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Generally speaking, a Copyright is a legal right given to a person or organization to prevent unauthorized use or distribution of their public works. Images, phrases, music, or even coding styles can fall under copyright, and the owner or owners can choose to pursue those suspected of stealing or otherwise improperly using their "intellectual property". Here at WiKirby, we strive to respect copyright law at all points in our articles, user-spaces, and talk pages. We believe that our coverage and use of official content from Nintendo falls under "Fair use" laws as defined in the United States of America.

For more information regarding these subjects, check these Wikipedia pages:


WiKirby strives to be an original source of information regarding the Kirby series. As such, we take plagiarism very seriously, regardless of the source. When using text from any source other than the writer's own original work, proper attribution must be used. This can be as simple as using quotation marks or italics over a phrase and specifying its source in plain writing, or using a citation or the {{Quote}} template. Attribution must be sufficiently detailed such that the reader can easily find the source using the reference(s).


Such images are not permitted:

  1. Artwork done by someone other than the editor
  2. Hotlinked images

Editors can post the following images:

  1. Images directly from Nintendo
  2. Images from approved affiliates of WiKirby
  3. Drawings the editor made or someone else's with their permission


Such audio are not permitted:

  1. Audio clips from any source other than the editor or Nintendo (unless permission is granted)

Editors can post the following audio:

  1. Sound effects or voice clips directly from Nintendo
  2. Music directly from Nintendo under 30 seconds length (longer clips must be cut appropriately, see WiKirby:Audio standards)
  3. Audio composed by the editor using royalty-free sources
  4. Audio from someone else with their permission


Such videos are not permitted:

  1. Videos not from the editor or Nintendo
  2. Nintendo gameplay videos which contain extensive editing, voice-overs, or other alterations (speedruns and other superplays also fall under this criteria)

Editors can link to the following videos:

  1. Videos showcasing unedited and uncommented Nintendo gameplay footage (longplays and walkthroughs generally fall under this criteria)
  2. Videos which mirror unedited content from Nintendo
  3. Videos otherwise disbarred with the original creator's permission

Other content

Any content taken from another website is strictly prohibited unless the website gives you permission. If anyone believes that an editor has stolen content from another website, removal of this information is allowed and encouraged, as long as there is sufficient proof and clearly-stated intent.

Copyright templates

When uploading images or audio that fall under copyright, it is recommended to use the appropriate template in the image summary. The following templates may be used:

  • {{Copyright}} - A general-purpose template for any image file.
  • {{Artwork}} - A template for any artwork released by Nintendo, in-game or otherwise.
  • {{Audio}} - A template for any audio files from Nintendo, in-game or otherwise.
  • {{Game cover}} - A template for any Nintendo game box art.
  • {{Game screenshot}} - A template for any in-game screenshot of a Nintendo game, official or otherwise.
  • {{Game sprite}} - A template for any unofficially ripped in-game sprite images.
  • {{Game model}} - A template for any unofficially ripped in-game model images.
  • {{Photo}} - A template for any photograph of a subject from the real world.

For any further assistance or help, contact one of the administrators.