit]

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

Kirby Fighters Deluxe[edit]

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn[edit]

Kirby TV Channel[edit]

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